49B Lions Foundation By-Laws

District 49B Foundation Board of Directors

President - Donna Bellows  -  dlbellows@yahoo.com

Vice President - Totsie Pursey  -  totsie748@gmail.com

Secretary - Janis Marcinkowski  -  jeemski@gci.net

Treasurer - John "Benny" Benevento  -  bennie@gci.net

Directors - Helen Blattner

                  Ed Casey

                  Gidget Hagan

                  Elizabeth Johnson

                  George Pursey

                   Krista Zappone

                   Bill Zimmer

Ex-Officio - Karen Lane (District Governor)

                   Helen Blattner (1st Vice District Governor)

Regularly elected Board Positions are 4 terms. 

Bylaws state we should have 12 Directors



Anne Sullivan

Trust Liaison (Chair - Donna Bellows)

Gaming (Chairs - Benny Benevento / Ski Marcinkowski)


Trust Committee

Ski Marcinkowski

Cheryl Markwood

Dana Mock

Howard Rixie

Juanita Webb

Rich Welliver

Rick Webb

*Per the Bylaws, there should be 7 Trustees



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