Excerpt from current newsletter: 

June - July 2018

This is the sixth and final bulletin that you will receive, from me, during the reign
of Governor James “Jim” Wagner. I have written every article to reflect Jim’s
personality, wit and his sense of humor. I do have to say that in many ways this
was a very easy task because we both have similar values and idiosyncrasies.
Jim’s reflection on the importance of family has brought about a message of unity
and comfort to the district. Actually Jim’s message was in three parts.
Part one... “We are Family”.
Part two... “Charity Begins at Home”.
Part Three... “The Power of We”.
Each of these slogans was well formulated but I personally believe the first one
“ We are Family” was the most unifying message for our District.
I do think it is necessary to recognize that our Governor and his wife Marie led us
through some very difficult times. We were functioning but adrift on an ocean
with a compass that needed re-calibration. Jim and Marie Wagner introduced
the tools necessary to fine tune our mission and as a true example of family unity
their son Chris joined the cause. He has proven to be a true asset to the theme
and to “OUR” team. In closing let me just say it has been a pleasure to be a
small part of the family Wagner experience. I hope that Governor Jim has also
made this past year a positive experience for you. Now we are about to go
through a transition period. Governor Jim Wagner will become IPDG (Immediate
Past District Governor) Jim Wagner.
But what about this bulletin? Will it also have a transition period?
“If you don’t like something change it;

if you can’t change it,

change the way you think about it.”

~ Mary Engelbreit

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