District Governor

Lion Joe Franks
Giddings, Texas

1st Vice District Governor

Lion David R Sahm
College Station, Texas 

2nd Vice District Governor  
Lion Jane Istre
Smithville, Texas 

District Secretary  
Lion Michael Smalley
PO Box 344
La Grange, Texas 78945

District Treasurer
Lion Mark Ulrich
6021 Mullins Prairie Loop
La Grange, Texas 78945


Lion Vance Elliott
834 Walnut Street     
Columbus, Texas 78934



Each and every one of the Lions listed below as well as the District Executive Officers would be an excellent speaker at any of your club meetings.  They have a story to tell, have valuable information and will always come with a smile.


District Administrator                                             District Global Leadership Team Coordinator

Lion Donna K. Jones                                                PDG Lion Danny Stribling                                     

La Grange, Texas                                                     College Station, Texas                                              

(832) 326-9613                                                                          (979) 777-2420                                                             

djones1pmr@aol.com                                              dmstribling@yahoo.com


District Global Membership Team                           District Global Service Coordinator

PDG Lion Ron Gay                                                  PDG Lion James Haverland

College Station, Texas                                              College Station, Texas

(979) 412-2750                                                         (979) 229-5910

rongay1977@gmail.com                                          haverland8@aol.com


District LCIF Coordinator                                        MD-2 Ambassador for LCIF

PDG Lion Charles Villeneuve                                 PID Lion Joe Al Picone

Seguin, Texas                                                           Brenham, Texas

(830) 305-3101                                                         (979) 421-0689

villeneuvecharles1@gmail.com                               joepicone600@gmail.com


District Constitution and Bylaws Chair                     District Tail Twister

PDG Lion Floyd Golan                                              PDG Lion Andy Rodriguez

Bryan, Texas                                                               Gonzales, Texas

(979) 218-4803                                                            (830) 263-5500

floydmaryann@verizon.net                                        andy@pi-gonzales.com  


District Youth Camp Chair                                        District Youth Services Co-Chair

PDG Lion Mike Morgan                                            Lion Pat Jackson

Giddings, Texas                                                          Giddings, Texas

(979) 542-8250                                                           (512) 517-5662

pdgmorgan@gmail.com                                             pjackson1952@sbcglobal.net


District Youth Services Co-Chair                              District Leo Chair

Red Ribbon Gala Chair                                              Lion Pat Jackson

PDG Lion Johanna Elliott                                          Giddings, Texas

Caldwell, Texas                                                          (512) 517-5662

(979) 450-1331                                                           pjackson1952@sbcglobal.net



District Chaplin                                                          District Honorary Committee Chair

Lion Charles Francis                                                  IPDG Lion Vance Elliott

Ledbetter, TX                                                             Columbus, Texas

(979) 540-6968                                                           (979) 484-4357

charles.e.francis@gmail.com                                     vrelliott@gmail.com


District Kidsight Chair                                               District Eyeglass Recycling Chair

Lion Mike Wilson                                                      PDG Lion Jesse Bryan

Seguin, Texas                                                             Caldwell, Texas

(830) 305-4085                                                           (979) 224-4903

michael6206@att.net                                                  jssbryn@yahoo.com


District Newsletter Co-Chair                                      District Newsletter Co-Chair

PDG Lion John Rauser                                               Lion Michael Bolton

College Station, Texas                                                College Station, Texas

(979) 777-5742                                                           (979) 574-1965

john-rauser@tamu.edu                                               MBolton49@yahoo.com


District Diabetes Chair                                               District Leaderdog Chair

Lion Doctor Mary Parish                                           PDG Lion Thom Holt

College Station, Texas                                                College Station, Texas

(832) 260-3777                                                           (979) 574-4331

maryc4968@gmail.om                                               fairwindshrsolutions@verizon.net  


District Alert Chair                                                     District World Services for the Blind

Lion Meredith Franks                                                 Lion Julius Bartek

Giddings, Texas                                                          Weimar, Texas

(281) 744-6107                                                           (979) 249-6879

merelin6107@gmail.com                                          3aranchers@cvctx.com


Texas Lions Camp North                                           Texas Lions Camp South

Lion Wayne Dicky                                                     Lion Anthony King

Bryan, Texas                                                               Giddings, Texas

(979) 777-2181                                                           (214) 697-9929                                  

waynedicky@gmail.com                                            specialk55.ak59@gmail.com


Texas Lions Foundation                                             1st Cabinet Meeting Coordinator

PCC Ron Heinemeyer                                                PDG Lion Jessie Bryan

McQueeney, Texas                                                     Caldwell, Texas

(830) 401-1440                                                           (979) 224-4903

ronheinemeyer@sbcglobal.net                                   jssbryn@yahoo.com




2nd Cabinet Meeting Coordinator                               Midwinter Conference Coordinator

Lion Jacque Bray                                                        PDG Lion Mike Morgan

Caldwell, Texas                                                          Giddings, Texas

(979) 204-5249                                                           (979) 542-8250

englishjacque@yahoo.com                                         pdgmorgan@gmail.com  


District Convention Chair

Lion Mike Morgan                                                    

Giddings, Texas                                                         

(979) 542-8250                                                          




Training Resources

Lions Clubs International Resources Page – http://members.lionsclubs.org/EN/resources/index.php

Lions Clubs International Club Management Resources –


Lions Clubs International Club Officer Training and Orientation –

            http://me mbers.lions.org/EN/resources/leadership-resource-center/training-resources/club-officer-training-orientation.php



Zone 1A                      Chair Lion M’Liss Harrington

                                    Seguin, Texas             (830) 660-5201            mlissh@yahoo.com


Clubs                           Geronimo                                Seguin Noon

                                    Seguin Sunrise                        Seguin Sunset


Zone 1B                      Chair Lion Kris McLain

                                    Gonzales, Texas         (830) 263-1114            kmclain@gmail.com

Clubs                           Gonzales Breakfast                Gonzales Noon

                                    Nixon                                      Waelder New Millennium

                                    Flatonia                                   Schulenburg


Zone 2A                      Chair 2nd Vice District Governor Lion Jane Istre

                                    Smithville, Texas        (512) 629-6937            jacur123@yahoo.com

Clubs                           Fayetteville                             La Grange Bluebonnet





Zones 2B                     Chair Lion David Wagner

                                    La Grange, Texas       (979) 250-3282            insurance@kjtnet.org


Clubs                           La Grange Evening                 La Grange Noon

                                    Weimar                                   Weimar Encore


Zone 3A                      Chair Lion Robert Herridge

                                    Bellville, Texas           (713) 582-2461    robert1@herridgeconsulting.com                              

Clubs                           Bellville                                  Industry West End

                                    New Ulm                                Sealy


Zone 3B                      Chair Lion Gary Chandler

                                    Columbus, Texas        (979) 732-0400            sgtchandler@sbcglobal.net


Clubs                           Columbus                               Eagle Lake

                                    Garwood                                 Sheridan



Zone 4A                      Chair Lion Kelli Higgins

                                    Giddings, Texas          (512) 988-1336            thepinkdreamer@gmail.com


Clubs                           Carmine                                  Dime Box

                                    Giddings Breakfast                 Giddings Evening

                                    Giddings New Horizons         Lexington

                                    Paige                                       Round Top


Zone 4B                      Chair Margaret Polansky

                                    Caldwell, Texas          (979) 535-8127         mpolansky2898961@aol.com


Clubs                           Blinn                                       Brenham Evening

                                    Brenham Noon                        Caldwell

                                    Caldwell Burleson County     Caldwell Early Evening

                                    Snook                                      Somerville

                                    Washington County Ladies



Zone 5A                      Chair Lion Bill Lartique

                                    College Station, Texas            (979) 846-1283      csnlionbill@gmail.com


Clubs                           Anderson                                Franklin

                                    Hearne                                    Hilltop Lakes

                                    Madisonville                          Navasota

                                    Navasota Noon                       New Baden/Camp Creek Evening


Zone 5B                      Chair Lion Diane Holt

                                    College Station, Texas            (979) 777-6012         DianeHolt17@aol.com


Clubs                           College Station Noon             College Station Evening

                                    College Station Morning        Aggieland

                                    Bryan Breakfast                      Bryan Noon




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