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 Lions of Michigan ~ District 11-B2

As the Web Page Co-Manager, I want to Welcome you to our District.   We are 39 Lions Clubs strong in Southwestern Michigan.  I mainly want to address those people who are not yet Lions, those Lions who are relatively new to the organization, and those who might be thinking about giving up their membership.
In 1982, I was the Treasurer for Cub Scout Pack 161.  That led to my good fortune to become a member of the Mattawan Lions Club.  After 33 years, I am still a Mattawan Lion, and our club is proud to sponsor both the Mattawan Cub Scout Pack and the Boy Scout Troop.
Howard Bristol was one of the first Mattawan Members I came to know, respect, and learn from.  Lion Howard was not well educated nor did he make a lot of money.  In addition he had medical problems to contend with.  Through it all he dedicated over 20 years to a State Lions Project called "Welcome Home".  I remember him calling me during a blizzard.  "What are you doing?"  Not much other than watching it snow.  "Good I'll pick you up in 20 minutes."  Turned out that 20 minute drive took him well over an hour due to the snow.  It took about 2 hours to drive the next 20 miles.  We were there about 2 hours, and 2 hours back to my house.  What was so important?  We picked up a truck load of food being donated to "Welcome Home".
Lew Bowen of the Lawrence Lions Club was another Lion I met early on.  Lew had a "Watch Repair" shop in Lawrence.  Seems like he was the township treasurer also, beside being a school bus driver.  In those days, I use to drive over to his shop regularly, just to visit.  He was a good man, I miss him.  These days I drive over to Tapper Automotive in Paw Paw, just to visit with Don Brown, a Paw Paw Lion.
Al Lange was another Lion I met early on.  Another guy I had a great deal of respect for.  Lion Al was the kind of member who waited for all the jobs to be filled and he would take the one, nobody else wanted.  That's mine, you can't have it.  He was the first Trustee from our District to serve on the Lions of Michigan Service Foundation.  To this day, Lion Al, yours truly and now Lion Pat McFarland are the only three from our District to serve on the Foundation without being a Past District Governor.  I say, "Good for Us!"
I think it was in 1990, a friend from Boy Scouts, Paul Becker joined the Mattawan Club.  It is a strong friendship I value to this day.  A member of the Lawrence Club referred to us as twins.  Floyd used to say, "You never see one of you without the other being nearby."  We've done it all together.  Attending meetings, conventions, conferences, and projects.  You name it, we've probably done it at least once.
Glenn Dings from the Waterviet Lions is another hero of mine.  I followed Lion Glenn almost everywhere.  We were on the same District Cabinets, and committees.  We both served on the Foundation including being officers on the board.  Of course, we did not do all this stuff during the same years but I did follow.  The exception being he is a Past District Governor, and I'm not going there.
I would be remiss if I did not mention PDG Al Vredberg of the Benton Harbor - Fairplain Club.  We have served together on at least seven different Cabinets.  You'd be hard pressed to fine anyone more dedicated than Lion Al.  I know he is smarter than I am, but we think a lot a like, and we work well together.
It was Don and Peggy Thornton who got me involved in the Foundation.  They formed their own District Fund Raising Project for the Lions of Michigan Foundation.  They raised over $13,000 over a ten year period.  Don was a Lawton Lion.  When I found out, Peggy wasn't, we made her a honorary member of the Mattawan Club.  We never charged her a nickle in dues.  But from the day she become a member, she never went to another Lion's event without her pin.
Over the years there has been so many special people including two retired Colonels; Bill Kowalski and Bill Miller.  Can you imagine a guy like me presenting Foundation Awards to retired Officers?  Wow!  Then there's people like Linda McLane (Niles Lion) and her Leader Dogs.  She does so much good and all without the benefit of sight.   And how about the Three Rivers Club with members like Greg Mathews, George Cole, Bruce Snook, Norm Stutesman, Jeff and Julie Mayuiers.  Fantastic!
Another group I want to mention is the members who are vital to their clubs, but just aren't interested in serving on the District level.  I think every club has some of those, but I'll mention a few;  Lion Frank Wunderlich of Paw Paw, PCT Bob Richardson of the Kal-Haven Trail Club, and Treasurer Al Fewless of Mattawan.  When it comes to club Secretaries, I've got three favorites; Mattawan's own Beth Hunter, Kalamazoo Westside Secretary Marilyn Parthun, and Secretary Deb Fergeson.  Lion Deb is the only Secretary Kal-Haven has ever had, and they formed in 1994.  Wow!
I just wanted to give you idea of what this District is all about (at least from my point of view).  Our projects are so very important and worthwhile,  but the people....the 11-B2 people......I'm just glad I'm part of it.....................
/s/ yours in Lionism PCST Harvey, Mattawan Lions





























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