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 District Lions Projects
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Healthcare Equipment Project
Many District 22B Lions Clubs provide a public service by loaning used Healthcare and Disability Equipment to individuals within their communities.  They handle a variety of equipment including:  Hospital Beds, Wheelchairs, Transport Chairs, Walkers, Rollators, Commodes, Power Lift Recliners, Power Wheelchairs, Crutches, Canes, Feeding Tables and numerous other items.  All borrowing is subject to and limited by equipment availability.
If you are looking for equipment, you should contact your Local Lions Club, to find out if they have the equipment that you need.  If the local club doesn't have what you are looking for, you can ask them to contact other nearby Lions Clubs to try to find the item(s) for you. 
Participating Lions Clubs try to avoid intruding into the areas served by neighboring Clubs, and therefore frequently limit their Healthcare Equipment service to a radius around their local communities; however, many willingly share their inventory with neighboring Lions Clubs, when those Clubs also provide the Healthcare Equipment service. 
Participating Lions Club Information
The following table shows the District 22B Lions Clubs that participate in the Healthcare Equipment Project and provides contact information for use by both Lions and members of our communities.
All Lions are volunteers and many work the Healthcare Equipment project into or around their normal jobs and responsibilities; therefore, we emphasize that you can Email us at anytime, but ask that you please limit your phone calls to the Contact Times shown below.
(This table is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and is only a partial listing of participating Clubs.)
Club Name / Website
and/or Facebook
Contact / Email / Phone
Hover on   to reveal information.
Contact Times**
(US Eastern Time Zone)
Cecilton John Magee Jr. Daily 9am to 8pm
Chesapeake City Bob Kidner Daily 9am to 8pm
Conowingo Madeline Brown Daily 9am to 8pm
Denton Conrad "Dink" Scurto Daily 9am to 8pm
Elkton Paul Schneiders Daily 9am to 8pm
Federalsburg Wendy Garner Daily 9am to 8pm
Galena Dawn Smith Daily 9am to 8pm
Greensboro John Laddbush Daily 9am to 8pm
Kent Island Jim Miller Daily 9am to 8pm
Marydel Terry Higgins Daily 9am to 8pm
North East Pete Kamenik Daily 9am to 8pm
Preston Ed Quidas Daily 9am to 8pm
Ridgely Dave Davis Daily 9am to 8pm
Rising Sun Rising Sun Lions Club
Sharptown Dale Fields Daily 9am to 8pm
West Side Wicomico Allen Cunningham Daily 9am to 8pm
** IMPORTANT:  You can Email us anytime, but please confine your Phone Calls to the time window shown.  If your call is picked up by an answering machine, please leave detailed information about the equipment you need and be sure to include your Name, Address and call-back Phone number.












Vision & Hearing Projects
"Kids Sight"
Vision Screening Projects
Many District 22B Lions Clubs perform annual vision screenings of children in the kindergarden age range, throughout District 22B.  The following two videos provide examples of results from similar Lions Vision Screenings in the past.



"Recycle for Sight" and
"Hearing Aid Recycling" Programs
Eyeglass & Hearing Aid Collection and Recycling Projects

Numerous District 22B Lions Clubs provide a community service by collecting and recycling used Eyeglasses and Hearing Aids.  The collected items are sent to Lions International Eyeglass Recycling Centers and/or Hearing Aid Recycling Centers where they are cleaned, repaired and sorted by prescription or application for redistribution to other individuals who have compatible needs. 

The following videos, demonstrate how the Lions Club Collection and Recycling Programs work.



Eyeglass Recycling                        Hearing Aid Recycling (HARP)  



















Environmental Projects
Projects that Reduce, Reuse and Recycle resources; such as planting trees, preventing pollution, recycling and reusing materials  and using limited resources efficiently and wisely.
Highway Litter Cleanup Project
As part of Maryland's Adopt-a-Highway program, several District 22B Lions Clubs have adopted a section of highway within their communities for which they perform the Litter Cleanup Service multiple times throughout the year.
























Food and Hunger Projects
"Food Baskets & Grocery Cards"
Several District 22B Lions Clubs periodically provide food baskets and prepaid grocery shopping cards to needy families and individuals; and some Clubs provide Packaged Weekend Meals so that school children within their communities will continue to be nourished when not receiving school meals.


Engaging Youth Projects


"Sponsoring LEO Clubs"
Several District 22B Lions Clubs sponsor LEO Clubs within their communities.  Read more about Sponsoring a LEO Club.

"Sponsoring Other Youth Organizations"
Many District 22B Lions Clubs support Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Venturing Crews, Boys & Girls Clubs and other worthwhile youth organizations within their communities. 

"Lions Youth Contests"
Peace Poster Contest:  Some District 22B Lions Clubs participate by sponsoring entries into the annual Lions Clubs International Peace Poster Contest.  Children who will be ages 11, 12 or 13 on November 15th are eligible to enter.
The 2016 District 22B Peace Poster Contest Winner
                                                                               photo from November 2016 D22B Newsletter
The artist was Anna Phillips who attends the Kent County Middle School,
and her entry was presented through the Chestertown Lions Club.
The 2015 District 22B Peace Poster Contest Winner
                                                                                 photo from November 2015 D22B Newsletter
The artist was Gabriella Scramblin who attends the Perryville  Middle School,
and her entry was presented through the Perryville Lions Club.
For more information about the Peace Poster Contest, visit the Lions Clubs International Peace Poster Contest page and view the following video.

Essay Contest:  District 22B Lions Clubs may participate by sponsoring entries into the annual Lions Clubs International Essay Contest.  Children who are visually impaired and who will be ages 11, 12 or 13 on November 15th are eligible to enter.  For more information, visit the Lions Clubs International Essay Contest page and have participants complete an Essay Contest Entry Form.

"Reading Action Programs"
Some District 22B Lions Clubs participate in a Reading Action Program (RAP), within their communities.  The District 22B RAP Coordinator encourages District 22B Clubs to sponsor or participate in RAP programs.  Lions International provides the following resources: RAP Call to Action Flyer, RAP Project Ideas Sheet, RAP Planning GuideRAP Press Release, and a RAP (printable) Diploma.  For more information, visit the Lions Clubs International  RAP Ideas and Resources page. 

"Scholarship Programs"
Many District 22B Lions Clubs participate by providing scholarships to graduating seniors within their communities.

"Sporting Events and Activities"
Many District 22B Lions Clubs participate by sponsoring sporting events or teams within Soccer Leagues, Little Leagues and similar sporting groups or activities within their communities.



Lions Legacy Projects
Connect with your community by planning a Centennial Community Legacy Project during our Centennial Celebration.  Click on the following links to view more details and suggestions.


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