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If you could save a child’s sight with the press of a button, wouldn’t you? That’s the idea behind Lions KidSight USA, a new national initiative announced by Lions in the United States. Lions KidSight USA was launched to help ensure that children between the ages of six months and six years receive vision screening and professional follow-up care when needed. - See more at:


State Vision Reports

The new 2019-2020 Council of Governors (16 District Governors in the State) have appointed a person as the State Vision Chairperson to accumulate the number of children screened for vision. This positon is newly created and is for statistical purposes only to collect the data to realize the number of children Texas Lions are screening.  This position is not to see which districts and/or clubs are participating in vision activities and is also not a competition between districts and/or clubs. 

Below is the information submitted to the Texas Lions State Vision Chairperson:


First Lion’s Quarter – 06-01-19 to 09-30-19 - Please Click Here

Second Lion’s Quarter – 10-01-19 to 12-31-19 - Please Click Here



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