District 2-E1 has a long history of promoting activites and services that help people. 

District 2-E1 Service Projects

2019-2020 State Service Projects

Disaster Recovery Service Projects - February 2, 2018

Hurricane Harvey Urgent Need to support Conroe Lions Clubs helping people living in tents this winter!   They are requesting Blankets to help keep people warm this winter.  They ask for new or use (in good repair and cleaned) blankets.  Please send directly to:

Conroe Noon Lions Club

Vicki Musgrove - Club Secretary (She is available Mon-Fri, 9-5)


1106 Wilson Rd, Conroe, TX 77301


  • Texas Lions Camp – Summer Camping for
    • Children with Type 1 Diabetes
    • Children with Physical Disabilities
    • Children with Downs Syndrome
    • Children with Cancer
    • Projects for your Club
  • Texas Tissue & Eye Banks
    • Providing Financial Assistance Grants to people needing Tissue & Cornea transplants
  • Texas Lions Foundation
    •  Disaster Relief Grants
    • Offering Service to Communities in Crisis
  • Leader Dogs for the Blind
    • Providing Leader Dogs to the Blind
    • Supporting Leader Dog Training
  • Eyeglass Recycling
    • Gathering and sending Used Eyeglass to our State refurbishing facility
  • Opportunities for Youth
    • Engaging Youth to help develop a sense of service to their community and the world
    • Offering Scholarship opportunities

If you need more information about any of these service projects, please contact us.



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