Congratulations District Governor Elect Evan Gillett, First Vice District Governor Elect
Barbara Brimigion and Second Vice District Governor Elect Charles Croft, Jr. who were all
elected at the 95th MD-22 Convention in Ocean City. We wish them much success in 2019
-2020 as they begin their terms on July 1st.
Lion Sue and I have had a wonderful year, visiting great Lions Clubs
throughout our district. Thank you to all our clubs for the exceptional hospitality
you gave us during our visits.

We have learned about fantastic service and fundraiser projects being done in our
District 22-W. Our Lions are truly living up to our Lions motto WE SERVE. We have lost
members this year but are still the largest and best district in our Multiple 22, consisting of
District A, B, C, D and W. In our district, we have 1860 members as of May 7th, down from
1920 members a year ago. We also had 59 Lions Clubs a year ago and now have 57 Lions
Clubs, losing Halfway and Oldtown Lions Clubs. I was notified by West Hagerstown
that they are turning in their charter at the end of June and we have had no contact with
Carroll Manor-Urbana Lions Club, which will bring our district down to 55 Lions Clubs. I
have been talking to our Lions Clubs about retention – keeping Lions from being dropped
due to lack of attendance and non-payment of dues. And, our members are all getting
older, altogether resulting in a loss of 80 members. It is difficult to find younger members
to take our place, but we still need to invite them to help us with our service and fundraiser
projects. They will then see firsthand how Lions serve and help their communities. There
is one other thing that we can do to retain members. The answer is to keep all Lions involved
in service and fundraiser projects. Too often we take ownership of a project and
don’t ask others to help. If a Lion stops coming to club meetings and projects, perhaps a
simple phone call or email asking for help may change things and keep a Lion in the club.

We have been looking at areas where new Lions Clubs could be formed. A new
Lions Club can be formed with 20 or more members. Another way we can grow is to form
a Branch Club. The Lions of a branch club are members of your club but meet separately.
This could be a great opportunity in areas where there are a lot of commuters who travel
and can’t attend weekly meetings. It could be possible that they meet on a weekend when
they are not commuting. Another area where a branch club could be formed would be in
retirement communities.
This will be my last article, having written one each month for the past 3 years. It
was my hope that each message would offer encouragement to each of our Lions. Finally,
thank you for all you do as a Lion. Our communities are a much better place thanks to all
the work done by you, a proud Lion in our District 22-W. I have another month of club visits
attending charter nights, officer installations and presentations of awards. Don’t forget
our bus trip to Lions Camp Merrick on July 10th. We still have seats available. And try to
attend our Banner Change on August 10th. That will be a night of awards, fun and the
official banner change from the Grantsville Lions Club to the Roaring Run Lions Club.
Watch for the banner change flier and the event will be held at the Myersville VFD, same
as last year.


Gerry Beachy

District Governor

175 Parkview Circle, Grantsville, MD 21536

301-707-7200 | gbeachy@comcast.net

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