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Leos - such a  small world... or is it?

At a recent meeting of Earl Marriott Secondary Leo's, in Surrey BC, the membership  discussed year end donations and decided to give a $300 scholarship. They also had just finished feeding the homeless, preparing and paying for the food for some 70 people in the area.

They then discussed donating to the “Lions Foundation Of Canada” towards a service dog. Each of the last 5 years the Leos have donated $500.  Word was, someone in “Surrey” had received a service dog from” Lions Foundation of Canada.”

MD19 Leo Chair Barry Shiles "One of our Leos put his hand up and explained that the dog was given to his brother who is profoundly deaf and a student in their school. You can all understand how this old Lions' heart swelled with pride and the impact on our Leo members when this was revealed."

"Our hard work as Leos/Lions is not often offered/rewarded with this type of a wonderful explanation, demonstration, of the results of what actually happens when Lions reach out to the world with a donation or service project. We take on faith that the donations do the good we are told it will do. This is proof positive of what happens when “We Serve” our community."

Congratulations Earl Marriott Secondary Leos!


 Congrats to Leo Kyle Boutilier from Surrey BC Kwantlen Park Leos appointment to Lions Clubs International Board as LEO Liaison!

Read more about Leo Kyle, here:  A LEO at LDUN?  Check it out!

Fort Langley LEOS continue their STICKY Note Campaign!

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