District C-2 Administration and Contacts

Members of Cabinet 2017-2018
Cabinet Executive
District Governor Cathy Anderson
Lethbridge West Lethbridge Lions Club
(for DG Cathy's biography click here.)
1st Vice District Governor Tyler Bray
Foothills Lions Club
(for1st VDG Tyler's biography click here.)
2nd Vice District Governor Brent Johnson
Lethbridge West Lethbridge Lions Club
(for 2nd VDG Brent's biography click here.)
Immediate Past District Governor Gail Haight
Calgary Mountainview Lions Club
Secretary Sharon West  
Treasurer Edna Nelson
GLT Coordinator John Goodrich
GMT Coordinator tbd  
GST Coordinator Diane Bray
Committees and Administration
ALERT Tyler Bray
CLERC James Lee
Constitution & Bylaws Gordon Prusky
Convention 2018 Sharon Schielke
Diabetes & Cavalcade Dennis Stevenson
Historian Eric Buttle
Information & Technology Carol Hassell
LCI Foundation Rose Geonzon
Leo Advisor Dustin Southgate
LFC - Dog Guides Catherine Heberle
Lions of Alberta Foundation Fred Walters
Lions Quest Harry Friesen
Lions Sight Centre Glenn de Boer
Lions Youth Camp Basil Boyd
Newsletter Editor Carol Hassell
Sight and Hearing Anne Kennedy
Youth - Peace Poster & Essay Margaret Brucker
Youth Exchange-Outgoing Bruce Bishop
Youth Exchange-Incoming Anthony Prettegiani
Zone Chairs
Zone 1 Henry Czarnota
Zone 2 Marty Moulaison
Zone 3 Anne Kennedy
Zone 4 Thomas Cheuk
Zone 5 Rex Elumir
Zone 6 Peter Wallis
Zone 7 Kevyn Stevenson
Zone 8 Glenn Robertson
Zone 9 Dustin Southgate
Zone 10 Chris Howells
Zone 11 Steve Clark
Zone 12 Christine Lank


For a list of clubs in each Zone, have a look here.

Governor's Team Zone Responsibilities
Zones 1,2,3,4          1st VDG Tyler Bray 
Zones 5,6,7,8          2nd VDG Brent Johnson
Zones 9,10,11,12    DG Cathy Anderson
Cabinet Meeting Minutes
            October 2015
            February 2016
            June 2016
            August 2016
            October 2016
            February 26, 2017
            June 4, 2017
            August 13, 2017
            October 22, 2017
District Governor's Team
Club Visit Schedule
          DG Cathy Anderson       1st VDG Tyler Bray       2nd VDG Brent Johnson
Sept. 7 Cardston Lions Club
Sept. 19 Foothills Lions Club
Sept.  26 Lions Club of Calgary
Sept. 27 Redcliff Lions Club
October 3 Caresland Lions Club
October 3 Carmangay Lions Club
October 6 Mount Royal University Club Charter Night Visit
October 9 Calgary Heritage Lions Club
October 10 Calgary Southridge Lions Club
October 10 Lethbridge Host Lions Club
October 16 Calgary Filipino Lions Club
October 17 Olds Lions Club
October 23 Highwood Lions Club
Nov.  1 Calgary Northeast Eyeopener Lions Club
Nov.  6 Nanton Lions Club
Nov. 6 Blairmore Lions Club
Nov.  9 Pincher-Cowley Roaring, Pincher Creek, Cowley Lions Clubs
  Blackie Lions Club
Nov. 14 Coleman Lions Club
  Mossleigh Lions Club
Nov. 15 Medicine Hat Community View Lions Club
Nov. 16 Arrowwood Lions Club
Nov. 18 Sundre Lions Club
Nov. 20 Bearspaw Lions Club
Nov. 20 Raymond Lions Club
Nov. 28 Taber Lions Club
Dec.  4 Okotoks Lions Club
Dec. 4 Sterling Lions Club
Dec.  7 Didsbury Lions Club
Dec.  9 Lethbridge West Lethbridge Lions Club
Dec. 11 Champion Lions Club
Dec. 14 Fort Macleod Lions Club
January 3 Warner Lions Club
January 4 Vulcan Lions Club
January 10 Claresholm Lions Club
January 15 Carstairs Lions Club
January 16 Cluny Lions Club
January 16 Calgary Eastport, Calgary Properties Lions Clubs
January 19 Irricana, Keoma, Beiseker Lions Clubs at Keoma
January 22 Calgary North Hill Lions Club
January 22 Bowness Lions Club
January 23 Cochrane Lioness Lions Club, Cochrane Lions Club
February 1 Sundre Lions Club
February 1 Strathmore Lions Club
February 10 Calgary Wildrose Lions Club
February 12 Medicine Hat Lions Club
February 20 Calgary Korean Lions Club
February 26 Springbank Lions Club
February 27 Brooks Lions Club
February 28 Chestermere Lions Club
March 3 Arrowwood Lions Club
March 5 Picture Butte Lions Club
March 7 Cheadle Lions Club
March 8 Bow Island Lions Club
March 12 Gleichen Lions Club
March 20 Lomond Lions Club
March 28 Magrath Lions Club
April 4 Irvine and District Lions Club
April 5 Didsbury Lions Club
April 18 Canmore Lions Club
April 25 Vauxhall Lions Club
April 26 Airdrie Lions Club


                District C-2 Constitution and By-Laws
                Patti Hill Fellowship Application
                Melvin Jones Fellowship Application
                Isaman/CNIB Fellowship Application
                Club Supplies Forms
                Application for a Life Membership
                Greg Powell/STARS Fellowship
     Global Action Team District C-2
          Global Leadership Team
                                                District C-2 Coordinator - PDG John Goodrich
                            Global Membership Team - vacant
                            Global Service Team
                                                  District C-2 Coordinator - Lion Diane Bray


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