Excerpt from current newsletter: 

August 2018

During the 2018-2019 Lion Year you will be receiving a total of six district 
bulletin’s. They will only reflect events as they happen on the district level.
 This bulletin will not be used to promote individual club activities. The general
 purpose of this district bulletin is to educate and enlighten you while at leas
 attempting to entertaining you. It is food for thought that you can ingest 
without gaining an ounce. The bulletin itself will try to reflect the personality
 and passions of our sitting Governor. Since Frank Bertolino is very passionate
 about eye research and community service then this bulletin will sometimes carry
 informational material about those subjects and other items of note. The
 following is an example of that subject matter. In 1990 LCIF launched a program
 known as SightFirst which was a major program to combat avoidable blindness. One
 of SightFirst’s major eye health education initiatives has been the Lions Eye
 Health Program (LEHP). This program is a community-based education program
 empowering Lions to promote healthy vision and raise awareness to the causes of
 preventable vision loss. One of the primary objectives of (LEHP) is to encourage
 the early detection and the timely treatment of diabetic eye disease, glaucoma
 and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and the appropriate treatment for low
 vision. Helping to educate people at risk for eye disease and encouraging them to
 seek appropriate treatment is essential. Lions can get involved by establishing
 community activities that promote awareness of eye health. We can also increase 
the awareness of the network of local eye health organizations available to the general public. 
Collaborations with these organizations may provide useful
 resources in promoting awareness of eye health and the causes of preventable
 vision loss. “Speaking without thinking is shooting without taking aim.” 
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