Hello District 5SKS Lions, the following are links for your information and use.

President and Secretary Training (see list below)

Presidents Training

Club Obligations

Your Club Your Way

Club Secretary e-Book

MyLion - How to Report Service

Membership Types

Sight and Service Application

Hall of Fame Application Form

Lions of Canada Website

Lions of Canada Fund for LCI

5SKS/Constitution and Bylaws

Saskatchewan Hall of Fame List

Saskatchewan Past District Governors List

Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.

Diabetes Canada

CNIB (Saskatchewan) 306-525-2571,

Member Orientation. The linked presentation is available as a PowerPoint. Clubs can customize the presentation to Club-specific information pertinent to your membership. If you would like to receive the PowerPoint version, please email the 5SKS Communications Secretary.

5SKS Visitation reports/guidelines

New Voices

2020 MD 5 Lions Speak Off Contest Rules

MyLion Reporting Information

History of Lions in Saskatchewan



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