The new 5M8 "social" website was introduced and demonstrated at the first Cabinet Meeting on August 8th in St. Cloud. 

e-District 5M8 admin

The importance of the "social" aspect of being a Lion should not be underestimated, overlooked or underappreciated.  Not only is the "social" aspect of Lions important for a healthy interaction between Member to Member and Club to Club, but it is also very important to "get the word out" to our Communities and Prospective Members who have not yet discovered the benefits of being a Lion and may not have even been asked to become a Lion.

Remember, "if you don't ask, the answer is ALWAYS no"!

The District 5M-8 website is now comprised of two complimentary components, the "business" component and the "social" component.  The "business" component will continue to support the reporting needs of Club Secretaries much as it is now, and can still be reached at:

Official District 5M-8 "business" website


This new e-District website IS the "social" component.  It has NINE (9) items which promote District 5M-8 and Lionism in general.  FIRST, we will help in the encouragement, creation, training and maintaining of an e-Clubhouse website for EACH and EVERY Club throughout the District.  All you have to do is ask.  The new template was introduced in August of 2009.  In July of this year there were over 5,500 Clubs around the world utilizing this fun and easy-to-use tool!

5M8 Clubs already using e-Clubhouse

SECOND, we are taking advantage of exciting phenomenon called "social media" to participate in multi-interactive communication with fellow Lions throughout the District and beyond.  We have created three pages "facebook pages".  

(Facebook has more than 500 million active users of which 50% log on to Facebook in any given day.  The average Facebook user has 130 "friends".  Considering those numbers, we should be able introduce Lions to 100's of new prospects in our District alone.)

We have created a page called Lions in District 5M-8 and is for the general use of all Lions for Club Promotion, sharing stories and asking questions.  Simply click on the above link and then clicking on the "like" button at the top of that page to "join" in the fun.

  Another facebook page is 
called Lions 5M-8 e-Clubhouse  has been been created for Club Webmaster's information, training and interactive interaction throughout the District.  Not only am I available to answer your questions, but so are all of the fellow webmasters throughout the district. I hope that this "page" can become an excellent resource for the sharing of new ideas from Club to Club.  Simply click on the above link and then clicking on the "like" button at the top of that page to be "connected".

And the third facebook page is called 5M8 District Governor Sandy Sandwick.   It has been been created to feature many of the activities of DG Sandy throughout her term as District Governor. Please visit often and share your stories, photos, questions, comments and post links for other "friends" to see.

Our THIRD item we have created is an on-line interactive photo directory for both the District Cabinet and all of the Clubs within the District to promote more efficient and effective communication.  The on-line photo directories are also available in electronic file format, which can be stored on PC's and can be printed out hard copy if that is your preference.

(This on-line/electronic version will be extremely useful, especially if and when the Multiple decides to discontinue the printed directory for budgetary reasons.)

  The Cabinet Directory/Links will have photos of cabinet officer's and committee members as well as links to their contact emails* and associated websites.  Links and passwords to this directory are available into the secure "Members Only" section simply for the asking.

(* Cabinet members that do not wish to have their photo and/or e-mail link published, may "Opt out" and will be listed "name only" )

  The Club Directory/Links have pictures of club Presidents, Secretaries and Webmasters with "links" to their contact e-mails* and associated websites.  It also has a short Club "profile" including date of charter, # of charter members, number of present members broken down by Male and Female, the Club's signature project, the main Fundraiser, the Zone they are located and whether they are using e-Clubhouse or not.  These "profiles" will server as an excellent introduction to your own e-Clubhouse website.  The "Club Directory" is also code-word protected access unless public access is approved by the Cabinet. 

(See Example)


  Links and passwords to this directory are available.  Simply ask me, and the information will be sent.

(* Club Officers that do not wish to have their photo and/or e-mail link published, may "Opt out" and will be listed "name only" )


FOURTH, we have created and are maintaining a e-District Calendar for the use of and benefit of everyone in the District.  You can view the e-District calendar by simply clicking on the "Calendar" button on the upper left of this page.  If you would like to include your Club, District, Multiple or International event on the e-District Calendar, please send us the details using the link below.  If you see an event on the calendar from a Club in your area, please help them promote it by putting it on your Club's e-Clubhouse Calendar.  Not only will they appreciate the promotion, they will certainly return the favor in return!

FIFTH, you will see a button in the upper left of this page for District Newsletters.  This takes you to the links to the monthly Newsletters of present and past District Governors, organized by month.

SIXTH, another button on the upper left is District Programs.  This section will display the programs and presentations that the District is making available to Clubs and Club Program Chairman for utilization at Club Meetings throughout the year.

SEVENTH, another button on the upper left is Templates.  This section will display templates that Club Webmaster's can use to pre-format their own Club Officers and Member Directories by simply copying and pasting the template into their e-Clubhouse websites.  All that remains for a complete linked photo directory is to fill in the names, photos and contact information using the user-friendly e-Clubhouse process.

EIGHTH, another button on the upper left is Miscellaneous Links.  This section will display important and interesting documents that are available to all members.  Documents like the Multiple District Constitution, District Constitution, By-Laws, Policy Manual and 5M8 Membership Stats will be available at the click of the mouse.

And NINTH, just like the e-Clubhouse sites, this e-District site has a "Members Only" section for keeping for security purposes.  At this time the "Cabinet Photo Directory" is in the "Member's Only" Section on the "Home" tab.  The "Club Photo Directory" is located in the "Club Recognition" tab.  Access to this section is as simple as asking for the password.

We are sure that there will be other parts to the e-District website as the new Lions year progresses.   If you have any additional questions or comments about this "social" site, or have any recommendations of what you would like to see on the site, please contact:

5M-8 e-Club & e-District Committee

Jim Muellenbach, Chair



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