Aurora Borealis Lions Eyeglass Recycling and Vision Center - The Center is located in North Pole, Alaska.  This is run by our Multiple District 49's Aurora Borealis Lions Foundation.  Each year 40,000 eyeglasses are collected throughout the MD and sorted, cleaned, processed, and stored., producing nearly 25,000 single vision eyeglasses  From the stored glasses we fill orders for Vision Missions or redistribute the used eyeglasses once we have a prescription to fill.  Once a month the Center holds Lions Eye Care Days - free eye exam days for individuals on low income and have no eye care insurance.  After the exam we can take the prescription and sort through our stored eyeglasses and give the individuals a choice of eyewear.


2017-2018 Eye Care Application

2018 Helen Keller Order Form

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2018 Cash Calendars ($20 each) $15,000 given away across 66 drawings. COMING SOON

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