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District C-2 Convention
October 19-20, 2018
Calgary, Alberta
MD C Convention
May 4-5, 2018
Leduc, Alberta
District C-2 Convention
October 20/21, 2017
Medicine Hat, Alberta
MD C Convention
Canmore, Alberta
May 5/6, 2017
Report on the District C-2 Convention
October, 2016
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MD C Convention held in St. Albert, Alberta
May 13/14, 2016
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Pictures of District C-2's
First Convention held in Lethbridge, Alberta.
October 2015 can be found by clicking on the logo to the left.
District C-2 Club Officers' Training School 2017  
On Saturday, April 22 over 120 Lions attended the Officers' Training School in Strathmore, Alberta.  Nine speakers gave sessions on a variety of topics all to do with the successful running of a club as well as sessions for Past District Governors and Zone Chairs.  Emphasis was also on strategies on how clubs can recruit new members.
Lunch was provided by the Strathmore Lions club and was enjoyed by all.  The cookies, of course, were very popular!
District Governor Gail Haight gave the opening and closing remarks of the training school as well as leading the session on the duties of the Treasurer. 
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New Members Orientation          1st VDG Cathy Anderson
President & Vice President          VCC Sharon West
Secretary                                    CC Tim Haight
Treasurer                                   DG Gail Haight
Membership Chair                      GMT Bill Stecewicz
Membership Chair                      Lion Nick Chapin
Past District Governors Role        PIP Judge Brian Stevenson
Zone Chair                                  ZC Dustin Southgate
Tail Twister                                 ZC Rex Elumir
And for the first time as participants in the Training School, Zone Chair Dustin Southgate brought four members of the Nanton Leos Club. 


USA/Canada Forum
          September 21-23, 2017, Portland Oregon    
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A webinar is a virtual lecture or training session presented live on the Internet – allowing Lions from around the world to learn about and discuss topics that help improve clubs and make an impact.

Each session includes a PowerPoint presentation, handouts, video, interactive questions and answers. The webinar is typically led by LCI Headquarters staff, and guest panelists often include Lions and Lions partners.

Find a resource of past and future webinars here.


Lions University
Lions University is presented by the USA-Canada Lions Leadership Forum.  There are three educations program levels which are taken online at  Periodic webinars are posted on this website as well as live sessions presented by
Districts and Multiple Districs.  Go to the Lions University website (above) for more information on how you can participate and benefit from this training.
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