Cabinet Secretary
Naseem ul Ghani
Cabinet Treasurer
Rana Maqbool Ahmad
Cabinet Treasurer International
District Governor
Shafi Ullah Khan
Khalid Jamil


Khalid Jamil was elected to serve as District Governor, District 305 North 1, at the 2011 Annual District Convention held in Bur ban, Murree, Pakistan. His unanimous election by the convention reflects the love and respect of the lions of his district. 

He was born in Chittagong in 1954. He completed his early education there and came to Lahore in 1971. He has Master of Science degree in physics from Government College Lahore. After his studies, Khalid went into business and is currently the C.E.O. of the company he formed. 

He became a lion in 1983 when he joined the Lahore Canal View Lions Club. He served as a 100% club president in 1989-90. A keen team player, a dedicated social worker and a committed Philanthropist, he distinguished himself in innumerable projects of his club and the district. 

Over the years, he was invited to serve on various committees of the club and the district. He was appointed district chairperson various times, and also served as Zone and Region Chairperson, District Cabinet Treasurer and District Cabinet Secretary. As a member of his club and the district, Khalid received innumerable awards and recognitions. 

A man of high principle, Khalid is humble yet forceful, firm but polite, enthused but realistic. He knows how to motivate and how to lead from the front. He is a creative energizer of people who has the ability to get work done with a smile. He believes unblushingly in the fact that leadership must be earned and volunteers must at all times be respected. His remarkable progress as District Governor reflects on his inherent qualities of head and heart.


Cabinet Secretary
Mian Javaid Iqbal
Cabinet Treasurer
Farrukh Umer Ch.
Cabinet Treasurer International
District Governor
Rafi Ahmad Ansari
Muhammad Azam Ch.


Lion Muhammad Azam Chaudry a member of Multan Crescent Lions Club joined Lions Clubs International in the year 2001.

The attainment of highest office of the District is the testimony of his interest in Lionistic activities. After serving almost in all the post, became District Governor of District 305-N1 in the year 2010-2011. His Slogan for the year was "Strive for Excellence". During his tenure he implemented his slogan in all the activities throughout the year.

He attended the 93rd International Convention of Lions Clubs International in which Sid L. Scruggs elected International President, whose theme was "A Bacon of Hope".

His work on flood effected areas and building of Homes for Flood effecties was one of the service remembered a long way.

Due to his outstanding services Lion M. Azam Chaudry declared the Best District Governor of Multiple District 305 for the year 2010-2011.


Cabinet Secretary
Muhammad Ayub Sarwar
Cabinet Treasurer
Muhammad Aslam Zahid
Cabinet Treasurer International
District Governor
Muhammad Azhar Ch.
Shahid Pervaiz (Late)


The Lion who served in almost all the post of Lions Clubs in Club and District level Lion Shahid Pervaiz joined Lionism in February 2001, as a member of Faisalabad Host Lions Club. He became the District Governor of District 305-N1 in the year 2009-2010. His theme for the year was "Spread Happiness". He was very active throughout his tenure as District Governor and work hard in Growth & Extension, SightFirst, Education, Flood Relief International President's Programme. During his Governorship he had an hectic schedule as he had to travel continuously to visit different projects, Medical Camps, Eye Camps, Education projects.

He is providing Services to the needy regularly:

  • Food, Medicines, Cloths and Blankets among the flood affected areas of North.
  • Perform Eye Surgeries in Eye Camps, and provide Medicines, Eye Glasses and Foods to the patients free of charge on regular basis. 
  • A record number of Members inducted and new Clubs were formed during his tenure as District Governor.
  • He is very kind and noble Lion, always available for service to the poor people of the society.


Cabinet Secretary
Bushra Mumtaz
Cabinet Treasurer
Naeem Wazir
Cabinet Treasurer International
District Governor
Aftab Ahmed Jadraan
Nadeem ul Haq


Young, energetic Lion Nadeem-ul-Haq Joined Lions Clubs International in 2001 as a member of Lahore Crystal Lions Club. He was elected as District Governor for the term of 2008-09.

During his tenure Governor Nadeem-ul-Haq spend full time and targets set by him before the start of Fiscal Year were almost achieved.

  • Eye Surgical Camps were organized wherein more than 20,000 patients were screened, more than 4,000 surgeries were performed.
  • A number of new Members were inducted and many Clubs were formed
  • Cornea Transplantation to the deservings were successfully completed. 
  • Clubs in District also provided IOL Surgeries themselves and few also arranged Cornea grafting individually
  • Flood affecties of Punjab were provided Food items, Mediccines, Mineral Water and Blankets etc.
  • All Projects were visited by District Governor.
  • A public Relation campaign for the awareness of Lions and their activities were launched successfully.



Cabinet Secretary
Imran Hafeez Sheikh
Cabinet Treasurer
Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim
Cabinet Treasurer International
District Governor
Ayaz Ahmed Alvi
Khawaja Muhammad Akram


A member of Lahore Countryside Lions Club, Lion Khwaja M. Akram was elected as District Governor for the term of 2007-2008. he has an excellent record of service to the community and a special place in the world of Lionism for its outstanding administrative qualities.

His theme was 'First SightFirst" During his tenure Governor Lion Khwaja M. Akram fully involved in all the activities of the District His special attention was on SightFirst, an important programme of Lions Clubs International.

Cornea Transplantation, Cataract Operations, Eye Screening of school children are the few activities performed during the year.

Lion Mehandra Amarasuriya elected as International President of Lions Clubs International in which Lion Khwaja M. Akram took Oath as District Governor. This International Convention was held at Chicago, Illinois. Newly elected International President announce "Challenge to Change" as his slogan.


Cabinet Secretary
Muhammad Azam Chaudhry
Cabinet Treasurer
Farrukh Umar Chaudhry
Cabinet Treasurer International
District Governor
Muhammad Afzal Sipra


Lion Muhammad Afzal Sipra Joined Lions Clubs International in 1983 as charter member of Pioneers Multan Leo Club & later on in September 26, 1988 he was inducted as charter Secretary of Multan Crescent Lions Club during the Governorship of Lion Feroze Qaiser in 1988-89.

He was elected as District Governor for the term of 2006- 2007. 

His theme was 'Together We Make a Difference" During his tenure Governor Sipra fulfill all targets set by him.

  • 60 Cornea Transplantation were successfully completed as District Governor Program 
  • 70 other cornea grafting were also performed by clubs individually
  • Emergency Grant of US $10,000 was received food & medicines were distributed among the flood Affected people of southern Punjab.
  • 40,748 eye patients were screened, 9,301 eye glasses were provided, 5,021, I.O.L surgeries were performed A record number of 883 new Members were inducted and 39 new Clubs were formed.
  • Leo District Council was formed. Club program was started in his district after 20 years 
  • 5 New on Ground Projects established 
  • Successful public relation campaign was conducted during his year, print & electronic media widely covered all the activities. 
  • District Governor's monthly bulletin were published regularly.


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