Fellow Lions,
Just a reminder that Tag Day will be held on November 14. We are asking all the Clubs to participate either by fundraising at a local merchant or by sending a Club donation. By being out in the community we are being visible and people can see the great work that we as Lions are doing. After all, we all know a person with diabetes and how dilapidating this disease can be. It might be ourselves some day.
So please Lions, let's make a great effort!
The cheques from fundraising or a club donation should be made out to Canadian Diabetes Association and mailed to:
PDG Lion Brian Closs
130 Beatty Street
Sudbury, Ontario
P3C 4E6
If any Club needs posters, stickers or calendars, please let me know. For the Clubs out of the Sudbury area, Canadian Diabetes Association will mail you the required items. Some Clubs in our District had innovative ideas for last year's Tag Day and they worked. Maybe we can come up with something different.
On a different subject, I would like to thank all the Clubs who responded to signing the petition for the Charter for Diabetes. The response was overwhelming.
Canadian Diabetes Association were in awe with all the signatures.  Congratulations to all of the Lions. I'm proud to be your Diabetes Chair.
Lion Ann Violette
District A-5 Diabetes Chair


District Projects :

Distrct A5 Memorial Forest

no child without : Canadian Medic Alert Foundation


District A5 Memorial Forest

The purpose of our Memorial Forest Program is to provide an opportunity to commemorate the life of a loved one, in a special way by planting a tree.

To donate, please see the following form: MemorialForestBrochure.pdf

A Living Memorial

A tree symbolizes strength, shelter and durability. By planting a tree it is a symbol of hope, a sign of a new beginning and a living tribute. It will be a source of comfort and meaning to those who have suffered a loss. As one life ends, a new one begins.

The Memorial Forest Program not only pays significant tribute to the memory of loved ones, but also assures a better environment for years to come.

The Program in District A-5 was started in 2008 and great interest has been expressed. We planted our first tree on June 7th, 2008 in memory of Lion Mary Roach of the Charlton-Englehart Lions Club who passed away during her year as Region Chair for Region 15.

Where will Trees be Planted ?

The District A-5 Memorial Forest is located on Chiblow Lake Road in Iron Bridge, Ontario and is approximately ½ a kilometre north of Hwy. 17. The Forest is easily accessible by all forms of transportation.

You Should Know….
- The planting of a tree can be arranged through any Lions member in District A-5.
- It is planned that an annual Dedication Service will be conducted outdoors at the Memorial Forest which will be open for all to attend.
- The name of the deceased will be affixed near the tree.
- The family of the deceased will receive a memorial card stating that a tree has been planted in memory of their loved one.
- This program is not restricted to Lions, everyone is invited to participate.
- More than one tree can be planted in memory of an individual.
- The species and location of the trees are determined solely by the District A-5 Memorial Forest Committee who will choose native trees to the area.

PDG Lion Mura Kiernan


no child without : Canadian Medic Alert Foundation

Fellow Lions,

We are currently in a new calendar year and my wish would be to help our children by Clubs sponsoring a neighbourhood school for the No Child Without Medic Alert program.

This would mean that our Northern Ontario children would be protected and quickly assisted in a medical situation.

Noting the economy in Northern Ontario and the financial burdens which some families incur, it is a pity that some children go without Medic Alert bracelets to help save their lives or to get prompt medical attention.

That is where we ask our Lions to get involved. Once a Club sponsors a school, that school is permanently covered for children to be registered with Medic Alert. This could mean a 20 - 30 year span or maybe more for those particular schools.

Each Club has three years to complete payment for a school. The cost is 5% of the school population.

ex. 100 students -  cost $500

      150 students - cost $750

      200 students - cost $1000

At this point, I would like to thank the following clubs:

  • Cochrane Lions Club for sponsoring 3 schools in their community,
  • Azilda Lions Club for sponsoring 1 school in their community.

In September, I also asked Clubs who have already sponsored schools to contact those schools to see if they needed any new information packages. I received 1 reply from the Noelville-French River Lions Club. Thank you.

Thank you to Lion Roy Telford, Lion Madeleine Langlois, and PDG Lion Ellen Fletcher for working so hard on this project.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and may all your Clubs prosper in 2014.

Yours in Lionism
Lion Anne Violette
A-5 Chair : No Child Without

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