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From Cold Spring Lions Club:
Aug 15 at 10:27 PM
Greetings, Fellow Lions,
Thanks again, for joining the Cold Spring Lions Club at Garrison Landing, for our shared 100th Anniversary Lions Club
pot-luck picnic. Ten clubs attended, in total, near 100 people! 
Over the past century, the Lions Club organization has accomplished a great deal, and touched many live,  more than we may ever know.   Not least of which, the Lions has, since 1917,  raised and donated over a BILLION dollars worldwide for many good causes. 
I think there’s a lot to be said for coming together.  While we exist as individual clubs, and provide key local good works, we don’t always have to go it alone. I feel that there are ways, and projects,  that we may want to consider doing together.  Lions show strength in numbers, and great things can be accomplished when we work together. 
Here is a compilation of notes from what the clubs attending shared about some of their successful fundraising ideas.  
Please feel free to add anything that I may have missed, and to share with ALL your CLUB MEMBERS, and us too!   
I am hoping to see a club step forward and host next year’s district and regional gathering. We at Lions Cold Spring will gladly offer what ever help/ suggestions we can, to help ensure your success.  
* Lion Ted from Cold Spring spoke about the ways we raise money.  The annual Pig Roast ( very profitable ), the beer tent at Cold Spring Fourth Of July parade/ fireworks on the Hudson ( we always sell out of the expensive beer first), and our Discount coupon ( a plastic card / like a credit card, listing restaurants and town places that offer discounts with purchase, such as 10% off meal, or free drink, etc )  People love the card idea.   Our community volunteer service includes 
scholarships for students going to college,  Hudson River clean up, spring roadside clean up, free Shredder Day for all tax and personal documents, and donations to local food pantry. 
*Lion Ray from Westchester Pride spoke about various raffles being their effective way of raising money.  And he described some of the great community outreach through teaching life skills to homeless youth, Children’s Village for LGBT community, Anti bullying efforts, and holiday outreach with Toys for Tots. 
*Henry Hudson - Lion Tana shared their emphasis for growing membership.  The Psychic Fair which has grown exponentially is a great example. And held in a Church...  What a unique and popular idea!!  Also a themed Comedy&Dinner show, and a Clambake in the springtime to get new people interested while raising funds. 
*Croton, Lion Mary Ann, discussed hosting an entire community picnic, as an outreach. Also Wine Tasting at the Yacht club. Wine tastings are very successful ventures, where one can get the wine stores/ wine companies to provide the wine, and local restaurants and chefs to provide the food as advertisement for their places.    Croton also sells Christmas trees..  which I think is great, but I know, a lot of dedicated physical work.  They have an annual crawfish boil also at the Yacht club. They also take a booth at the area’s famed Summer Fair, providing gifts for kids, info, and recruiting new members. 
*Mt. Kisco, Lion Victor spoke about a Downtown Thunder event…  with bikers who pay a fee to participate.  One thing I know, guys and gals with Harleys are well heeled, and care deeply about good causes.   He also spoke about their Spring Boutique, hosting various vendors, arts and crafts, w/ music.  Held at the Boy’s and Girl’s club in Mt. Kisco.   Another fundraiser is an annual dinner, with yummy foods provided / donated by local restaurants. 
*Piermont, Lion Dennis describes multiple times his club has collaborated with neighboring clubs to great effect. And that’s nice to hear.  An important event for his club is an annual Apple Festival at the end of September with many vendors that come in.  A smart thing, I think, considering the Hudson Valley is a great source of apples AND apple cider!!
*Yorktown,  Lion Carl is a real go-getter  and described his club’s participation in the Veteran’s Day parade,  serving hot dogs and refreshments.  Their big event if the Summer Concert series,  a long standing event providing jazz, and popular themed music for great summer nights. They also sponsor Breakfast with Santa, and Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, which sell out each year. They have restaurant raffles. On occasion they partner with the ROTARY CLUB!!  That’s creative thinking!!  The Rotarians are people too!   Lion Carl mentioned a dinner raffle that continues all year.  (I didn’t quite understand how it works, but food is a great attention getter).  Lastly, Lion Carl, mentions that the Summers Concert series provides the opportunity to print up journals, and they make ALOT of money through ad generation with these journals.  SO true!!  I worked on journals for the annual Champagne Ball at Phelps Hospital in Sleepy Hollow, and I can confirm that the catalogue/ journal  is a huge money maker. 
*Pearl River -Guiseppe  told me about their  $10 raffle tickets for $100 dinner coupons at better restaurants.  He also mentioned Open MiC night at a local bar/ club.   People pay, and then spend the night singing their hearts out. 
*Somers, Lion Chris. Somers is blessed with a 125 person membership.  Lion Chris mentions that they do a lot in town to garner sincere good will, such as repairing windows for the elderly.  They have various events that provide good PR, so the community can recognize and respect them, and then support their fundraising efforts.   A biggie is a car raffle event. 1000 tickets at $100 each.  WOW! Go Lion Chris! 
They utilize the internet to sell the tickets as well,  which is the forward thinking way to go.   They host a Carnival in April with a Carnival company, and get 10% of the door take. They also have an annual pancake breakfast, and around Halloween a train of terror which the kids seem to love.  In all, it sounds like the Somer Lions are rocking! They also use journals as a way of raising lots of money. Another event is their Do Wop event/ party, which for baby boomers is a repeat success. 
*Brewster, Lion Jack also mentioned that journals raise great funds for their events. They do projects with the Boy Scouts, including wreath sales. He pointed out that Cole’s  ( and other big box companies ) will support it if 4 of their employees volunteer at a Lions Club fundraiser by providing a $500 check!!  Great news!!  They also have flag related holidays, with donations made for placing the flag in key places. 
If I missed anyone, or any pertinent information,  please let me know!!  
Thanks again, and here’s to all the terrific ways you make a difference.  Thanks for sharing. 
Until next year,
Lion Christopher Radko
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