Super-storm Sandy Relief Effort


Well, we got walloped! First Hurricane Sandy came, then the Nor’easter with its heavy snow. Hurricane Sandy was likely the worst natural disaster to have ever hit New Jersey. I can only say I hope everyone stayed as safe and sound as possible during this onslaught, considering the widespread nature of the storm.

Emergency Grant Applied for and Approved by LCIF

Shortly after Hurricane Sandy rolled through, your District 16-D governor’s team wrote-up and submitted an application for an Emergency Grant from Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). The write-up was commended by LCIF and the $10,000 grant was promptly approved. Money from this grant will be used across the district to provide emergency relief aid to disaster victims. Examples of approved items to purchase and distribute include blankets, clothes, cleaning supplies, food and water in bulk. We have decided to focus largely on blankets, often in short supply. They are needed by shelters and, surprisingly, by food banks, who distribute them in times of need. We are currently in the process of implementing our plan of action. Many Lions in the district are to be congratulated and thanked for their help and advice during this disaster, not the least of which are the two Vice District Governors, 1st VDG Bob Brandt and 2nd VDG Mahesh Chitnis, and also Lion Dawn Myatt, President, Sayreville Lions Club. The Sayreville area was especially hard hit by the storm, and Lion Dawn has performed admirably. But please know that I am gratified by all the dedicated Lions who have stepped up to the plate to serve during this difficult time.



Sayreville Lions Club Helps Community Comes Together

A community comes together during the recent devastation in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  The Sayreville Lions Club sponsored a charging station when power was knocked out for residents in Sayreville NJ for more than a week.  Residents were invited to charge their cell phones along with their other electronic devices.  This was done with use of the District 16 D Charitable Foundation Eye-mobile’s generator.  Many residents benefitted by being able to have contact with the outside world. While most residents had no power, heat was also lacking, so a fit pit was created and many burned tree branches that had fallen during the storm to keep warm.  While others sat around keeping warm meeting each other, some for the first time, others brought things like hot soup, sandwiches and beverages, even hot dogs and marshmallows to share. As word spread more people came. The American Red Cross and Sayreville Fire Department dropped off supplies to be handed out to those in need.  NJ News 12 even made their way to stop by. Many said it was the togetherness that the community needed the most that had made the most lasting impression. Thank you to all who helped each other in this time of need. A salute goes to those in the Sayreville Lions Club for reminding us all that community is what we are all about and who we serve.




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