The District 22C Award Program is designed to recognize those Lions and Lions Clubs that exemplify the Lions Clubs motto "We Serve" in service to their communities.


The Bull Thrower's Award

The District 22C Bull Thrower’s Award originated in 1958 out of the Roaring Lions Program. Recipients of this award have demonstrated a record of outstanding service towards the goals and objectives of their Club, District and Lions International.  Each recipient of this award exemplifies the Lions Code of Ethics and has rendered outstanding volunteer services to their community.  This award is the highest recognition the District can present to a Lion of District 22C

The list of Lions who have have received this prestigious award is available by YEAR and by LAST NAME


The  District 22C Honor Roll  

The District 22C Honor Roll Award honors individual Lions who have rendered outstanding service to their clubs and their communities at the “Grass Roots” level over an extended period.  Lions who have received this award exemplify the spirit of Lionism through their unselfish dedication and have been chosen by their fellow Lions for District-wide recognition of their efforts in the support of Lionism. 

The list of Honor Roll Honorees through April 30, 2018 is available by YEARLAST NAME and CLUB.  


The  District 22C Club Awards  

To receive a Five Star Club Award club a club must fulfill requirements in five (5) separate categories, those are categories are Administration, Community Service, Membership and Leadership, District Activities and Club Activities.   

 To receive the District Governor's Special Recognition Awards and the Governor's Exceptional Club Award clubs must first fulfill all the requirements of the Five Star Award to qualify for the District Governor's Recognition Awards. The District Governor's Exceptional Club Award is awarded to those clubs that have completed a minimum of six (6) of the nine (9) District Governor's Special Recognition Awards.  

The District Governor's Youth Leadership Award recognizes those LEO clubs that have a distinguished record of involvement in their community and their sponsoring club.  

The 100% Secretary Award is a District Award to honor specifically for club secretaries that meet the highest standard of performance in their duties. 


The District 22C Constituion and By-Laws

The constitution of Lions District 22C contains the fundamental principles which govern the operation of the district. The bylaws of Lions District 22C establish the specific rules of guidance by which the district functions.

The Constitution and By-Laws of District 22C

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