District Governor 22C Ruth A. Moses

Hello 22C Lions!

It’s nice to be first at something. Although I am not the first District Governor of 22C I believe I am the first 22C District Governor to be elected during a pandemic.

The pandemic has made us go through a lot of firsts together. It’s the first time we cancelled our 22C social; the 1st time the international and multiple district conventions were cancelled; our 4th cabinet meeting was done via teleconference and it is the first time we did electronic voting. 22C, there are many firsts to come but there is comfort and camaraderie in knowing we are doing it together.

We will become more innovative. We must for the sake of our clubs and our communities. We must stay connected virtually and find ways to serve as different phases of the stay-at-home orders are slowly lifted. Most importantly, be safe. You can serve by staying connected to your club members and maintaining friendships cultivated over the years.

We will need to serve together. I am encouraging clubs to discuss partnering with one another to provide service. This will mean sharing our thoughts and ideas so we will service our communities. Many people need our assistance and we can do more effectively if we do it together.

I will need you. We will need each other. In order to maintain our Lions motto of “We Serve” we must do it together. Please keep an open mind for new ideas and changing service. Although the world as we know it is changing before our eyes, there will always be a need to serve.

I am hopeful these ‘most challenging of times’ will make us stronger, smarter, kinder, motivated, thankful, creative and dedicated to serving our communities.

I look forward to working with our new cabinet, chairpersons and with all of our members. I want to thank everyone who has supported me through this Lions’ journey and I request your continued support and prayers.

My slogan is Seeing and Serving the Future with 20/20 Vision. No one could have predicted we would be seeing our future so differently than the way it was just a few months ago; but I look forward to seeing and serving the future with some of the best Lions in the world. Thank you 22C for electing me as your upcoming District Governor. I look forward to serving with you. Thank you so much!

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