2017-2018 MD Council Members

Council Chair - Tom Simmons

Vice Council Chair - Bobbie Ravenkamp

Council Secretary - Ken Leja

Council Treasurer - Phil Whitaker

District 21-B Cabinet Officers

GAT Chairperson: District Governor - Bobbie Ravenkamp-918-705-1227-bobbie21B@gmail.com

Immediate Past District Governor - James Whelan - 520-975-4673 - jrwhelan@cox.net  

1st Vice District Governor - Ray Clark - 480-747-8154 - rayclark8lion@aol.com

2nd Vice District Governor - Chriss Gibbs - 928-428-5118 - sheomomu@hotmail.com 

Cabinet Secretary - Gerson Gonzalez - 520-403-8426 - gglions100th@yahoo.com 

Cabinet Treasurer - Carol Rosinke - 480-751-8320 - lioncarol21b@hotmail.com  

21-B Region Chairpersons

Al Hunter

Miriam Wittenborn

21-B Zone Chairpersons

James Perkins

Keith Alexander

Marcus Rabinowitz

Esteban Aguilar 

Pat Hollander

Kathryn Stoterau

Muriel Stevens

​Mark Ross

District Chairpersons/Coordinators:  

ALERT                                                       IPDG Jim Whelan

AZ Lions Eyeglass Recycling Terminal      Annie Kline

Centennial Coordinator                              Steve Ravenkamp

Chaplain/Memorial                                     Richard Serranno

Constitution & By-Laws                              PCC Jim McCown, PCC John Hart & IPDG Jim Whelan

Convention 21-B co-Chairmen                  PDG Barb Daily and Steve Ravenkamp

Cultural & Community Affairs                     Muriel Stevens

Diabetes Awareness                                  North - Bonnie Weaver

                                                                   South - Sheila Palazzolo

Environmental/Hunger                               Pam Boyer

Finance & Planning                                    ID Alan Lundgren

Global Leadership Team                            John Marselis

Global Membership Team                          Al Hunter

Global Service Team                                  PDG Ron Rosinke

Hearing & Speech                                      Jim Kuhn

Historians                                                   Bill Lewis & PDG Johnny LaDue

Information Technology                              Mark Ross

International Convention                            IPDG Jim Whelan

International Relations                               PCC Gerson Gonzalez

LCIF                                                           Ron Gillet

Lioness Liaison                                          Mary Whelan

Marketing Communication                         Mark Ross

MD 21 Directory (2018-19)                        2nd VDG Chris Gibbs


              Certification/Credentials              Laurie Genz

Parliamentarian                                         ID Alan Lundgren

Pin Trading                                                Sherman McCutcheon 

Protocol, Resolutions & Procedures         ID Alan Lundgren

Sergeant at Arms                                      Joanne Harbinson

Service Dogs                                            DG Bobbie Ravenkamp

Sight Conservation/Preservation/             


Tail Twister                                                Marge Legler

USA/Canada Forum                                 1st VDG Ray Clark


Youth Programs – Coordinator                 Mark Ross

Flags for First Graders                             Mark Ross

LEO Clubs                                                North – Mike Weaver

                                                                 South – Lauren Yelton

Lions Services for Children                      Mark Ross

Reading Action Program                          Muriel Stevens

Peace Poster Coordinator                        John Peterson

Youth Camp & Exchange                         Bernie Engelhard

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