New Clubs      :   03

MJF                :   21

New Members : 360

GAV Completed: 66 (20.06.2013)


Service - 20.06.2013

Body Donation    -    05

Eye Donation      -    175 pairs

Blood Donation   -    2867 units



General Medical Camp               - 30

 Heart Care Camp                       - 10

Eye Camp                                  - 80

Dengue Awareness Rally           - 30

School Motivation Programme  - 30

Sports Activities in School       - 25         

Tree Plantation        -    2,35,000




  • On 09th and 10th Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers Schooling was organised in a grand manner in Mamallapuram. More than 150 PSTs were benefited.



  • Cabinet Installation of District Officers at Hotel Ananda Inn. VDGs, DCs, RCs, ZCs appointed by Past International President Lion. K.G. Ramakrishnamoorthy. District Directory and district I bulletin was released.
  • On 15th SIGHT FIRST seminar was conducted for the district lions with medical team of Aravind Eye Hospital. Around 120 lions participated from various clubs.



  • August 11th First Cabinet Meeting was organized in a grand manner in Hotel Sarguru, Pondicherry. GMT & GLT Members and DCs were participated.
  • District Chairperson Venkatesan and team organized a Sports Meet “Lions Olympics” on 19th August at Annamalai University Play Ground. Around 150 lions were participated.  Volley ball, cricket, tennis, badminton are placed in the meet.
  • District Lions Club was organized a Mega Tree Plantation programme on August 30th  at Vridhachalam in the presence of Cuddalore District Collector           Shri. Rajendra Rathnu.  More over 2,00,000 tree saplings were planted.
  • Lions Club of Parangipettai was celebrated IFTHAR programme on August 16th, 2012 in a grand manner.
  • On August 15th Independence Day celebrated by various clubs. 10,000 national flags were issued to public and conducted many competitions for school children.



  • District Chairperson (Teachers Day) Mr. Bashingam and Lions Club of Pondicherry conducted Teachers Day programme on September 22nd at Pondicherry. Around 400 teachers were benefited.
  • District Cruise from 10th to 16th September at Malaysia. 37 lions were enjoyed the tour. Cruise covered Malaysia’s Penang, Krabi island and Phuket.  




 October - 2012

  • District GMT Seminar was held at Pondicherry and around 60 clubs participated and orientation was given to the members.
  • So far 54eye camp has been completed and  54 pairs of eyeballs have been collected
  • Heart camp was conducted on the 27th & 28th, May by lions club of Sethiyathope & lions club of Kattumannarkoil . Around 50 patients were treated. 
  • Blood Donation camp conducted by our district clubs and collected 1376 units of blood.
  • 17 general medical camps had been done and roughly 5502 patients were treated.
  • A  GLT WORKSHOP was held for the district chairpersons at Munnar and the following day, we had our third cabinet meet at Munnar itself.



November - 2012

  • Deepavali was celebrated by many clubs in their respective areas. The district deepavali function was conducted in GV Physically Challenged School and Saadhanai Kuzhanthaikal mattrum Mahalir Mempattu Arakattalai. Equipments and necessary materials worth Rs. 25,000/- was distributed on that occasion, around 100 lions participated.
  • The highlight project of the month was “Vetri Namathe” a motivation project for 10th and 12th Students in our district. It was conducted in four towns namely Chidambaram, Cuddalore, Tindivanam and Kallakurichi. Around 25 schools participated and 4000 children were benefited.
  • 72 eye donation, 54 eye camps, 21 general camps and 8 heart camps were completed so for in the district. 
  • 10 GAVs were Completed. 


  December - 2012


RC Meet

Region Chairperson



Rasi RC Meet

MJF. PR. Murugappan



Poovai RC Meet

Lion. Kandavel



Azhagappa Galaxy RC meet

PMJF. Lion.

A. Mani



Sudar RC meet

Ln.Illahi baksh


  • In each Region meets Rs. 1,00,000/- worth service projects was done.
  • On 12.12.12 friendship day, Christmas day, New Year was celebrated at Pichavaram. 12 service projects worth Rs. 1,00,000/- was distributed by various clubs. Around 60 clubs and more than 400 lions gathered and enjoyed the occasion.
  • Dengue fever awareness rally were organized by several clubs in the district. Notably lions club of bhuvanagiri along with government authorities made a door-to-door campaign and cleaned the streets. Dengue awareness hoarding was placed in various towns.
  • On 22nd December, Lions club of Neyveli Power City organized Siddha Medical Camp at Vadalur. More than 250 people were benefited.
  • 11 GAVs were completed successfully.


     January - 2013

  • On 09th January, Road Safety programme was organized by Lions club international affiliated with Tamil Nadu Police at Chidambaram. More than 150 college students, 50 drivers and lion’s club members were benefited. Around 200 people took a road safety pledge in the presence of Tamil Nadu police.
  • On 21.01.2013 Melvin Jones day, MJF get-together, Pongal get-together was celebrated in a grand manner in Chidambaram.  We acknowledged more than 40 MJF lions. Around 150 lions gathered and enjoyed the occasion.
  • Mega Artificial limb and caliber function was organized by lions club of Vridhachalam. Vridhachalam club celebrated its 40th club anniversary on 27.01.2013 and distributed 108 artificial calibers in the presence of Tamil Nadu Governor of rosaih.

  • On 19th Sri Sabthagiri Region Meet was completed in a grand manner. Region meet was conducted in Hotel The Carlton, Kodaikanal by Region Chairperson Lion. MJf. V.P. Sivakolunthu.

  • Finally around 8 GAVs were completed successfully. Each club was found to be healthy and service oriented. 




  • We celebrated the PDG month in a grand manner in different parts of our district. we had the district PDG celebration on the 9th of February at the Lions book fair, Chidambaram. It was a good gathering with culturals by school children, general public and huge presence of the lions from  our district. 
  • A PDG grand gala nite was organised in our NN Ocean region meet in Ooty. The pdgs from various districts were felicitated. On 16th and 17th NN Ocean Region meet was completed in a grand manner. Region meet was conducted in Ooty by Region Chairpersons Lion Babu Neelakhant.
  • We also had a stall in the lions book fair, which was an image building exercise for our district. we displayed posters and photograghs of our campaigns and service project. Around 10000 people visited the stall which was kept for 10 days in the book fair.
  • February 23rd District Chairperson Ln. Madava Radjou  organised a Personality Development Workshop at Hotel Jayaram International, Pondicherry with a professional trainer for our PSTs and I VPs.  More than 100 lions were benefited.
  • Around 11 GAVs were completed successfully. Each club had conducted body donation, blood camp, eye camp, tree plantation programme, hunger relief, read action programme, motivational seminars, sports meet and etc.
  • 5 body donation, 105 eye donation, 3500 unit blood donation, 28 general medical camps were completed so far in the district.
  • Finally our 324A3 district is first e-district in our multiple AB. we have established around 7 e- clubs also in our district. we have a separate page for our district in facebook.


  • On 02nd Thillai Oli District Leo Meet was completed in a grand manner. Leo meet was conducted in Hotel Saradharam, Chidambaram by District Chairperson Lion. MJf. R. Arivoli.
  • On 05th District Lioness Meet was organised by District Chairperson (Lioness) Geetha Kamalakannan. Lioness meet was conducted in Goa in a grand manner.
  • on March 14th Neyveli Power City sponsored a new club Lions Club of Vadalur New Thought. The club was inaugurated by our District Governor in the presence of Vice District governor and lions.
  • On March 23rd GLT Co-ordinator Ln. R. Mouraly and GLT Team organised a Emerging Lions Leadership Institute at Hotel Grand Palace, Yercaud for the first vice presidents and second vice presidents of the district. Nearly 70 lions participated. The leadership training session were handled by Jaycee’s National Trainers and PDGs. 1st VDG had a discussion about the forthcoming lionism year. Past International Director         Ln. K. G. Ramakrishnamurthy gave a key note address in the valedictory session and distributed the certificates in the presence of District Governor and Second Vice District Governor.     
  • Around 19 GAVs were completed successfully. Each club had conducted blood donation camp, eye camp, tree plantation, hunger relief, read action programme, dengue awareness and road safety rally and many more.


 April - 2013


  • On April 8th, a new club was inaugurated in the name of Lions club of Pondicherry Anandham which was sponsored by lions club of Pondicherry Cosmopolitan. The Club was inaugurated by our District Governor in the presence of vice district governors and lions.
  • We celebrate the 15th Anandham District Convention at Jayaram Thirumana Nilayam, Pondicherry for the election of District Governor, first and second vice district governors and district officers. It was conducted in two days April 20th & 21st, first day include cultural, chief guest speech, business session I and banner presentation. The second day necrology, balloting, special session and also business sessions. It was a good gathering for balloting, general speech, cultural and necrology. The District Lions Clubs sponsored & distributed a Free Water Purifiers to 25 Schools in our district. The huge number of lions participated in our district and enjoyed the occasion.
  • April 24th Lions Club of Chidambaram celebrated a Home Coming programme at Hotel Saradharam, Chidambaram in a grand manner.  Nearly 70 lions participated.  
  • Around 12 GAVs were completed successfully. Each club had conducted blood donation camp, eye camp, tree plantation, hunger relief, read action programme, dengue awareness and many more.



May - 2013


  • Lions Club of Bhuvanagiri organised a Permanent Project, Silver Jubilee Kalaiarangam Opening at Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Bhuvanagiri in a grand manner. The Kalaiarangam was opened by our District Governor in the presence of vice district governors, lions club members and public. Nearly 70 people were participated.
  • Lions Club of Chidambaram celebrated a permanent project, Golden Jubilee Arch Opening in Girls Higher Secondary School, Chidambaram. The arch was opened by our District Governor in the presence of school authorities and lions club members.
  • Hitherto, 65 GAVs were completed successfully. Each club had conducted blood donation camp, eye camp, tree plantation, hunger relief, read action programme, dengue awareness, body donation, general medical camps, heart care camp and many more.

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