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Oct-Nov 17

Words From Our Governor

Active members are expected to give freely of their time and energy whenever possible. They should attend regular club meetings, be available for club level fund raising events and committee assignments. We should all strive to be knowledgeable about Lionism and always support our elected club officers. The benefits of maintaining your Lions club membership are numerous, and include but are not limited to: • Helping those in need • Making a difference in your community • Developing your personal leadership skills while strengthening your club • Enhancing interpersonal communication skills while discussing your ideas • Meeting new people from your community in search of potential new members • Opportunities to network with other clubs in your geographical area so as to form permanent bonds and lifetime friendships Now ask yourself am I doing all that I can do to maintain my active member status? If you said no but I do try, then that is alright. Not everyone can do everything they would like to do all the time. What you can do is look around and see if there are people that you come in contact with on a regular basis that just might become active members of your club. When you bring in your friends and family you are increasing your membership network and enhancing the very core of your capabilities. They can become your eyes, ears and hands when you are not able to attend a function. This helps you to keep in touch with your clubs interests and to insure your involvement even when you have other commitments. If you go out and solicit couples to join your club you get two new members at a time. The new members get a night out with friends and someone they know to enjoy the Lion experience 



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