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History & How We Serve        

Massachusetts Lion District 33N Visual Aids Foundation Inc., originated in 1975 as the Optacon Funds, which was actually the name of a piece of equipment available to the visually impaired at the time. In 1986 it was changed to The Visual Aids Foundation due to the many avenues available for providing assistance to the visually impaired. Usually a Club does not have the resources; both financially and the knowledge of providing these assistive methods to those in need.

The Visual Aids Foundation can and will assist your Club with procuring this equipment for the visually impaired of your community.

The process is rather easy; All you need to do is follow the guidelines, submit the grant application and agree to meet the Club's responsibilities to the Client and the VAF Inc.

You can speed up the process by having an evaluation by an eye professional submitted with the grant application.

The VAF Board of Directors will review and act on the application. If inventory or sufficient funds are available, and with the assistance of the sponsoring Club, will procure the assistive equipment of other adaptive technology that has been recommended.

All of the equipment remains the property of VAF Inc. and when it is of no longer use by the recipient, it is returned to VAF Inc. to be refurbished and reassigned.

As previously stated the local Lions Club has two requirements which it must agree to upon receipt of the equipment;

1) that they make an on site inspection of the equipment annually

2) donate $50.00 per club towards the maintained of the equipment which will be taken care of by VAF

Be assured that we will do every thing we can to meet the needs of the visually impaired within District 33N. This only happens though the generosity of the Lions Clubs of 33N

For more information, please contact your local Lions club for more information.

Thank you for all you do in making it all possible! The Directors of Visual Aids Foundation Inc.

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