District 27-B2 Vision Screening Mission: “To provide vision screening to the youth of our community for those who do not have access to pediatric eye screening programs. Our goal is to identify vision issues early enough in a child’s life to assist in correcting vision for life” In pursuit of our ongoing campaign against blindness, the Lions have adopted the use of Autorefractor cameras to help diagnose eye problems at a much younger age. The Autorefractor or sometimes called a Photorefractor camera uses infrared imaging to diagnose many common eye conditions so our children can be treated for these conditions.

The following is a guide to various forms, documents and presentations which can be used to assist you in providing vision screening services. To ensure that you are using the latest version of these files, please download them from this site before each usage or screening.  These forms will be updated again soon.


Parent Consent Form (English)      Parent Consent Form (Spanish)

Day Care Opt Out                           Vision Screen Report

Child Summary                               Adult Summary

Agreement for Schools                    Vision Screener Confidentiality

Volunteer Code of Conduct              Vision Screening Positions

Understanding Spot Screening

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