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Cabinet Meeting Minutes

August 29, 2020
Meeting Minutes
2019-20 Cabinet Budget
Special Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2020
Meeting Minutes

March 5, 2021
Meeting Minutes




D-1  ZC Ken Cain

DG Joe and fellow Lions,
Zone meeting – Held Sept.  All clubs attended except one.  At this meeting the 2019-2020 President and Secretary awards were presented.  The winning president is considering replacing me next year.
Visited two clubs – Vernon and Armstrong as Zone Chair.
Attended the tree planting ceremony with the Armstrong club.
Three clubs in the zone are meeting in person, two clubs not meeting at all.  They are apparently communicating with their members by phone.
Attended when 2nd Vice District Governor Debbie Allan visited the Vernon Lions Club in Sept.
Our zone project, vision screening, is on hold with the school boards due to COVID.  We are looking into community base testing in a safe way.
Submitted by Ken Cain, D1 Zone

D-2 ZC Kathy McGaughey

D-3 ZC Debbie Bostock

DG Joe, Fellow Lions
Well things are still very different. Not a lot to report. I did attend the MD19 Convo via Zoom, very well done and I took in the ZC panel.
I have held 1 official visit to the Kamloops Aberdeen Lions where I was very pleased to present a Melvin Jones Fellowship to Lion Ken Desjardine.
I have requested that the clubs let me know if they are able to attend a zone meeting via zoom. Only one club got back to me and said they would have at least 1 member attend.
I know of at least 1 club that has a prospective member and another has a possible 2 individuals interested.
Activities are down but clubs are still doing things. With Christmas coming up several events have been cancelled but clubs are still planning to help with adopting families in need, food hampers, Kettle manning for the Salvation Army etc.
Clubs have gone to only 1 meeting a month. Most have been holding them in person but that could change. At least one club has cancelled further in person meetings for the next month or so.
I have been sending on the DG bulletins as well as doing a zone bulletin monthly. 1 Club has been very active and submitting articles on what they are doing.
I have offered assistance with reporting and am contacting clubs prior to the end of the month if I see they have not submitted their MMR.
Everyone stay safe and Happy Thanksgiving to our cross border lions family.
Respectively submitted  ZC Debbie Bostock

D-5 ZC William West

D-7 and D-8 - no ZC.  Debbie Bostock is keeping them informed

D-9 ZC Margaret Ashley

DGJoe, VDGJoyce, VDGDebbie, Fellow Cabinet Members

CONGRADULATIONS: to Linda Schaffrick of Oliver Lions/Lioness and Bob Elliott of Penticton Lions upon receiving the MD Secretary Excellence Awards. Great Job!!!!
Penticton Lions won 1st prize of $5000.00 in the Lions Quest 2019-2020 Promotional Contest. Other winners PCC Harry Morissen, District A3 in Ontario($2500.00) and Mayfield Lions District 5K In Sask. ($1000.00)
All clubs are doing the best they can holding meat draws, passing out Halloween candy, holding Zoom meetings and keeping in touch with our seniors and shut ins.
Penticton Lions started a new service project by serving a hot pancake and sausage breakfast on one Sunday a month, to the tenants of Skaha Sunrise where their den is located.
Our Zone is looking for another project for Camp Winfield  as we usually do one a year.
Clubs are working on increasing memberships with 3 new prospects in the works.
I had one Zone meeting in September and did my Home Club Visits in October, this was done in two visits as we had split meetings at the time. Good to practice on my club.
My next Zone Meeting Nov.29 in OK Falls.
Attended the COVID CONVENTION it was great to see so many happy smiling faces. It was great!!!
Respectfully submitted  ZC Margaret Ashley, MD19D9

D-10 ZC Angus Benedic

DG Joe and Fellow Lions
In person visitations are very restricted at this time, so I have not been able to visit any of the clubs in the zone. All clubs are submitting the MMRs on MyLCI. I do send out a monthly bulletin. I have had no response to my requests regarding holding a zone meeting via zoom. And in person is not possible at this time due to weather and health guidelines. I think patience is required during this time as I do not want the clubs to feel pressured by me in any way. I just want to help the club members to remain and the clubs survive this pandemic. We will resume doing more when it is safe to do so.
I have been in communication either via phone or email with 3 of the clubs. There are some struggles happening and I am keeping in touch.
Respectfully submitted ZCD10 Angus Benedict


2021 Conference - Sonya Ayotte

District Governor Joe and I had a conversation regarding the Spring Conference. Because of the COVID-19 protocols that are in force it was decided between the two of us that we would cancel the 2021 Spring Conference. I contacted the Conference Manager at the Ramada Hotel and he was in agreement with us. He has cancelled all conference and sleeping rooms. District Governor Joe has received a refund on the full deposit. For learning sessions please refer to District GLT. I have contacted PDG Wanda regarding personal 2020 Conference registrations that had been on hold for the upcoming conference. Refunds will be made to the individuals but this is a very long and slow process. Please be patient. There have been no expenses for the 2021 Spring Conference. I am very disappointed this had to be done. We were all looking forward to seeing all of our Lions family after so many months. I look forward to the 2022 Spring Conference in Leavenworth. Thank you. Respectfully submitted Lion Sonia Ayotte 2021 Spring Conference Chair 

BC Lions Society - PDF Wanda Eddy

Bulletin Editor - PDG Shelley Costello

CARE - PZC Kim Davis

Childhood Cancer - PZC Linda Schaffrick

Global Action Team - 1VDG Joyce Stevens - Facilitator

The Global Action Team for District D attended four Zoom trainings throughout October, to learn more about the Lions International efforts in this area. We are in the planning stages for a Zoom meeting to do a SWOT analysis for District D.  (SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).  From this updated analysis, the team will start developing a District plan of where we want to go, how we might get there and what might get in our way.
Initially, the Global Action Team will work on this, but I foresee bringing many district Lions into this process, including past District Governors, current and past zone chairs, and other potential leaders that would like to join this effort. 

Our Global Action Team Members are:
Facilitator:  Joyce Stevens
Leadership: PDG Bob Ayotte
Service: PZC Dorothy Nilles
Public Relations: PZC Lorne Grigg
Membership: PZC Michael Livingstone
            Michael is also serving as NAMI champion for District D (North American Membership Initiative)
District Governor Joe Nilles
2nd VDG Debbie Allan
1st VDG Joyce Stevens  

Leadership GLT - PDG Bob Ayotte

Membership GLT - PZC Mike Livingstone
Hello DG Joe, VDG Joyce,  12ndVDG Debbie, Fellow Lions, District Council
       Since the early 1980’s we have seen a slow but persistent decline in Lion membership. At first it was under the radar and not a problem. However, that has changed and we as a service club have to ensure that we continue with our values and goals of of SERVICE to our communities, our country and our world. We have to embrace the goals of NAMI, which start out with building new clubs that reflect our commitment to ensure our continued development as Lions Club.  Let’s REGUVINATE our existing clubs make to them active with a strong community presence.   Let’s challenge our members to develop new programs, that will improve our community and build up or presence so that we can start out our commitment to make a positive impact to our goals that will help to improve our world. Finally we have to develop leaders with the drive, commitment and support to bring our Lions Clubs, our districts, our Multiple district and Lions International to a position that will ensure that our goals of WE SERVE will continue and be an effective driver of change that will ensure the future of Lions Clubs in our world.
      Our goals have to be planned, prepared, accomplished and reported so that our communities know what we are doing.   SWOT stands for Strengths   Weakness Opportunities and Threats and can be part of the planning process that can help to make a difference to your club and district in the planning of projects.  SMART goals stand for Specific, Manageable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Bound. Is another method of developing good plans that have a greater chance of being successful.
       NAMI is a Lions imitative  that was developed to help all Lions achieve their goals in a timely successful manner. The Nami page in the Lions My Lions website. Has a lot of information and guides to help develop the process and ensure that all lions members can help to improve our Lions Clubs. And it is a plan for every Lion to use whether they are planning a Lion’s project, to a district planning tool. Letts’s make an effort to ensure all club members are aware of this and that it is there for their use. 
       Let’s all as a district council become familiar with the NAMI Process so that we can show all members how it can work for them to make life easier in the planning of the process to ensure their club is a success in their community. And once that success is determined don’t forget to let your community know of your success as those continued successes make your membership improvements easier. Use the NAMI guide to help identify and build quality leadership development program.   And finally let’s Let the world know of our successes as a club by reporting that success in MyLion.
Sincerely YIL Michael Livingstone PZC   GMT  “D”

Service GLT - PZC Dorothy Nilles
To My Lions Family in the District D Cabinet,
Service reporting continues to be a challenge for the clubs in District D and those issues are being addressed.  I’m optimistic that our service report numbers will improve, as club service reporters &/or secretaries grow more confident in using MyLion.

  • On October 10th, an article was submitted to the District D newsletter, in which I congratulated the clubs on finishing in the top ten of our constitutional area for 2019-2020, for service reporting.  It was entitled Service Rocks; our hope is that with educating about service reporting, service will rock again in 20-21.  We can do it!!
  • October 21st, an email was sent out to all the Zone Chairs in District D, with an attachment, to help with service reporting.  Zone Chairs were asked to forward that information onto the clubs in their zones.  Thank you Zone Chairs!
  • Through the month of October, I attended the GAT (Global Action Team) Road Show, virtually, and picked up some good info on service projects done during the pandemic, some done virtually.  In the November District D Newsletter, the article telling more about this is entitled The Service Journey.
  • And, at the MD19 virtual Convention on last Saturday, the GAT provided guidance.

In the words of the illustrious Bugs Bunny……”That’s all folks!”  Or was that Porky Pig?  Let’s keep on serving.
Lion Dorothy Nilles, GSTC, District D

Public Relations - PZC Lorne Grigg

Contests and Awards

Diabetes Awareness - PZC Barry Armbrust
District Governor Joe, Cabinet members, Lions, Leos & Lioness,
You all Know November is Diabetes Month around the World and all Lions, Lioness and Leo’s were asked to host a club meeting on World Diabetes during our Worldwide Week of Service for Diabetes. In September we sent out information on our BC Diabetes Youth camp “Camp Kakhamela” and also where our BC Lions Lioness and Leo Clubs are to send their donations to Diabetes Canada as well as the info on where our US Clubs can send their donations to Camp Stix and Camp Leo. This month we have sent emails to all BC Club with the Nov report from our M19 Diabetes Awareness Chair Tom Smarsh, the Diabetes Canada Info, and the Diabetes Type two Risk Test Form. Respectfully submitted PZC Barry Armbrust, MD 19D Diabetes Awareness Chair.

Environment - PZC Angus Benedict

DG Joe and Fellow Lions
Since our last cabinet meeting things have been relatively slow. It seems Covid has put a real damper on clubs abilities to do what they normally do. It is difficult for members to think out of the norm and of course we don’t want to put members as well as the public at risk.
Some clubs have held events but all clubs are not reporting activities. I am hopeful that this winter will be the end or slow down of the virus. The need to have environmental projects will be increased as the lack of these projects, such as road clean ups, during this crisis will mean doubling efforts when we can get back out to do them. I will continue to promote the cause as best I can.
I continue to submit a monthly article in the DG bulletin and have had a couple of clubs reply to my request for their environmental projects.
I did attend the MD19 Convo and participated in some panels. I might add it was very well done!

Respectfully submitted Environmental Chair, Angus Benedict

Hearing Canada - PZC Al Fennig

District Governor Joe,   Fellow Cabinet Members, Lions and of course, Fellow Z0omers.

I am afraid that I do not have a very positive report to make to the Cabinet today.
From various pieces of correspondence that I have been able to see from Lion Bob Jones from the Lions of BC Hearing Conservation Society, and received through another District D Lion , Lion Bob has declared that the Society is “broke".
I have not had any form of confirmation from the Society for this information.
,Apparently a new Form 100 is to be distributed for purchases.
The following prices for the Hearing Aids through the Society have not changed and are as follows: Refurbished  (used) Aids  cost $600.00 per pair
New Aids  cost $1,500 per pair
The change is that Aids used to be sold as singles It seems that they are not interested in selling single units anymore.
All of the above costs will now be born by the Clubs, to work out between the client and  themselves what portion can be covered by the Client and what portion the Club;s finances can afford to cover.
It is fine to tell the Clubs that they an use Gaming money, but this money comes to the Clubs with a catch,   The  Clubs can use the gaming money  for all  Hearing purchases or donations.  BUT, when the clubs apply for the  .Gaming money, they also have to send along a list as to who will get the money   and where that money will be used.,  the Clubs cannot afford to have their already allocated moneys just sitting waiting for someone to come along and apply for assistance in purchasing a couple of hearing aids..  iIt is  not an everyday thing to have someone ask for this assistance, which can not be budgeted for.
As far as the collection of used Aids goes, they are still accepting used Aids, BUT,  the Society does not want any units that are older than 5 years of age, as the markets are changing so  fast that the units become obsolete and unrepairable very fast. I do not know how I can tell how old a Hearing Aid is. Can you?
Unfortunately, From my personal point of view, until the Clubs return to  supporting the Society with  hefty cash donations as they used to do, there will not be very much action in the hearing aid program of  assistance by the BCLHCS for the needy members of the public.

Respectfully Submitted
PZC Lion Al Fennig Chair Hearing North

Hunger - PDG Wayne Atkinson

DG Joe, members of the District 19D Cabinet and Guests
The Hunger Chairpersons support Lions and Leos engaged in, or interested in, projects to alleviate hunger and malnutrition. Hunger is an area that clubs are involved with whether it be food bank donations, school programs, homeless programs, senior programs or Christmas events. The Covid-19 era has impacted the way clubs are able to support their communities and beyond. During this Covid-19 period hunger has risen both locally, nationally and internationally. My report was taken from MyLion on November 6, 2020. In the MyLion Metrics we see: How many people were served? - Service Activities - Volunteer Hours - Funds Donated - and the new addition, Funds Raised We continue to see these metrics in the following areas: Diabetes - Environment - Childhood Cancer - Hunger Relief - Vision - All Other From August 15 to November 6th, we see the following changes: How many people were served? - from 360 to 433 Service Activities – from 1 to 5 Volunteer Hours – from 142 to 258 Funds Donated - from $0 to $3,917 Funds Raised - from not a listed category to $3,623 I know that clubs do a lot in the area of Hunger Relief. MyLion cannot show the projects unless they are reported. Let us share our service so we can celebrate helping one another. Don’t forget that there are many hunger resources provided on the Lions International website. LEARN Hunger Facts – DISCOVER We Have a Plan (Part of this is Act where one can explore Service Project Planners and other resources designed to help you and your club get involved with hunger efforts in your community. One can learn more about Food Collection Initiatives, about Direct Food Service, and about Hunger) - CELEBRATE Our Story is Hope. Program information can be downloaded at some of the links. Remember, “We Serve!”
Respectfully Submitted PDG Wayne Atkinson 

Information Technology - Sharon Cain

DG Joe and fellow Lions,

The District 19D website is currently up to date.                            Do the cabinet members think it would be a good idea to share some of their reports on the website.
Contact me at new email address:

Sharon Cain

LCIF North - PDG Norma Bent

LCIF South - DG Joe Nilles

Fellow Lions, Last year was a great year for all of District D Lions as the donations to LCIF increased by over $6,000 over the previous year, to $28,700 plus.
Thank you all for your efforts. I hope we can do a little better this coming year, but it will be tough because of the covid virus. Let us continue to reach out to our community members and friends and see if can get them to help us.
The needs are still there. LCIF has help many areas with the covid virus work, floods, hurricanes, tornados, and all of the other major areas we work on.
As of this date clubs in the south part of District D have donated $2600.
Thank you for your continued support of LCIF.
DG Joe Nilles.

Leader Dogs - 1VDG Joyce Stevens

If you were able to attend the MD19 virtual convention November 7th, the session titled ‘Leader Dog’ was excellent. You can access all of the sessions through December 7th if you were registered for the convention.
Interested in having a speaker from Leader Dogs For The Blind? There is a list on their website:   They have several topics that can be done virtually, such as:
Leader Dog Programs
Meet a Client
Meet a Puppy Raiser
How we train our guide dogs
How do people travel with a white cane?
Look under the heading ‘resources’ for more details, including request form.

Joyce Stevens, Leader Dog chairperson

LEO Coordinator - Carolynn Dufresne

The only Leo club reporting any activity has been the Leavenworth LEOs, even though school is only remote, they have 10-12 LEOs, and have taken part in a local climate change march this September, they also helped with the annual fall cleanup of the local ski hill, which provides hiking and biking trails, in the summer and in winter months Alpine, cross country skiing and snowshoeing. They have also sent $400.00 to a Wenatchee service group called “The Bunker” to help veterans in need! Well done!
As we move into our second wave of Covid 19, the parents/LEOs may be a little more hesitant to participate in extracurricular activities, even monthly meetings, seem to be off the table at this time.
 Respectfully submitted 19 D Leo Coordinator, Carolynn Dufresne

LEO Representative - Hannah Gerard

LERC US - PDG Patti Sparks
The Lions of District 19D have continued to collect used eyeglasses this Lions year. 500 pairs of glasses have been accumulated by Greater Wenatchee Sunrise, Wenatchee Central and Leavenworth Lions Clubs.  These glasses are now sorted and ready to be delivered to the NWLERC in Lacey, WA.
The new Northwest Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center (NWLERC) warehouse is nearly finished and the staff is anxious to get the final approval to occupy the space.
Mission trips to distribute eyeglasses in developing countries is at a standstill at this time, but will continue when possible
This Lions project is something we can all do, so let’s continue to collect those used eyeglasses for people in need.
PDG Patti Sparks, District 19D Director

Canadian LERC and Vision - Karen Bassett

Hello DG Joe and fellow Cabinet members,
I hope everyone is well and is staying well.  It is a very challenging time for everyone.
Most gatherings are still shut down so Clubs are not able to meet and do the things they normally do.  It is a sad time right now, but we all must stay strong and perservere through this time until we again can visit and enjoy fellowship.
I do see some clubs are reporting their glasses collection onto MYLION.
Vernon 320 pieces
Kelowna OK Mission 250 pieces
Oliver 150 pieces
North Shuswap (not reporting on MYLION, but sent to me) 123 pieces
Chase 132 pieces
Westbank (not reporting on MYLION but in their newsletter) 1628 pieces
153 Million Reasons Lions Recycle for Sight
According to The World Health Organization, 153 million people have uncorrected refractive errors (near sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism).  Most of these vision impairments are quickly diagnosed and easy to treat with corrective lenses.  Still, millions of people in developing nations are pushed deeper into poverty simply because they don't have corrective eyeglasses.  They can't learn because reading is difficult.  They can't work to the best of their ability because the can't see clearly.  For children, clear vision means a better education, healthier develpment and a better quality of life.  For adults, it means greater employment opportunity and economic strength.  For senior it means less dependence on others.  Lions clubs around the world collect millions of eyeglasses each year to address the need for glasses, making eyeglass recycling one of our most popular and rewarding activities.  
I will endeavor to contact individual club, convince them to report onto MYLION their glasses collections.  The glasses get reported as # of people served.
Stay calm, stay stay, we will all reunite again soon.
Respectfully submitted by,  Lion Karen Bassett

Lion ALERT - DG Joe Nilles

Following the wild fires that consumed a large number of acres of pasture and farm land in Douglas and Okanogan counties, an email vote was held to donate, $5000 of the  ALERT funds to the Mansfield Lions Club to purchase feed for cattle. The motion to provide the funds passed.  The balance now stands at $4037.  DG Joe Nilles

Lioness Liaison - PZC Linda Schaffrick

Lions Quest - PDG Norma Bent

DG Joe, 1st VDG Joyce, 2nd VDG Debbie, Lioness, Leos and fellow Lions
CONGRATULATIONS to Penticton Lions in receiving the top prize in the Lions Quest Promotional contest.
I want to remind everyone that on the web site  there is access to social Emotional Learning activities and a great webinar called (What the Heck is Lions Quest) mainly for Lions members.
We did offer Community workshops in October and a big Thank you to all those who were able to attend them. We will offer more community workshops in early spring of next year. 
The School based Workshops that were offered were very successful and more will be offered in the first of the year as well. Since the consensus is not to go to the school Districts and set up a training of 20 teachers, just to find teachers we know and because it is all Virtual, the plus side is that they can be from all over our vast District. The cost is $350.00 per person and includes the manuals.  Our District has Grant money available for anyone wanting to take these workshops.  Lion Kim Jensen , chair of the LQ SD#73 Committee will be setting up a Zoom meeting once the new workshop dates are available to promote them in this School District.
A Donation Letter has gone out to all Clubs in our district requesting support to LQ Canada.  Please remember donations from your Club are very important at this time in order to keep programs going and help our Children have healthy safe lives.
Let’s make this another successful and progressive year for Lions Quest BC in our district.

Respectively Submitted  Norma J. Bent

NW Sight and Hearing - PDG Shelley Costello

Hearing loss is a growing problem in the United States. Many of those who need hearing care either go undiagnosed for too long or have difficulty affording the care they need. Our Hearing Aid Program partners with local Lions Clubs in the Pacific Northwest to provide hearing aids to those with no ability to pay. The Lions Hearing Aid Program provides hearing aids to people with little or no income. We partner with local Lions Clubs to provide NEW state of the art digital hearing aids to residents of MD19 only. Applicants must be 18 or older. The Hearing Aid Program has provided charitable support valued at more than $2.4 million to hard-of-hearing individuals in the Pacific Northwest. At our most recent board meeting, Rick Giles reported that since COVID hit, applications have slowed down in the hearing aid program. Many hearing offices are closed until Phase 2 and higher. We should see an increase in applications in the 4th quarter. Each cost is ½ of $450 to the club. Retail is $1250 each. Rick is trying to work with Souther n BC, and as soon as we can travel across the border, he will go up and work up there, to form a relationship and extend our program to our clubs up North. Trustee PDG Shelley Costello for District D Representing Zones D-2 and D-5 and hopefully soon in Canada District D Cabinet Meeting November 14, 2020 ZOOM

White Cane Days   Each year the Northwest Lions Foundation hosts the White Cane Days fundraiser with the help of Lions Clubs throughout Washington and Northern Idaho. The goal is to help blind children and adults in the Northwest regain their sight and self reliance. Since Helen Keller’s address in 1925, Lions Clubs have been committed to serving as “Knights of the Blind.” Lions in Washington and Northern Idaho expanded the mission in 1969 by starting the Northwest Lions Eye Bank (Now SightLife), establishing a center of excellence for cornea donation in the Pacific Northwest. Many clubs prefer not to do collections of donations on White Cane Day, by standing outside of a business and collect funds. They have chosen to create new fundraisers and commit those funds to “White Cane Days”. We encourage everyone to be creative and do what is best for your club, and continue to support this important event. Respectfully submitted PDG Shelley Costello

Parliamentarian - PDG Dave Shalanski

Peace Poster - Anita Wilkie

Youth Exchange - Carolynn Dufresne

The MD19 Youth Exchange Committee completed a zoom meeting, 4 out of the possible 9 Chair persons were in attendance (there are 2 chairs still needing to be filled from  district B & C). We had 6 total attendees including the Foundation President & Treasurer.
We went over the Treasurers report, and Secretary’s report, and for new business we had an election of Officers for 2020-2021.
No money was paid out to the 4 scholarship winners from this year, as travel was not allowed.
We had to decide if we were going to vet applications for scholarships for this year. Australia and New Zealand have closed up for the next two years, and Japan Youth Exchange is waiting to decide until January 2021. I suggested that I would not be able to find host families due to the current circumstances, as we will not be putting our members at risk, nor should we put youth at risk. There was much discussion.
A motion was made that we continue through with the Exchange scholarships, and was seconded, the vote was 3 yes & 3 No.
This motion has been tabled at this time, and the committee will reconvene in January to see how the covid situation is at that time.
We did not get to our 3rd agenda item(Security Background Check for Canadians).

Respectfully submitted Carolynn Dufresne 19 D YEC


 2nd VDG Debbie Allan

I have been able to visit 2 clubs to share DG Joe’s message.  At these meetings, I am encouraging thinking outside the box for service projects, encouraging that all service be reported, and talking about training, whether on line or through our recent MD19 convention.  Most groups are asking that I not attend their meetings  until the spring.
Many groups are not meeting at this time or are meeting in such a way that they are not gathering together.  I am encouraging groups to keep in contact with members who are not able to attend meetings.  As the number of COVID cases rise and the restrictions are tightened again in BC, I think we will see more groups looking at either phone call, email, or by Zoom.
I look forward to the seeing and hearing more on SWOT and have we can help our clubs through this tough time.
Respectfully submitted, 2nd VDG Debbie Allan



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