November is Diabetes awareness month.

Diabetes is increasing worldwide. The number of people living with diabetes is more than 422 million and is expected to affect over 642 million by 2040. (World Health Organization). It is deadly and debilitating; every 8 seconds, someone in the world dies from the complications of diabetes. Diabetic retinopathy is a leading cause of blindness.

Lions conduct and support local and large-scale efforts leading to the control and treatment of diabetes and its complications through education, prevention and research.

This spring we will be holding Strides Walk for Diabetes Awareness in each Region. The objective of this walk in addition to raising funds for Diabetes Awareness is:

 Heighten Lions’ interest in diabetes awareness
 Empower Lions to take action and join the fight against diabetes
 Generate community involvement in a Strides event
 Promote a healthy lifestyle through enjoyable exercise/movement ac-tivities
 Enable Lions to implement Strides events with ease and confidence
 Convey a sense of optimism and Lions’ community support for those affected by diabetes
 Prevent vision loss through greater awareness of diabetes and diabet-ic retinopathy
 Increase Lions’ visibility within the community

Look for more information beginning in January on how you and your club can participate in the Strides Walk for Diabetes Awareness.


Yours in Service


Brian Cox

District Governor

Home Club: Terra Rubra Lions Club







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