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Lions Clubs - adopt screening and outreach during any of your commumnity projects including vision screening events.Tools and training provided.

Community members- please share out this project to help us connect with schools and youth organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs. Or train to become a screener. Tools and training provided.

Contact Lion Janyce for more details
jr-itypeit@hotmail.com voice or text (775) 358-8973



Read Between the Lions VO's 

Washoe County, Nevada
Here's an interesting example of the success of the Read Between the Lions in-school screening program.  In these sketchy times of COVID, we are the only volunteer program being allowed to go into the schools during the first semester.  Our traveling roadshow inventory now includes face masks, face shields, gloves, hand sanitizer, and a digital thermometer!!

We are actively seeking volunteers with active applications to carry out the program!  It takes many volunteers to do a mass screening and having LOTS of folks to call on is critical for us to be able to fulfill any requests for screenings.

Download application here.  Please remember to send copies of the front and back of your driver's license for the background check.  You can send your applications via email or snail mail to the address on the application.  The Special Program Coordinator for Volunteer Services is Dex Thomas and he monitors our applications.  His email is:  DLThomas@washoeschools.net   Please also let me know if you send in an application.

Thanks so much for your support of RBTL as the program continues to grow!
Lion Janyce

(775) 358-8973


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