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Webinar Description Dates/Times

Club Secretary Training
How to login, submit membership and service activity reports, and use club member data. Includes a discussion of club secretary responsibilities and a demonstration of the MyLCI website.

Intended Audience:
Current and incoming club secretaries

Club Treasurer Training
How to login, run reports, download club billing invoices and submit payments online. Includes a discussion of club treasurer responsibilities and a demonstration of the MyLCI website.

Intended Audience:
Current and incoming club treasurers


Zone Chairperson Training
Learn how the role of zone chairperson is vital to the support of clubs including coaching and motivating club leaders to dream and to set goals to achieve those dreams.

Intended Audience:
Current and incoming zone chairpersons

Club President: Leading and Managing
Opportunities and responsibilities of the club president, the traits of an effective leader, how to maintain connections with all club members and the path to club excellence.

Intended Audience:
Current and potential club presidents


LCI Ethics and the Role of the Leader
Overview of eight LCI ethical standards and the role of the Lion leader in ethics training and communication. Includes specific examples of the positive application of LCI ethics in sensitive club situations and a focus on election conduct.

Intended Audience:
All Lions


Leadership Resources on the Web
Participants take a tour of available materials and discover how web resources can assist club and district leaders/officers. Focus on the Leadership Resource Center and its role in developing the skills and knowledge of Lions leaders.

Intended Audience:
All Lions






 Club Excellence Process (CEP)


The Club Excellence Process (CEP) helps clubs become more effective in service, communication, leadership and membership satisfaction. Essentially, CEP helps clubs do what they do better. CEP is now offered in two formats to meet the needs of our clubs: CEP Pro and CEP Lite.

  • CEP Pro is a facilitator-led workshop. It’s designed for clubs that would like to have a trained Lion facilitator come in and guide members through the workshop.
  • CEP Lite is a self-guided workshop. It’s designed for clubs that would prefer to have a member of their club lead the workshop.

In either format, a participating club will examine its community’s needs, analyze its membership experience, identify club and LCI resources, and develop action plans to support your club goals.

The CEP Four-Step Process

The Club Excellence Process is a four-step process that can be delivered in one to four sessions at a club meeting, retreat or other gathering. Both CEP Pro and CEP Lite are supported by participant activity books, easy-to-use facilitator guides, discussion questions and activities that will get members talking and listening to the community.

Here’s a look at what clubs will accomplish during a CEP Pro or CEP Lite Workshop:


Step 1: Why Are We Here?

(45-60 minutes)
  • Recognize what your Lions have accomplished
  • Discuss what your club could accomplish in the future
  • Identify unmet needs in the community
  • Plan to conduct a Community Needs Assessment
Step 2: What Makes an Excellent Club?

(75-90 minutes)
  • Complete the How Are Your Ratings? survey
  • Determine the characteristics of an excellent club
  • Identify obstacles to achieving club excellence
  • Analyze ways to improve club effectiveness

Step 3: How Can We Determine Our Needs?

(45-60 minutes)
  • Review the Community Needs Assessment
  • Review the How Are Your Ratings? survey results
  • Identify club and LCI resources for achieving excellence

Step 4: What Can We Do Next?

(45-60 minutes)
  • Set goals for the future
  • Create action plans to achieve your goals


How To Use MyLion

How to use MyLion to support your service



Setting Up a Lions Club Facebook Page - Lions Club Video

This video walks Lions Clubs through the set up of creating a Facebook Page.





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