DISTRICT'S 2021 - 2022 GOALS

Prior to becoming District Governor, the First Vice District Governor receives training, which includes a requirement to set goals for his/her year as Governor.  These goals are set through consultation with the district’s leadership team, which includes the District Governor, Vice-District Governors, Zone Chairs, and others.  This year’s district goals are as follows:


  1. District 14-C will charter two new Lions Clubs.
  2. District 14-C will induct at least 100 new members in Lions Clubs across the district.
  3. District 14-C will lose no more than 70 members.
  4. District 14-C will develop a list of strategies to promote the awareness of Lions Clubs and services in their communities with a roll-out to clubs in the first quarter of this Lion year.
  5. At least 75% of the Lions Clubs in District 14-C will report services delivered, and in addition, the number of services reported will exceed those reported in the previous year.
  6. At least 85% of clubs in District 14-C will make donations to LCIF, and the total 2021-2022 district donations will exceed those reported by the district in the previous year by 20%.
  7. District 14-C will conduct both club officer and Zone Chair training, and the District GLT Coordinator will report training events using the local training reporting tool in LEARN
  8. A district-wide service project on diabetes (Strides Walks, other) will be organized and conducted in District 14-C, most likely in the spring of 2022. 

This is an ambitious set of goals, which will require the commitment of the district’s leadership team and the enthusiastic support of our clubs.  Clubs that demonstrate their support for this year’s District Goals will be recognized with a Certificate of Achievement from the District Governor.

Updated 12/11/2021

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