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"MD C Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes is a Fund Raising Project to sponsor a Peer Connect Inititave developed by Diabetes Canada as well as some Research Donations and  Diabetic-Camp support in Alberta, NE BC and NWT."


Heads up Fellow Lions of Multiple District C

November is Diabetes Awarenes month

Thank you MD C Lions Cavalcade so much for helping us spread the word via MD C Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes Canada. I’m thrilled to share and reach out to MD C-1 and C-2 Clubs with a unique opportunity to make an impact during November Diabetes Awareness Month - a global initiative to raise awareness and address the diabetes epidemic.

By participating in November Awareness Month Tag Days, you will:

Support Local Initiatives: contribute to addressing a major global health concern and help those living with or affected by diabetes locally

Raise Awareness: educate the public on who is at risk for diabetes

Strengthen Community Connections: engage with community members and create a sense of connection

Promote Lions Club Values: align with Lions Club's pillar of service by supporting those living with or affected by diabetes

How Your Efforts Help Raise Diabetes Awareness

Awareness and funds raised throughout November will help support the work of Diabetes Canada, so we can continue to provide the following in MD C:

  • Share knowledge and create connections for individuals who care for them.
  • Fund critical research to bring us closer to a cure.
  • Advocate to improve access to diabetes medications, devices and supplies.
  • Connect kids and youth with type 1 diabetes when they need it most.
  • Offer our toll-free support line and education resources to help people with diabetes live better.

How Your Club Can Contribute

Make a powerful impact this Diabetes Awareness Month. Clubs raising over $500 from Tag Day or through a Club, donation will earn an exclusive patch. Show your support like never before and make time to help End Diabetes this November.

During this November, join us in raising funds and awareness for our Diabetes Awareness Month Tag Day program. Tag Day is a time for our community champions to immerse themselves in their communities to show support for individuals living with diabetes by raising money to fund education, support services, advocacy, and diabetes research.

Tag Day's goal is to have Lions Clubs participate in a community outreach event to raise much-needed funds for Diabetes Canada.

There are 3 steps to participate:

  1. Find a date that works for your club and 4-6 volunteers during the month of November (Diabetes Awareness Month).
  2. Choose a busy location to promote your Tag Day Event (4-6 hours).
  3. In exchange for donations, you will tag (offer) community members key information about diabetes, a bookmark, and/or a sticker.

How To Get Your Tag Day Kit

We ask that any club looking to participate in the Tag Day campaign please provide the following information no later than October 29, 2023:

  1. Club Name & Mailing Address (to expedite deliveries, we ask that clubs refrain from providing PO box addresses wherever possible)
  2. Name, email, & phone number of lead for campaign
  3. The date on which you plan on holding your Tag Day

Email Franca Lattanzio at: franca.lattanzio@diabetes to get your Tag Day Kit.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Diabetes Canada via franca.lattanzio@diabetes or phone 604-732-2313.

Your Multiple District C Lions Cavalcade Chairperson can be reached at or 403-605-7765



MD C Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes Newsletter

Message to: All Lions of Multiple District C

Date: February 10, 2023

Hello All,

MD C Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes is a Fund Raising Project to support a Diabetes Awareness program developed by Diabetes Canada as well as some Research Donations and  Diabetic-Camp support in Alberta, NE BC and NWT.

As off the writing of this letter we are waiting on Diabetes Canada to provide us with the Diabetes Awareness program, when we get it we will provide you with the details.

Going forward we will be sponsoring whatever awareness program Diabetes Canada provides as well as Diabetic Camp support in MD C and Diabetes Research in Canada.

When you consider a donation to Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes please chose one of the three areas to support and we will see that you donations go to that area of need.

On behalf of Diabetes Canada and the MD C Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes committee we sincerely thank those clubs and individuals who have made donations to support this worth while project and for those who haven’t yet made donations we encourage you to consider supporting one of the areas, Awareness, Research and Diabetic Camps.

Yours in Lionism,

Lion Dennis Stevenson

MD C Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes Chairperson


Lion Dennis Stevenson, MD C Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes

305 Sandstone Dr NW, Calgary, Alberta, T3K 3R5



ChairpersonLion Dennis Stevenson, 1-403-605-7765,

Vice Chairperson/TreasurerLion Frances Sawiak, 1-780-632-3208,

SecretaryLion Vi Gibb, 1-780-672-3828,

MD C Lions Cavalcade For Diabetes website 

We Support Awareness and Diabetic Camp in MD C as well as Research in Canada with your


For more in depth information check the Diabetes Canada Website using following link



Effective immediatly please send club and personal donations to the following address

Lion Dennis Stevenson, 305 Sandstone Dr NW, Calgary, Alberta, T3K 3R5


Hello Lions, Lioness and Leos,



1.5 Million Canadians know they have Diabetes

Another 50% have it but don’t know

How serious is Diabetes?

Diabetes greatly increases the chance of heart attack & stroke

Diabetes is a leading cause of adult blindness

Diabetes is a leading cause of amputations

Diabetes increases the risk of kidney disease

Diabetes is a leading cause of death by disease in Canada

Diabetes cost estimates in Canada is over 6 billion dollars.

Less than 5% of Canadian Medical Research Dollars are

devoted to Diabetic Research.

The following Associations need your help to find a cure

Diabetes Canada 

With Fund Raising Support By

MD C Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes

To have someone visit your club to explain the different Diabetes

areas you can support, please contact 

MD C Lions Cavalcade for Diabetes Chairperon

Lion Dennis Stevenson, PCC

Cell: 403-605-7765



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