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Sept-Oct 2018

September and October 2018 Issue # 1 ~ DG Frank Bertolino ~ 1st VDG David Wilson ~
 2nd VDG Marcel Plouffe CS Joy Bartlett ~ CT Brian Doherty Bulletin Editor: Lion
 John Veilleux …….. Email: 33nbulletin@gmail.com Page 6 In our district we have
 over 1,200 members. Just think of the impact we could have if each one of us
 performs a single act of kindness. You could be the beginning of a kindness
 ripple that reaches across our district and beyond. This kindness initiative can
 be performed at both an individual lever or at a club level. Here are just a few
 ideas that may help you get your creative juices flowing: • Pay for the coffee of
 the person behind you in the coffee shop • Buy a stranger breakfast • Mow the
 lawn for an elderly neighbor • Shovel someone’s sidewalk for them this winter •
 As a club maybe you want to pitch in and surprise a stranger at the grocery store
 and buy their groceries or surprise a family at Target and pay for their school
 supplies. • …the possibilities are endless. Let’s show our communities that we
 are more than just an organization that tirelessly fundraise; we are also a group
 of compassionate, service minded individuals who want to contribute to our
 communities. We Serve is not only our motto but it is also our way of life. As
 you perform your acts of kindness please let us know (tgray2968@yahoo.com) We
 want to feature these acts of kindness on our district web site as well as at the 
mid-winter convention. What better way to showcase the joy you have created in
 someone’s life than to share it with others and inspire them to do the same. So I
 ask you to please encourage your members to participate; perform an act of
 kindness and take the opportunity to tell the lions story. Let’s be the light we
 want the world to see. YIL, Tammy Gray District 33N GST Kindness is language
 which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. –Mark Twain
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