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One of the missions of the Lions of North Dakota and South Dakota, as well as Lions worldwide, is to restore the gift of sight and health.   Advancements in medicine and technology have resulted in the ability to transplant an ever increasing amount of human tissue resulting in a growing demand for eye and tissue donors.

Attached is a video designed to encourage the Lions of North Dakota and South Dakota and their partners to spread the word of the need for additional donors and to encourage them to support the unification of the ND and SD Lions Eye Banks into the Dakota Lions Sight and Health to better meet that mission.  (The number of donors from ND has increased considerably since the number indicated on this video.)

The video initially resulted from a presentation made by Dakota Lions Sight and Health CEO, Marcy Dimond and Dakota Lion Sight and Health Community Relations Outreach Coordinator, Alan  Berdahl at the 2015 North Dakota State Lions Convention.  The presentation was later recorded at a Fargo Lions Club meeting, then edited and produced by Nate Manning from the NDSU Communications Department.

Lions Club Leaders and Partners—LET’S ALL WORK TOGETHER TO RESTORE THE GIFT OF SIGHT AND HEALTH OF THOSE IN NEED.  Please show this video to your club or organization and talk to your family, friends and associates about becoming donors!.

Click HERE for the video


How would you like to make donations to your favorite Lions or Lions related Organization automatically with no cost to you ? Click the link and learn about the AmazonSmile Program

District 5NW "Twinning"

It's called Twinning and is geared to help foster understanding and exchange ideas across cultures and countries. The district has decided to help two Lions clubs in Germany and Zimbabwe with projects having needs beyond their resources. Click the link below for more information

District 5NW Twinning Project Information

Hearing Aid Recycling

Hearing aids from around the state can be sent in to be recycled just like our eyeglass recycling program. In addition, anyone needing hearing related assistance can submit an application through their local Lions club. Click on the links below for more information

Hearing Aid Program Information     Hearing Aid Program Application




My name is Charlie

I'm being trained to be a service dog.  A Emergency Medical Response Dog.  You can be a part of my special training too!  I need someone to sponsor me and my training.

Make me be a part of your me grow and learn how I become a life partner for someone with special needs. $25 a month can help with my service dog training, veterinarian care and food.   


Sponsorship is the most effective way to help me and to change my life partners world

A Emergency Medical Response Dog (EMRD) is trained to assist an individual with epilepsy, seizure disorder, or hypoglycemic unawareness.  That's me the last one...Diabetic Alert EMRD. I'm learning how to use my nose to detect sudden drops in my partner's blood sugar through scent and trainer Vicki is teaching my how to alert them so that they can monitor their blood sugar an consume something sweet.  My ability to detect and react to hypoglycemic episodes helps my life partner avoid loss of consciousness and subsequent life-threatening effects.

 I'd love to be part of your family...just $25 a month to sponsor me so I can help...

All while, changing their life, as well as their family's life. Imagine being part of the change!
Because of you, through your love and support, we are able to help these families!

Sponsor me for $25 or more so I can change a life!



OUR MISSION - To train and certify service dogs for individuals with disabilities


Follow this Link and take an amazing look at the efforts of The Fargo Lions and Volunteers from other clubs To bring glasses to those who need them in Mexico

The Lions Foundation of North Dakota's newest project on course and growing

The Vision Screener Program is making wonderful progress towards our goal of acquiring equipment and training for vision testing across all of North Dakota. The Vision Screeners will be used to help identify vision problems early when there is a good chance to identify vision and other problems in the physical development years.

Click for the 2 sided tri-fold flyer in PDF format

Also, click the link to a story regarding the Sunflower Lions vision screening project in Topeka Kansas

For more information about the Vision Screener project, Please contact - Lion Pat Vannett

The Prairie Rose Lions Club Cookbook  

featuring favorite recipes from our members, is available for purchase

It is sure to be treasured by Lions and others for years to come

Click here for the cookbook order form

Here's a project idea. Help members become more involved in Lions. Learn more about the 5NW Rookie Lion Award & Roarin' Lion Award 

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