Excerpt from current newsletter: 

February-March 2018
Issue #4

Bulletin Editor: Lion John Veilleux …….. email: 33nbulletin@gmail.com 

Page one of this bulletin is a tribute to our governor. DG Jim promised to do things a little
differently and he has followed through with those promises. First, he vowed to do
everything in his power to conclude the business of the Advisory Meetings by eight thirty p.m.
so we could be at home at a reasonable time and before some of our bedtimes. A minor thing
to some but important to the rank and file members that go to these meetings.
He has managed to complete his agenda at both the First and Second District Advisory
Meetings within

self imposed time constraints. Now that alone does not make for a
successful Governorship. You need to be able to maintain focus on your agenda. You need
to attain all of your goals and you need to make the meetings both informative and
entertaining. Governor “Jim” Wagner has managed to do all those things.

that...(the proof of success) attendance was way up at the Second Advisory. Even Jim was
a little surprised by the enormity of the crowd. I bet, a certain PDG is not calling him space
shot anymore???.... ((Maybe not any less either))
Ladies and gentlemen... It is my pleasure to present to you.....Our favorite 2017-18 Governor...





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