Multiple District C Information


Multiple District C Council
The biography of each Council Member can be found by clicking on the Member's  picture.  Additional information on District C-1 is found on their website and the Multiple District information is found at
Council Secretary Betty Ann Robson
Council Treasurer Sandra Goodrich
MDC Advisors    
PIP Judge Brian Stevenson 403-246-3814
PID Jack Isaman 403-686-3158
PID Justice Virgil Moshansky 403-281-8284
PID Dr. Patti Hill 587-520-5198
PID Bill Webber 587-521-1250


2017-2020 Multiple District C Global Action Team

MDC Global Action Team Coordinator    
Council Chair Robert Hunter  
MDC Global Leadership Team Coordinator    
PCC Betty Ann Robson  
MDC Global Membership Team Coordinator    
Lion Bill Stecewicz  
MDC Global Service Team Coordinator    
Lion Diane Bray
MDC LCIF Coordinators 
MDC LCIF Coordinator PDG Gail Haight
District C-1 LCIF Coordinator  
District C-2 LCIF Coordinator Lion Tony Prettegiani
LCIF Area Leader PCC Tim Haight
Co-Chair for Canada - East PID Carl Young
Co-Chair for Canada - West PCC Allan Hunt
MDC Latest Newsletter
           June 2018
MDC Council Meeting Highlights
              July 2018


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