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Words From Our Governor

Here are a few words from our governor....The theme this coming year is “We Are
Family/Charity Begins at Home.” This ties in nicely with our International President’s
theme...”The Power

We are here to support the clubs in all endeavors... to BE cheerleaders... to CREATE
positive vibes... to LET people know they and We Are Family. I want us to KNOW we are all

Family, I want us to KNOW we can all count on each other and lift each other up. Let’s carry

that into the zones. Try to encourage clubs within a zone to bond, to support each other and
to work cooperatively with each other on some things.
Think outside the box. Step outside your comfort zone. Try something new. Don’t be afraid
to make a mistake and if you do make a mistake...make it a good one.

There are some surprises planned for each District advisory. To know what those surprises
are you need to be in attendance. Join us!!

Our biggest challenge this year is meeting locations but we are working on that. Together
we will get it all done... Signed JIM......



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