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Lion Year 2018 - 2019

June 30 - Lions from NY Cosmopolitan, Global Leaders, Staten Island North Star, and Yonkers Millennium did vision screenings at Pro Youth Recreation and Family Center.

Lion Salme James of the NY Cosmopolitan Lions Club

Lion Jocelyn Archimedes, Yonkers Millennium Lions Club

Lions Portia Fagel (Yonkers Millennium), Holly Bonner (SI North Star), Dr. Bryan Wolynski (Global Leaers), Jocelyn Archimedes (Yonkers Millennium).


Lions Jocelyn, Portia, Salome and Holly                      Lion Jocelyn with Jason Fagel-Lau




March 4 – Served fresh hot pancakes, bacon, coffee, tea, and juice to hungry donors; as a result we raised money to help support Cub Scout Pack 7 activities 

March 22 – We collect eye glasses by placing 6 yellow mailboxes throughout our community as well as smaller boxes in various locations. The boxes are then emptied periodically, sorted, and then delivered to New Jersey Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center, Inc. located in West Trenton, NJ 


Yonkers Millennium

March 5 – Collected 19 eyeglasses

March 6 – Vision screened 13 children at Care for the Homeless Jamaica Residence

March 11 – Attended the 2nd GMT/ GLT Symposium

March 12 - Attended “Lions Promoting Peace and International Understanding”, the fundraiser sponsored by NY Financial District and NY Phil-Am Lions Clubs. 

March 15 – Made two Kiva microloans

March 19 - Attended fundraiser for 1st VDG Candidate Lion Gustavo Sanchez

 March 23 - Lion President Portia Fagel was the speaker at the Westchester Pride Lions Club meeting

March 26 - Attended campaign breakfast for Lion Medadie Sy who is running for 2nd VDG

March 27 – Volunteered at the Food Bank for Westchester. Prepared 200 bags filled with onions, apples and lettuce

March 31 – Volunteered at Afya sorting, bagging and tagging medical supplies for shipment to Africa and Haiti

GMT/ GLT Symposium a Success

​          Despite the snow and freezing temperatures on January 7, the GMT/ GLT Symposium went on without a hitch. Attendance was higher than in recent years.

​           IPDG Guillermo A. Perez organized and chaired the symposium and he introduced a different format. There were interesting and informative presentations from PDG Peg DiIorio, PDG Lorri Rieger, PDG Loretta Wu, PCC Gary Brown, MD-20 GLT Coordinator Milledge Smith, PDG Melissa Torres, PDG Maria Sierra and PDG Mike Bhuiyan and MD-20 Leo Chair Lion Ty’East Alleyne-​Bobb with the speakers tackling a different concurrently in different classrooms. The attendees chose which topic and speaker they wanted to listen to.

​          Building on the success, IPDG Guillermo A. Perez is planning an even bigger event in March. Pertinent information will be dissiminated as they become available.

​          Two new members of the NY Barahona Lions Club, both sponsored by IPDG Guillermo A. Perez, were installed as were three new members of the Impacto Leos Club.

District Governor Peter H. Pergolis

IPDG Guillermo A. Perez


PDG Mike Bhuiyan                                                              DG Peter Pergolis, assisted by PDG

                                                                                             Loretta Wu, installed two new Lions

                                                                                             sponsored by IPDG Guillermo A. Perez.


The new Leos


​Clubs Activities in January

​(from MyLCI)

Larchmont Lions Club

Jan 7 – Attended the GMT/ GLT Symposium

NY Borinquen Lions Club

Jan 2 - Donation of a full layette to the first two babies born at Lincoln Hospital on New Year's Day 

Jan 2 - 10 Walking canes and 95 pairs of eyeglasses were donated to Ascension Church for their Medical Mission in the Dominican Republic.

Jan 6 - Distributed toys to children at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx

Jan 27 - 12 members participated in the celebration of NY Highbridge Lions Club's "Presidents Night" meeting

NY Eagle Lions Club

Jan 7 – 1st VDG Norma attended the GMT/ GLT Symposium

Jan 9 - 1st VDG Lion Norma and Lion Maria went to the 168 Street shelter and gave away food and hats/scarves/gloves for the winter that were crocheted by Lion Amanda 

Jan 13 - 1st VDG Lion Norma donated a box of diapers and liners to that were given to an elderly woman in our area.  

NY Impacto Lions Club

Tuition payment for student in the Dominican Republic, paid on a monthly basis by Lion Carmen Diaz. 

Jan 4 – Donated to the Brandel-Murphy Yoouth Foundation

Jan 4 - Members of the New York Impacto Club met to discuss and plan the presentation to the community of this workshop, "Encuentro comunitario contra la Violencia Domestica.". This event will take place on February 11, 2017 at 5:00 pm in the Comisionado Dominicano de la Cultura, 541 West 145 Street, NY NY 10031.

Jan 7 - The New York Impacto Club was represented by twelve members at the GMT/ GLT Symposium. Some of the topics exposed were about how to retain members and strategies to get new members.  

Jan 12 - Lion Ines Vasquez received a donation of six packages of adult diapers and four boxes of Ensure and sent them to senior citizens in need in The Dominican Republic. 

Jan 15 – Leo chairman Maria Sanchez and Leo Winifred Oduro participated in the Meal Service at St. Francis Xavier Church in downtown Manhattan, NY. They served meals, helped pick up trays and also welcomed guests of the church. 

Jan 18 - The Club New York Impacto contributed to buy the uniforms for the players (youth) of The Juan Marichal Baseball League. Kenny Guzman one of our members volunteer as a baseball coach for this baseball league.

Jan 18 - The New York Impacto Club donated $200 to Lion Carmen Diaz to help Women with AIDS in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic. The food distribution will take place on February 19, 2017. Each member of the club also will cooperate with $10 each to help these ladies in need. I am planning to give 30 bags of food in name of our club. 

Jan 22 - The club donated $500 for the VCR, Vision Rehabilitation Center

Jan 28 - Leos had monthly meeting at Lion Maria Sanchez's house. They discussed upcoming projects and events scheduled for the months of February and March as well as the international youth exchange participation program. 

NY Taino Lions Club

Jan 6 - Distribution of toys to Pre-K children in the South Bronx area with the assistance of Davidson Community Center 

Jan 7 – Lion Miriam Gutloff attended the GMT/ GLT Symposium

Staten Island Lions Club

Lion Diane teaches religion classes to 20 students in the second grade, prepares them for Holy Communion every Wednesday 

Jan 4 - Our members discussed to give donations to charities. We gave to Global Medical Relief Fund and LCIF for measles. We had two meetings in January 

Jan 11 - At our meeting the club gave a donation of $100 for measles vaccine for children check mailed out January 18, 2017 

Jan 18 - Our club donated $250 to Global Medical Relief Fund. for children who been hurt These children, sometimes they need arms, legs, etc. and they need a place to stay while recovering.

Jan 22 - Lion Eva entertained the elderly by singing and playing the piano at Edger Nursing Home. 

The Bronx Lions Club

Jan 4 - Purchased and prepared food. Served 111 homeless people

Jan 14 - Assisted at Camp for young people with developmental disabilities on 3 Saturdays. 

Jan 17 - Donated 5 cartons of toiletries and dental supplies to homeless center.

Jan 18 - Collected an additional 95 pairs of eyeglasses for our next district's mission abroad

Jan 20 - Donated $1000 to Vacation Camp for the Blind for their new Vocational Rehabilitation Center 

Yonkers Millennium Lions Club

Jan 3, 5, 23, 26, 30 – Volunteered at the Food Bank for Westchester

Jan 6- Distributed toys to children at the Maranatha Church in Yonkers. Each family also received a plate of food consisting of chicken and rice with vegetables.

The leftover toys will be taken by DG Peter Pergolis to the Fraternite Notre Dame in Harlem.

Jan 12 – Donated $100 to Global Medical Relief Fund

Jan 20 – Volunteered at Afya sorting, bagging and labeling assorted medical supplies

Jan 20 – collected 196 pairs of eyeglasses

Jan 25 – Held vision screening at St. Dominic’s Torch in the Bronx. 63 children were screened, 20 were referred. DG Peter H. Pergolis was shown how to use of the plusoptiX S12C




Congratulations, CT Lion Gabriela Remigio

PDG Association Leadership Award Recipient, 2016- 2017

December Club Activities

(As reported in MyLCI)

Larchmont Lions Club

Dec 8: Zone Chair Phil Oldham met with Rye City Lions club president 

Dec 13: Zone Chair Phil Oldham attended monthly meeting of Tuckahoe/Eastchester 


NY Bangladeshi American Lions Club

Dec 3: Conducted flu shots for 40 people in Jackson Heights, Queens


NY Barahona Lions Club

Dec 22: Delivered groceries, including vegetables to R.A.I.N. Senior Center to prepare Christmas Eve dinner for seniors.  


NY Borinquen Lions Club

Dec 3: Held our annual Christmas fund raiser at Riccardo's by the Bridge, a very successful activity. 


Dec 7: 6 members attended Washington Heights Lions Club's Christmas Party. 

Dec 28: Presented Ascension Church with food, new and slightly used clothing and toys for their Community Services Program. Also a check for $250 was presented at the time of the visit. 


NY Eagle Lions Club

Dec 5: Lion Amanda attended the 2nd meeting of the 20-R2 Lions Foundation. 

NY Golden Heart Lions Club

Donated $100.00 to St. Jude Hospital and $50 to different charities.


NY Highbridge Lions Club

Dec 10: Donated $200, Lions also engage in distribution of gifts to children in the Washington Heights Section of Manhattan NY.  


NY Impacto Lions Club

Dec 5: A Lion member donated a portable toilet, a wheelchair and special bed to a person in need. 

Dec 19: Lion Jonathan Cedeno represented the New York Impacto Lion and Leos Club at the Gender Equality Seminar at the United Nations..

Dec 21: Leos from the New York Impacto Club played Santa and distributed toys to underprivileged children at the Manhattanville Community Center in Harlem, New York. 

Dec 29: Tuition payment for student in the Dominican Republic, paid on a monthly basis 


NY Manila Lions Club

Nov 19: Sold tickets to a Broadway show and the proceeds were donated to Cottonlingo Filipino Organization which serves poor, abandoned children.

Had a Christmas party with family and friends.


NY Phil-Am Lions Club

On January 6, 2017, at general membership meeting, members agreed to donate the proceeds from last September’s event.  The Pres and VP will bring the money to serve 100 families with rice and canned goods and 100 students a personalized backpack filled with school supplies in celebration of LCI hundred years of services. 


NY Taino Lions Club

Dec 9: Donated to the Brandel- Murphy Youth Foundation

Dec 9: Had a Christmas pot luck party collecting $363 for purchase of toys to be distributed during Three Kings Day. 

Dec 30: Donated 34 women's, men's and children coats for the New York Cares initiative. 


NYC 5th Avenue Lions Club

Held a Christmas party with family members and collected used clothes and food to be donated to Bohol, Philippines during their humanitarian activity in January 2017.


Staten Island Lions Club

Dec 7: All members attended the meeting to attend the Group homes Dec. 15 and Dec 17, 2016 A prospective guest came hopefully to join our club. 

Dec 15: Lion Bud dressed up as Santa and was joined by Lions Matt, Victor, Marvin, Diane, Eva and President John. We sang Christmas carols and Santa handed out the presents that we brought at On Your Mark, a group home.

Dec 17: 4 Lions decorated the Christmas tree and sang Christmas carols while Santa handed out presents that we bought at a group home on Brighton Avenue.


The Bronx Lions Club

Dec 2: Assisted at camp for three Saturdays in December.

Dec 14: Purchased and purchased food and served 75 homeless people.

Dec 21: Delivered 3 bags of new toys and stuffed animals to Social Service Center 


Yonkers Millennium Lions Club

Conducted vision screenings at the three sites of the South Bronx Day Care Center – Site 3, where 48 children were screened, on Dec 9; Site 2 on Dec 8 where 19 children were screened, and Site 1 where 46 children were screened. VDG Norma Mendez Cruz trained on the screener on Dec 9.

Dec 13: Donated $150 worth of gifts to "Benefit for Children", a meet and greet Santa sponsored by the NY Cosmopolitan and NY Global Leaders Lions Clubs.


Dec 5 and 19: Volunteered at the Food Bank for Westchester. Donated $50 on Dec 19.

Dec 20: Trained two NY Cosmopolitan Lions and one Lion from NY Japanese American Lions Club on the plusoptiX vision screener at Little Angel Day Care Center and Jacob Riis Day Care Center.

Dec 22” Made a Kiva microloan to Saveun of Cambodia.  Saveun will use the money to build a toilet in the home she shares with her husband and their 3 children.  

Working with Global Medical Relief Fund to obtain a prosthetic arm for an 11-year old Haitian girl living in the Dominican Republic.


NY Cosmopolitan Lions Club/ NY Global Leaders Lions Club/ LESP Leo Club "Benefit for Children", December 13



Christmas/ Holiday Parties

NY Borinquen


NY Washington Heights- Inwood

NY Highbridge

NY Impacto

​Tuckahoe- Eastchester

​NY Cuban

Yonkers Millennium



NY Tribeca Campus Lions Club, 12th Anniversary


​NY Financial District Lions Club, 5th Anniversary


​NY Korean American Lions Club, 42nd Anniversary




Dear Fellow Lions,

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Always remember to Count Your Blessings and pray for and help the less fortunate among us.


Best regards and YiL,

DG Peter and Lion Joanne

Clubs Activities in November 2016


Larchmont Lions President Phil Oldham on the panel of speakers at the Summit's breakfast program "Neighbors Helping Neighbors:​A Look at Our Community Organizations", attended by members of the community and other Larchmont Lions 

Packed grocery bags at the Mamaroneck Food Pantry for distribution to the needy 

Attended 2nd district meeting held in Staten Island 


Larchmont and Mamaroneck

The Larchmont & Mamaroneck Lions Clubs co-sponsored the local Peace Poster Contest in cooperation with Saints John & Paul School, The French American School and Rye Neck School. Over 100 students took part in this contest. The details below are for Larchmont Lions and reflect Saints John & Paul and the French American School only.  


Mt Vernon

Gave twenty food baskets to needy Mount Vernon families, gave five baskets each to 3 church groups to distribute and to an assisted living home for the aged. 


NY Ann Sullivan- White Plains

Donated food to poor 


NY Asian American

Donated Thanksgiving baskets for needy families in Manhattan in a joint effort with the NY Barahona Lions Club


NY Barahona

Donated thanksgiving basket for needy families in Manhattan in a joint effort with the Asian American Lions Club


NY Borinquen

Donated toys to Ascension Church to be distributed at their shelter 

9 members attended the 38th Charter anniversary celebration of NY Highbridge Lions Club. An ad was purchased for the event.

Donated food to Ascension Church in Manhattan for Thanksgiving celebration at their food pantry

300 pairs of glasses collected and sent to Santo Domingo to be distributed to vision impaired people.

Donated a box of slightly worn clothes to Ascension Church for their Homeless Shelter with an approximate value of $500


NY Hunts Point

The club members collected and helped pack boxes of clothing for the victims in Hatti 

The club purchased and delivered 1000 Diaper for children ages 0 thru 5 living in the Sammon Builder Temporary Housing shelter in the borough of the Bronx , NY. 

The Hunts Point Lions purchase and distribute food products valued at $50.00 to the residents housed in the Town and Country Homeless Shelter in the Bronx each month


NY Impacto

Lions Carmen Diaz, Maria Sanchez and four Leos went to the Isabella to read, to do nails to the ladies and play dominoes with the patients. 


NY Metropolitan

Collected used eyeglasses

Brought baskets to poor people


NY Quisqueya

Distributed turkeys for Thanksgiving


NY Taino

Three members of the club, Lions Nadhia Arias, Ernie Arias and Miriam Gutloff attended the Fall Conference

Donated 10 turkeys and 10 baskets of food for the Thanksgiving holiday which consisted of rice, beans, potatoes, stuffing, corn bread mix, Hawaiian C drink, oil, cranberry sauce, macaroni with cheese and dessert to Theresa’s Haven Family Shelter


Staten Island

LIONS Diane, John, Marvin, Matt, Danny, Victor, Eva gave out 14 $50.00 gift cards for Thanksgiving for needy families.

Lion Diane Teaches CCD for Our Lady of Mt. Carmel 2nd graders religious classes. Helps the Church when needed

Lion Eva plays the piano and sings for the Nursing Home for the patients. She does this twice a month 

Lion Marvin collected 15 pairs of eye glasses for the blind. 


Staten Island United Asian

Donated to Meals and Wheels 


The Bronx

Donated $1,450 to two pre-school care centers so they are able to present holiday gifts for their children  

Helped to feed 106 homeless persons

Provided local community organizations with info regarding eyeglass collection boxes and offered to provide with a ten pack for distribution in their area.

Collected 500 pair of used eyeglasses 

 Assisted at camp for young people with developmental disabilities 


Yonkers Millennium Lions Club

Held vision screenings on November 3 at Nelson Medical Clinic in cooperation with Care for the Homeless and the District Homeless Committee; on November 22 at the Children’s Center for Learning in New Rochelle and at the Mt Vernon CAG Day Care Center, 36 children were screened, 6 were referred.

Held two garage sales, November 5 and 12 to raise funds for our cataract surgeries mission in May 2017

Volunteered at the Food Bank for Westchester packing fresh produce on November 7 and 14

Made a Kiva microloan to Lan from Than Hoa City, Vietnam to help her pay for tuition and school supplies for her children.

Participated in the Peace Poster Contest and the Environmental Photo Contest

Donated 50 lbs of slightly used clothes to the Vietnam Veterans of America
Rest in Peace, Past District Governor Philip Carreon
Past District Governor Philip Carreon passed away October 3, 2016 with his beloved Eleanor at his side.
"Assessing Your Club's Readiness for Change"
It is said that the only constant in life is change, and Lions clubs are no exception. There are many exciting changes underway in clubs around the world, but no matter how positive, change can be a stressful experience. That is why, before undertaking any major change initiative, leaders should assess a club's readiness for change. In this webinar, we explore what a change readiness assessment is and why your club should conduct one before any major change initiatives. We'll also provide you with some tools for assessing readiness for change, as well as tips on how to use them.
October 26
12:00 CDT
October 28
19:00 CDT



With deep regret, we must inform you that Past District Governor Harry Katz of MD 20 passed away on September 23.  He was 85 years old.

Past District Governor Harry with Past District Governor Lee


The late Past District Governor Katz became a member of the Bronx Lions Club in 1972 and served in many offices including Club President, Club Membership Chairperson, District Retention Chairperson, and Multiple District LCIF Chairperson. For his service, he received many awards including Contributing Membership, Extension, and Leadership awards, the 45-Year Chevron, Presidential Awards, Friend of Humanity award and the Ambassador of Good Will, the highest award bestowed upon a member. He was also a multi-level Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow. Greater than all awards was what he gave back to everyone he met with his friendly demeanor and warm personality. 

In support of its relationship with the United Nations since 1945, Lions were asked to hold a United Nations week to exhibit their support. For generations since then, Lions and the United Nations have shared many common goals and worked together to further peace and prosperity. In 1978 the first Lions Day at the United Nations was held calling together leaders from government, business and Lions to raise awareness and explore solutions to global needs. The late Past District Governor Katz was deeply involved in Lions Day at the United Nations event for well over 20 year, working diligently in the planning and preparation of the annual event to ensure its success. His tireless efforts have led to furthering the common goals of peace and serving those in need, with his strong and sturdy presence and tireless determination.

A funeral service was on September 25 at Riverside Memorial Chapel in Mt. Vernon, NY.  An online guest book for messages to the family  is available at Riverside Memorial - PDG Harry Katz.  The family will be sitting Shiva at their home the remainder of this week in the evenings.  Please remember the family during this difficult time.

Notes of Condolences may be sent to:

Mrs. Lee Katz, Past District Governor

90 Shadow Lane, New Rochelle, NY 10801 3005


A Special Anniversary

Congratulations Phil-Am Lions Club on your 45th Anniversary


Clubs Activities in September as reported in MyLCI

Number of Lions hours - 1971


Sept 12, attended the 1st District Meeting;  purchased Centennial pins

Sept 20, Participated with the Yonkers Millennium children's eye screening  

Sept 24, Larchmont Lions promoted Guiding Eyes for the Blind - had two Guiding Eyes dogs & trainers present, the Peace Poster contest, eye glass recycling and our 90th and Lions centennial anniversaries at Larchmont's 125th Anniversary Street Fair. We also raised $175 donations for Guiding Eyes.  

Sept 24, Lions were also represented at the fair working with The Woman's Club and helping to organize and work the event itself. 

Sept 27, Participated with the Yonkers Millennium children's eye screening  


NY Ann Sullivan- White Plains

Sept 8, Walk A Thon 

Sept 13, donated food for the poor 


NY Barahona

Sept 12, Attended the first District Cabinet Meeting for lionistic year 2016-2017 

Sept 17, Supported the Washington Heights Inwood Lions Club's 40 Anniversary celebration

Sept 23, Supported Bangladeshi Lions Club installation of officers 

Sept 25, Attended the International President visit ceremony hosted by districts 20-R1 and 20-R2. 


NY Borinquen

Sept 11, Two members attended the N. Y. Eagle Lions Club's Anniversary celebration

Sept 12, Attended the first District Cabinet Meeting. 

Sept 18, Attended N.Y. Washington Heights-Inwood Lions Club's 40th anniversary fund raiser.


NY Eagle

Sept 11, entire club attended the 31st club anniversary where Lions Rafael and Gertrudis were honored for all their years of service to the lions. 

Sept 12, Lion Norma attended the first cabinet meeting.

Sept 24, Lion Amanda and her husband attended the annual NAACP where community members came together to honor those in the community that make a difference to the community. 

Sept 25, Lion Norma Donated $25 to NY Washington Heights- Inwood Lions Club

Sept 26, Lions Norma, Amanda, Maria H., and Victor attended the district visit of our current international director. Our club installed a new member Lion George and it was an experience to remember.


NY Financial District

Sept 14, Shari C. Hyman, President of the Battery Park City Authority, was invited to lecture about the history of Battery Park City*, and the importance of protecting its 1/3 of beautiful and unique parkland and its planned community built on 93 acres (37 ha) of landfill created with the soil of the WTC, in New York City. A committee is put together to volunteer with Battery Park City Authority in protecting and caring for our community environment. 

On Sunday, Sept. 18, we attended the Battery Park City Community Annual Block Party, collecting used eyeglasses and hearing aids, and recruiting members for a LIONS CERT charter in the community of Battery Park City, the southwest tip of Manhattan, NYC. Lions CERT will be formed with volunteers that will be trained and certified First Responders, to serve their communities in the event of a disaster or terrorist attack. We also took the position of branding LIONS in the community that does not know much about LIONS. Members rotated volunteering between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. talking to people and greeting people who came to our table. 

On Sept 25, Members participated and volunteered to the Annual Tunnel to Towers 5K Walk or Run on Sunday, September 25 in our community. Members who ran wore the Financial District Lions Club shirt with the Lions Club International logo; volunteering in setting up the banners and stage for various attendees participants from out of town not familiar with the area.


NY Hunts Point

Sept 6, The Hunts Point Lions purchase and distribute food staple products valued at $150.00 to the residents housed in the Town and Country Homeless Shelter in the borough of the Bronx each month. 

Sept 13, The NY Hunts Point Lions together with the Lawrenceville Lions Club Provided $500.00 to purchase (25) trees and planted them in Lawrenceville, Georgia with  help from the MMS Leo Club 


NY Taino

Sept 1, Lion Miriam attended meeting to discuss district activities and upcoming Veterans Appreciation luncheon.

Sept 12, Lion Miriam attended first District Cabinet Meeting. 

Sept 18, Lions Andres Mercado and Miriam Gutloff attended the 40th Charter celebration of the NY Washington Heights – Inwood Lions Club, advertised in their journal.

Sept 25, Lion Miriam attended the meeting with the Lions International President Bob Corlew. 


Staten Island

Lion Diane teaches CCD to 20 children every Wednesday, at Our Lady of Mt.Carmel St. Marys Assumption 

Sept 4, volunteered at the Richmond County Fair for the community. We handed out bracelets to people coming in.

Sept 12, Lion Marvin donated $100.00 to the Parkinson foundation on Staten Island 

Sept 12, Lion Diane attended the District meeting 

Sept 13, We had our meeting discussing Flea Market we would have on 9/25/16, Our club donated $100.00 to Global Medical Relief Fund. Our Pres. Joe Castelli passed away, we voted John Russo to be President he accepted.  We discussed bringing in new members for our club. We voted Matt for our Vice Pres.

Sept 25, We had a Flea Market on Sunday for 4 hours, Lions John, Marvin, Victor and Diane, at New Dorp Plaza 

Sept 25, Lion Eva plays the piano and sings at the Nursing home for 35 patients for 2 hours 


The Bronx

Donated 29 bags of clothing to Veterans group (value $580)

Assisted at Camp for young people with developmental disabilities   

Collected 63 pair of used eyeglasses. 				
Purchased food and fed more than 200 homeless at 2 dinners.         
Provided two school with Intl. Peace Poster packets.	
Assisted in distributing school supplies to needy children		

Recorded with sorrow, the passing of Lion Harry Katz, PDG                



Sept 10, Many Lions participated in Yonkers Riverfest. Posters were donated by Lion Erol Liguori. It was a successful fundraiser. 

Sept 13, Lions Meeting.  Discussed the fundraiser that was at the Riverfest in Yonkers. Also reminder that the McLean Avenue Merchants Festival will be on September 17th . 

Sept 17, Yonkers Lions had a booth at the McLean Avenue Merchants Festival. They sold posters that were donated by Lion Erol Liguori. 


Yonkers Millennium

Sept 1, Recycled 10 spent ink cartridges.

Sept 7, made a Kiva microloan to Nabela of Ramallah, the West Bank. She teaches math and English in her home and this loan will help her buy office and school supplies and other necessary equipment.

Sept 10, had a garage sale to raise funds for cataract mission to the Philippines in 2017.

Sept 6 and 12, volunteered at the Food Bank for Westchester’s “Green Thumb Mondays”

Sept 8 and 15, volunteered at the Food Bank for Westchester’s Repack Thursday

Sept 20, 21,27, held vision screenings in day care centers in Westchester County.


International President Chancellor Bob Corlew's Centennial Celebration Bus Tour

          On September 25, Chancellor Bob Corlew and his wife Lion Dianne, on a cross country bus tour to visit Lions, stopped in White Plains to meet with Lions of District 20-R1 and R2. New members were inducted at each of the Lions Centennial Bus Tour stops and the stop in White Plains was no different. Several Lions and one club were installed.



Courageous RJ Sy

Five year old RJ Sy, grandson of PDG Amado Sy and ZC Medady Sy lost his two-year battle with neuroblastoma on August 30. The parents and friends of R.J. Sy remembered the 5-year-old boy at his wake Thursday night as the little kid who never stopped laughing as he battled a killer cancer for the last two years of his life.

RJ's funeral mass was held at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Teaneck, NJ on Saturday, September 2, 2016.

Rest in peace, RJ.







A Collaboration in the Making

               On August 31, there was an important meeting at SUNY College of Optometry in New York City. The topic of discussion was providing better vision, dental and podiatry services to the homeless of New York City. Attending the meeting were representatives of District 20-R2, Care for the Homeless and SUNY College of Optometry.

              Several options to increase care were discussed especially for vision care. One project was agreed upon and that is screening at one of the shelters run by Care for the Homeless in the Bronx. It will be sometime in October during the Worldwide Week of Service for Sight. 

               Representing the Lions were District Governor Peter H. Pergolis, Lions SEE/ Lions Kid Sight USA Committee Chair Silvia Estebanez, Lion Portia Fagel of Yonkers Millennium Lions Club, Homeless Committee Chairperson Tracy Wong and Lion Constance Louie of NY Chinatown Lions Club.


Worldwide Week of Service for Youth

               District 20-R2 donated 13 NY Yankees vs Tampa Bay to children in the Bronx on August 12. This game was historic in that it was Alex Rodriguez' last game as a NY Yankee. The purchase of the tickets was made possible by Lion Bill Gumbel of The Bronx Lions Club.


LCIF Walk-A-Thon

               The annual LCIF Walk-A-Thon finally took place at the Riverbank State Park on August 21. Twice rescheduled due to rain and scheduling conflicts the walk happened on a beautifully warm day with low humidity.

               As is norm for the Walk-A-Thon cum picnic the food was aplenty, and the chicharron was to die for. A good time was had by all.



(As reported in MyLCI)

NY Barahona

Aug 6 - Community event hosted by Council member Fernando Cabrea of the 14th District of The Bronx. Volunteered in the set up and breakdown of event. Donated 10 cases of battled water and distributed information about Lionism.  

Aug 13 - Performed eye screening for children of the Bronx Community. 38 children were screened. Donate 200 battles of water for people attending the event during the Summer in The Park series at St. James Park in the Bronx

NY Borinquen

Aug 4 - Donated $300 to a disadvantaged child in Colombia who is autistic and has other illnesses. 

Aug 7 - Three members attended Vacation Camp for the Blind's Family Day and donated $500. 

Aug 16 - Donated pens, notebooks, crayons and several school supplies to Rockland County's School Supplies Drive for underprivileged children.

Aug 20 - Held our annual picnic at Tibbett Brook Park with Lions, family and friends.

NY Eagle

Aug 7 - 2nd VDG Norma Mendez Cruz attended VCB.

NY Financial District

Aug 6 - The Financial District Lions Club continues to collect used eyeglasses and has recycling boxes in several offices in the city of New York, mainly downtown. The month of August we collected a total of 200 eyeglasses. 

Aug 26 - Dinner meeting to launch a campaign to raise funds to buy food for the people affected by the earthquake in Italy. Each member who attended the dinner meeting contributed with some funds as a starting point. 

NY Impacto

Aug 5 - Creando Conciencia de Salud Health Fair to be held in the fall preparation meeting. 

Aug 6 - Tuition payment for student in the Dominican Republic, paid on a monthly basis.

Aug 7 - Leos and Lions participated at the VCB camp and made $500 dollars donations.

Aug 21- Lions and Leos participated at the Riverbank State Park LCIF Walk-a-Thon.

NY Taino

Aug 7 - President Andres Mercado and Secretary Miriam Gutloff attended the VISIONS camp on their 90th anniversary celebration

Aug 10 - Lions Miriam and Nicole attended the event at Villa Barone

Aug 20 - Lion Miriam attended the club's annual picnic at Tibbetts Park in Yonkers

Aug 28 - Lion Miriam attended the boat ride fundraiser.

NY West Side

Aug 6 - Received food from local groceries and individuals for Delivery to Senior Centers

Staten Island

Aug 30 - Meeting to discuss about a flea market in our community to raise funds for our next charity for thanksgiving baskets for the needy. 

Aug 30 - Colllected glasses 10 pair and mailed to the Lions Recycling center in New Jersey 

The Bronx

Aug 6 - Grilled lunches for 60 developmental disability young people and their counselors.  

Aug 22 - Collected 424 pair of used eyeglasses 

Aug 24 - Sold tickets to 3 Yankees games. Donated 58 tickets to local children (value $1276.) 

Aug 24 - Donated 12 bags of clothing for neighborhood shelter. (value $240) 

Aug 28 - Lions Day at Vacation Camp for the Blind. Particiated at this activity and presented the camp with our $1000 donation. 


Aug 9 - Discussed upcoming fundraisers to be held on Saturday, Sept. 10th at the Riverfest, Yonkers, NY and Sept. 17th fundraiser to be held at McLean Ave.. Merchants Day, Yonkers. 

Aug 9 - At the meeting we had a guest speaker Thomas Berner, Esq, a Yonkers resident who spent over a year in Afghanistan working with the US State Dept. It was very interesting with some insight into the dynamics of what is really happening in Afghanistan. It dovetails with the efforts of our Military Gifting Program. 

Yonkers Millennium

Aug 4 - We make microloans of $25.00 to females all over the world. Today we made a Kiva loan to Sirum, from Indonesia, who is 55 years old and widowed. She has two sons and four daughters. Sirum has been selling fish in the Tangerang District for two years. She works very hard and would like to improve her living conditions and create a happy and healthy life for her family. Today her family has no access to a toilet in their home.This loan will be used to build that toilet. This loan will help prevent the spread of disease by providing access to clean drinking water and sanitation. 

Aug 8 - We volunteer at the food bank at least once each week. Today we packed 75 Green Thumb food bank bags with nectarines, tangerines, and kale. Afterwards, we prepared 200 Senior Bags with 2lbs sweet potatoes, 2 lbs of carrots, one cauliflower and one iceberg lettuce.

Aug 6 - We held a garage sale to raise funds for our cataract surgeries mission planned for Jan 2017.

Aug 11 - We volunteer at the food bank at least once each week.Today, we boxed several dozens of eggs which was donated by the Food Bank of NYC. 

Aug 12 - Today is A-Rod's last day as a Yankee player. We donated 10 tickets to a community group for them to bring children from the Bronx to the ballgame. This week is Worldwide Week of Service for Youth.

Aug 15 - We volunteer at the food bank at least once each week.Green Thumb Monday's produce was cantaloupe, celery and plums. 

Aug 18 - At the Food Bank today we worked with breads, cakes, and pastries of all kinds. We sorted them and placed them in boxes for shipment to food banks in the county. When we were done, we had 14 pallets with boxes weighing anywhere from 13-17 lbs. 

Aug 19 - We renewed our contract with the City of Yonkers to pay for the upkeep and clean up of a stretch of road along Warburton Avenue and the Marina. This Adopt-A-Mile project started in 2014.

Aug 20 - We were invited to the Wilson Houses Annual Family Day and there we screened the eyes of 25 children. Of those, 10 were referrals.

Aug 27 - IPDG Guillermo Perez invited us to join him at the Hunts Point Family Health Fair. We screened the eyes of 10 children, no one needed to be referred.

Aug 29 - We volunteer at the food bank at least once each week.Today, we had a small order and packed 100 bags. In each bag were 1 cantaloupe, 6 apples, and a bunch of beets.



1st Voting Cabinet Meeting and Installation of District Officers

          District Governor Peter H. Pergolis held his first Voting Cabinet Meeting at the Pines Restaurant in the Bronx on July 25, 2016. He also installed the District Officers. Interesting and informative reports were given by Immediate Past District Governor Guillermo A. Perez on Club Health Assessment, PDG Mike Bhuiyan on his plans and goals as the Global Membership Coordinator and they include the creation of 5 new clubs and 2 new Leo Clubs, and an addition of 240 members.

          Centennial Challenge Coordinator Past District Governor Maria Sierra reported that the creation of the Lions District 20-R2 Foundation is the District Legacy Project under PDG Mike Bhuiyan's tenure and the naming of Past District Governor Mary Jane Matos Boulevard in Manhattan is the District Legacy Project of Immediate Past District Governor Guillermo A. Perez. She also set in motion, with the approval of the District Governor and the Voting Cabinet, a Legacy Project this Lionistic year and it involves the library at the VA Hospital in the Bronx. Exciting new project for District 20-R2. More information will be published as they unfold.

          Past District Governor Charley Gonzales, the Global Leadership Coordinator was unable to attend but sent his report. His plans are for the GMT/ GLT Symposiums to coordinate closely with the Centennial Service Challenges.












From the left, Zone Chair Lion Joanne Pergolis, 1st Vice District Governor Norma Mendez Cruz, 2nd Vice District Governor Gustavo Sanchez, Past District Governor Amado Sy, District Governor Peter H. Pergolis, Past District Governor Maria Sierra, Immediate Past District Governor Guillermo A. Perez, and Past District Governor Mike Bhuiyan.


Above, Zone Chair Lion Miriam Gutloff 

Right, Finance Committee Chair Lion Rafael Espinal

Below, Lion Tamer Lion Etchie Angos





Zone Chair Cassandra Dick, Lion Connie Louie, District Photographer Lion Jimmy S. Chu.

Congratulations, 2nd VDG Gustavo Sanchez.


VISIONS Center on Blindness Lions Day

July 30









(as reported in MyLCI)

Larchmont Lions Club

July 19 Purchased an engraved paving brick as part of a Larchmont fundraising project to refurbish Constitution Park 

NY Barahona Lions Club

July 10 Collection of school supplies for disadvantage children in the Dominican Republic

NY Borinquen Lions Club

July 10 Held our annual Planning Meeting for the new Lionistic year 2016-2017 

July 17 Celebrated our incoming President and new members' installation at a special affair held at Riccardo's by the Bridge.

Ju;y 20 Donated $100 to Wounded Warriors, $100 to USO, $100 to Special Olympics, $300 to Memorial- Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for patients' treatment.

July 20 Donated $50.00 to Covenant House, a safehouse for homeless girls and $50.00 to Alzheimer's Association 

July 30 Participated at Guiding Eyes for the Blind's Lions Day and presented a donation of $300 

NY Eagle Lions Club

July 2 Attended the bereavement of Lion Tony Allende 

July 3 Club assisted Dept of Sanitation handing out water, food, clothing and cleaning up the area under the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. 

July 10 Lion Pres. attended the lion installation of Highbridge Lions Club 

NY Impacto Lions Club

July 1 Two Leos traveled to Europe for the international exchange 

July 8 Attended meeting for preparation of upcoming health fair "Creando Consciencia de Salud" in October 

July 9 Visit to Yorktown for tour of Seeing Eye Dogs 

July 9 Juan Marichal Little League 

July 10 Attended installation of Highbridge Lions Club 

July 13 Visits to Nursing Homes

July 13 Monthly tuition assistance to student in the DR 

July 30 Meeting with Leo members to discuss upcoming events 

July 31 Attended the Inauguration of Lions District 20-R2 Foundation

NY Japanese-American Lions Club

July 30 Our 7 members and 13 guests attended the "25th Salute to the Lions" Day event at the Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Yorktown Heights, NY There were many dogs under training to be guide dogs for people with vision loss, as well as service dogs to children with autism. 

NY Taino Lions Club

July 15 PDG Gilbert Prince installed the new officers for the club. 

July 15 Donated to Lions Project for Canine Companions for Independence 

July 24 Distributed free tickets to 80 underprivileged children to attend Yankee baseball game. 

July 25 Lion Miriam attended the 1st Voting Cabinet Meeting

July 30 Lion Miriam attended the Guiding Eyes for the Blind facility tour.

July 31 Lion Miriam attended the inaugural luncheon of the 20-R2 Foundation at the Yale Club. We placed an ad in the journal.

Staten Island Lions Club

July 20 Pres. Joe had a meeting with our members to discuss a flea market for our up coming projects for the community. 

The secretary attended the Inauguration Luncheon of the new Lions District 20-R2 Foundation. 

The Bronx

July 6 Delivered 14 bags of clothing to community center ($280 value) 

July 9 Assisted at camp for young people with disabilities by preparing Fridays barbeque lunch.  

July 20 Collected 366 of used eyeglasses 

July 30 5 Lions participated at this event and presented the camp with a $1000 donation  

July 22 Held 2 Yankee game fundraisers. (150 participants) Provided 21 free tickets to children $442 value. 

Yonkers Lions Club

Missed the deadline for last year so wasn't able to record the month of May. On May 10, 2016, our guest speaker was Elena Goldberg Velazquez, member of the Yonkers City Charter Revision Commission. The City Charter has not been amended in almost 25 years when the City switched over to the strong mayor system. It was an informative meeting. 

Missed recording on last years activity report for May 24th activity. We are now reporting it. Lion Nicole's husband Chris Sudano of ProChek Home Inspection Services was our guest speaker. Chris talked about home maintenance and common red flags of home inspections, including radon and lead and tips about buying and selling homes. 

Wasn't able to record for month of June 2016 on activity report. On June 14th at meeting we had installation of new officers and new members. Installing officers were Hon. Susan Cacace Dibbini, Supreme Court Judge, Hon. Joseph F. Nocca, Retired City Court Judge and Peter Pergolis, District Governor Elect 20-R2. 

Wasn't able to record this for month of June as year had ended. At June 28th meeting we showed many thank you notes received from the Copperhead acknowledging their gratitude for our most recent shipment to Military. 

Was not able to record for month of June 2016 as year had already ended. On June 28th we had a breakfast meeting at 7:30 at the Broadway Diner. Discussed many Lions upcoming activities,  

At the July 12th meeting we discussed plans for fundraiser at the Yonkers Riverfest, September 10th and McLean Avenue Merchants Association, September 17th. 

Lion Portia Fagel member of the Yonkers Millennium Club and one of the Officers of the newly formed District 20R2 Foundation provided the club with information about the Foundation The inaugural luncheon for the Foundation will take place Sunday, July 31st. 

Yonkers Millennium Lions Club

July 5 Made a Kiva microloan to Daisy of Paraguay to help her pay for college tuition

July 5 Volunteered at the Food Bank for Westchester where we prepared 230 bags filled with a cantaloupe, a bunch of scallions and a bunch of beets. We also prepared 100 "Senior Bags" filled with potatoes and carrots.

July 7 was "Retail Claim" at the Food Bank for Westchester. Today we patched boxes, mended torn containers of donated food to make them look new again before they are packed and delivered to soup kitchens and senior homes in Westchester county.

July 8 Made a Kiva microloan to Maria Teresa in Mexico to help her pay for eye surgery for her son

July 14 Volunteered at the Food Bank for Westchester where we measured out 2 lbs elbow pasta into 125 bags.

July 11 Recycled spent toners and ink cartridges

July 16 We raised money for our cataract surgeries mission during this successful garage sale. 

July 18 Volunteered at the Food Bank for Westchester. On this "Green Thumb Monday" we prepared 125 bags of fresh produce. Each bag contained 6 oranges, i iceberg lettuce and a bunch of scallions.

July 25 Volunteered at the food bank and in each bag were 5 apples, a bunch of beets, and an iceberg lettuce. In all we prepared 235 bags for soup kitchens in Westchester.  

In the month of July, Yonkers Millennium Lions Club has completed at least one project for each of the four Centennial Challenges - Sharing the Vision, Protecting the Environment, Feeding the Hungry, Empowering Youth.









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