Hello Lions, Lionesses and Leos Family,

It’s hard to believe summer is over! Please know that all the work you are doing in your communities makes me very proud to be your District Gover-nor. As I travel to the clubs on my offi-cial visits, I am enjoying meeting each Lion, Lioness, and Leo and hearing about your club’s activities. On my way home after each visit, I reflect back on what I have seen and heard, and I want to tell you there are not enough words to express my heartfelt thanks for such a committed group of humanitarians! In my book….Each of you are "First Class."

Lion Sandy and I had a great time at the USA Canada Forum in San Juan, Puerto Rico in September. The forum was well attended and very informa-tive. Seminars were packed and all instructors were very knowledgeable. I will be sharing some of the knowledge I gained with you when making visits and at our cabinet meet-ing. Speaking of visits….I have made 18 visits and have 49 to go. My thanks to CS Gerry Beachy and CT Lenny Gares for sharing the driving responsibilities on some of these trips. Again, I have been over-whelmed by the reception we have received; we have felt very welcome and at home!

Membership numbers in the district are down, but I know in my Lions Heart that we will bounce back. Hats off to the Mason Dixon Lions Clubs who have six new lions to induct! GREAT JOB! I am looking forward to "knighting" these Lions. In 1925, at Cedar Point, Ohio, Helen Keller chal-lenged us to be "Knights of the Blind." Since this time we have been dedicat-ed to eliminating all blindness from the face of the earth. My thanks to all the Lions in District 22W for helping to make your communities, our nation and the world a better place because of our dedication and commitment.

I want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers for me recently as I did have a heart catheterization done last week and there was a prob-lem. My cardiologist has prescribed medication, more exercise, and most importantly I will be attending classes to lower my blood sugar.

Let me take this opportunity to stress to anyone who has been diagnosed with diabetes how serious this can be. I had my "wake-up call" last week and even though I know diabetes is a seri-ous and potentially deadly disease I was in somewhat a denial of just how dangerous and life-threatening it can be. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, please manage your diabe-tes properly so you can prevent or delay diabetes complications and harmful effects such as damage to the eyes, heart, blood vessels, nerv-ous system, teeth and gums, feet and skin, or kidneys.

Upcoming events I want to mention and encourage your participation are:

 Please continue to collect canned goods/items, etc., for local food pantries throughout your service area (see your roster book, page 88, for the continuation of the Feed-ing the Hungry in District 22-W which was started under IPDG Kent’s lead-ership);

 LVRF Aim for Sight in Westminster coming up October 11;

 Diabetes Walk in Freder-ick at 11 AM on October 12;

 Make A Difference Day…please participate and send in your projects/pictures to newsletter edi-tor Lion Phyl Thompson and AA Susan Cox. This is a great chance to pro-mote Lionism and demon-strate our motto "We Serve;"

 LVRF Banquet for Regions 1 & 2 on October 25 (see announcement in newsletter);

 LVRF Rally on November 8;

 Cabinet Meeting, Novem-ber 15.

Excerpt from LCIF website: Celebrate World Sight Day in October

The official Lions Clubs Interna-tional World Sight Day celebration will be held in Iceland on October 14.

Lions around the world will cele-brate Lions World Sight Day in October. This international event is held each year to recognize the importance of curing preventable blindness. From vision screenings to eye health education and any other vision-related activity, Lions are encouraged to participate. The focus of this year's World Sight Day, held on October 9, is "no more avoidable blindness." Octo-ber's Global Service Action Cam-paign is "Sharing the Vision," so you can carry the spirit of World Sight Day throughout the whole month!

         


keep "ROARRRRRRR’ING" and helping make your communities a better place!

Strengthen the Pride and Be Lion Hearted

DG John Parker

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