Keeping (their) Individual Dreams Strong
Reading Early Activates (their) Dreams

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Read Between the Lions Presentation Info

K.I.D.S. R.E.A.D.
International President's Award and Accolades
Table of Contents

RBTL2 Introduction to Program
RBTL3 Testimonial Page 1
RBTL4 Testimonial Page 2
RBTL5 Screening & Remediation Regimen
RBTL32 Program Notes

Jump Eye Movement Screening Forms

RBTL6 Screening for Reading Skills Cover
RBTL7 Screening Procedure
RBTL8 Screening 1,2,3 Cover
RBTL9 Screening Demonstration Sheet Stopwatch
RBTL10 Screening Sheet Page One Stopwatch
RBTL11 Screening Sheet Page Two Stopwatch
RBTL12 Screening Sheet Page Three Stopwatch
RBTL13 Screening Results Sheet
RBTL14 Screening Score Sheet
RBTL15 Screening Summary Sheet for Screeners

Jump Eye Movement Remediation Forms

RBTL16 Remediation for Reading Skills Cover
RBTL17 Remediation Touch 4 Lions Metronome
RBTL18 Remediation Touch 3 Lions Metronome
RBTL19 Remediation Touch 2 Lions Metronome
RBTL20 Remediation Touch 2 Random Lions Metronome
RBTL21 Remediation Touch 3 Random Lions Metronome
RBTL22 Remediation Out Loud Page 1 Metronome
RBTL23 Remediation Out Loud Page 2 Metronome
RBTL24 Remediation Out Loud Page 3 Metronome
RBTL25 Remediation Out Loud Page 4 Metronome
RBTL26 Remediation Out Loud Page 5 Metronome
RBTL27 Remediation Out Loud Page 6 Metronome 
RBTL28 Remediation Out Loud Page 7 Metronome
RBTL29 Remediation Out Loud Page 8 Metronome
RBTL30 Remediation Out Loud Page 9 Metronome 
RBTL31 Remediation Out Loud Page 10 Metronome 

Outreach Tools

Vision and Learning
Vision Pyramid
NO HEADER RBTL Remediation Out Loud all in one
NO HEADER RBTL Remediation Touch Lions all in one (1)

Bookmark Front
Bookmark Reverse
Business Card

All in One Handout 

Read Between the Lions Reading Skills Program for All Ages - Jump  Eye Movements












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