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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Create a Web site for My District or Multiple District?
You must first complete an
application to gain access to the e-District House.

What special functions are included for the e-District House?
Directory for District officers
District Recognitions page
District Newsletter template
District Group e-Mail
District Polling
District E-vites
District Message Boards
Ability to add up to three more pages of District content
How can I add a photo to our e-District House site?
Click here for details: 
Adding a photo to your HOME page.
Who can help if I lose or forget my Login information?
Contact LionNet to reset your e-District House login information.
Can I use content from the LCI Web site on our e-District House site?
No, since revisions are made regularly.  However, you are welcome to link to any content on the LCI Web site from your e-District House site.
For More Information
If you have a question about the e-District House, please
contact us.


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