Lions District 12-S Hearing Aid Program

Our mission is to provide hearing aids to qualified applicants.

When funds are available, the applications will be evaluated and those that qualify will be put on the list.

Contact Lion Regina Dies (  615-633-6771 for more info. 

Upon completion of application, contact your local Lions Club.


Steps in the District 12-S Hearing Aid Program.

1. Obtain an application from District Chair Lion Regina Dies. (Download Application Here)  Have the person requesting the hearing aid complete the application and return it to the sponsoring Lions Club, not directly to Lion Dies.

2. The sponsoring Lions Club will vote whether to approve the application. In addition, the Club will use the income guidelines to determine the co-pay for the applicant, if any. The maximum the Club will be required to pay is $275 per hearing aid, with the other $275 paid by the District. Clubs may only submit one application for any person requesting assistance. Any required co-pay will be deducted from the total $550 cost, and the balance is to be divided equally between the Club and the District. If approved, the Club will them mail the application with the proper check amount (and any co-pay) to Lion DiesAll payments must be made out to District 12S White Cane. There should be a separate check for each patient as checks are held until the services are performed.

3. Lion Dies will then normally make an appointment with the nearest Hearing Health Center clinic. When there is no clear choice Lion Dies will call the contact person for the sponsoring Club to make sure where they would prefer the appointment to be made.

4. Lion Dies will then make the appointment with the Hearing Health Center office that was chosen.

5. Lion Dies will then notify the patient and the Club’s contact of the appointment date, time and location. The Hearing Health Center may also contact the patient. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring Lions Club to ensure the person has transportation to the Hearing Health Center.

6. When the hearing aid process is complete, the Hearing Health Center sends the bill to Lion  Dies, who will forward the bill and the check(s) from the sponsoring club to the District Treasurer.

7. The District Treasurer provides payment for the full amount to the Hearing Health Center 

Click this blue link to download the application and Income and Co-Payment Guidlines for the District 12-S Hearing Aid Program: 

District 12-S Hearing Aid Program Application and Income and Copay Guidelines.


  This program is NOT connected with MTLSS.



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