In recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, clubs of Region 3 came together and made a fine contribution to The Just Because Foundation. This contribution was de to assist both children and parents during their difficult times.The foundatioan also hosted the Hope concert which many Lions patronized.Photo from the left: Zone 3B Chairperson Lion Khadija Tronchin, Director of The Just Because Foundation Chevaughn Joseph and Region Chairperson Lion Intekab Ali. #region3trinidadandtobago #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth #district60a

It’s the last day of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and we’d like to reflect on our project done in honour of this. On the 17th of September DLLC collaborated with the Rotary Club of Garden City-Georgetown Guyana, to distribute sanitary and care hampers to the parents and children of the Paediatric Cancer Ward.🎗️

On the 12th of September 2023, Paramaribo Ready Lions Club has donated medical consumables and disposables to St. Vincentius Ziekenhuis. We've received this generous sponsorship from Ijsselland Ziekenhuis Rotterdam in the Netherlands, coordinated by Mr. August Belfor. All donations were received by nurse Zaaki on behalf of the Nursing Director. As service club we are very proud to have created value in the medical care and welfare of our community. Heads up for the Chairperson, lion Virginia Faverus-Valpoort and her great project members: lion Esselien Simbhoedatpanday - Binda and lion Cynthia Foort. Many thanks to our club President, lion Carmen Wip Larijn .

On 24 september 2023, D'Abadie Lions Club had the pleasure of hosting 15 children with cancer and their parents to a day at thefi ve Islands Amusement Park in Chaguaramas. Today I was reminded why I became a Lion. SERVICE TO HUMANITY IS THE BEST WORK OF LIFE. Today I felt my heart ache, ache for these children, I cannot begin to imagine what they, and their families are going through. Today, while it was very very expensive it was worth every cent or should I say ever dollar, the smile on the faces of not just the children but their mothers and families as well, was PRICELESS. Thank you to all the sponsors who made it happen, the volunteers who came out and filled in for the Lions who could not attend. TODAY WAS AN AMAZING DAY OF SERVICE. A DAY THAT GAVE ME THE ENERGY TO KEEP ON GOING. PROUD TO BE A LION!!

Lions Club Paramaribo South made a tremendous impact on Friday, September 22, 2023, with their Feed the Hunger project. They were able to provide food packages to 15 deserving families, consisting of 18 essential items. The sizes of the families they served ranged from 3 to 13 individuals. With the hard work of 5 dedicated fellows and 1 amazing partner in service, they spent a total of 28 hours on this project. None of this would have been possible without the generous donations from 10 incredible individuals. Together, we are making a difference in our community.

We're thrilled to share that the Youth and Education Committee of our club made a heartwarming donation today to the children of Precious Jewel Nursery School. 📚👦As a part of our commitment to Education Month observance, we handed over a generous supply of nutritious snacks to support these bright young minds on their educational journey. 🍎📝Leading this wonderful initiative were our very own Chairman of the committee, Ln Lloyd Thomas, along with Deputy Chairperson and Secretary of the club, Ln Collis Nicholson. 🤝🏅Mrs. McBean, the Head Teacher of Precious Jewel Nursery School, warmly received the items and expressed her heartfelt gratitude to our club for this meaningful contribution. 🙏❤️Thank you to everyone involved for making this event a success! Let's continue to inspire and uplift our community through education. 🌈📚 #EducationMonth #CommunitySupport #MakingADifference

Lion Khadija Tronchin, Zone Chairperson 3B participated in the Mayaro Lions Club International Coastal Clean Up Day Activity on Saturday 16th September.Lions, Leos, Scouts and other community groups collected and documented the trash littering the coastline at Plaisance Beach. Our Lions Family from Sangre Grande Lions Club also made the journey to participate. We are greater together!Thank you Mayaro Lions Club for the opportunity to participate! Great job on your Environment Committee Project.The Zone Chairperson looks forward to participating in Club Service Projects throughout Zone 3B.

Sunday, September 17, 2023 the ten top students from schools on the East Bank of Demerara, Region 4 received Bursary Awards from the LIONS CLUB OF CENTRAL DEMERARA

In combating child hood cancer, the lions of New Amsterdam embarked on setting up a child friendly corner in the pediatric ward of the New Amsterdam Hospital. We wanted to create a space for some learning to take place while the patients are undergoing treatment.

The school package initiative was a successful joint effort between Leo Club Koela and Leo Club Par'bo East. Together, they provided school bags filled with essential supplies to several deserving children on Saturday, September 16, 2023. This meaningful project reached two schools, namely OS L.R. Rahan school and OS Meerzorg 1.Region chair Harry Soekhlal presence added significance to this meaningful project.#EducationMatters #CommunityEfforts #EmpoweringYoungMinds"#WeServe #regiononesuriname

On 11 september 2023, Lions Club of Diego Martin West was back in action providing much needed stationery supplies to the students of North Diego Martin Secondary School, one of the Secondary Schools in our Charter Area.Much thanks to Amanda Emmanuel and friends now friends with the Lions Club of Diego Martin West and R..I.K Services Ltd for their generous donations towards this cause.Education Chair, Lion Theresa Neblett-Skinner can be seen with Principal Susan Rogers , teacher Denise Reid-Russel and some of the student population. We wish all the students a successful school year!

A humanitarian service by the Lions Club of East Demerara which speaks to a donation of a wheelchair , pampers and a grocery hamper to Miss Claudia Charles who is bedridden. Thanks for your service.

The Lions Club of Georgetown joined hands in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by donating a water dispenser, essential food items, and vital pediatric supplies to the Pediatric Cancer Ward at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. Our dedicated health committee members made this heartfelt contribution in honor of Pediatric Cancer Month. 💛#LionsClubCares #ChildhoodCancerAwareness👶

The Port of Spain East Lion Club in partnership with Ascend Dynamics, the Grassroots Initiative and the Balkaran Foundation took the children of the St. Martin and St. Dominic’s Homes in Belmont to one of the popular Caribbean Premier (Cricket) League (CPL) games at the Brian Lara Cricket Academy in Tarouba, San Fernando. Two (2) board members of the POS East Lions Club accompanied sixteen (16) children and four (4) adults from the institutions to view the 10:00 am game of the day. This game took place between the Barbados Royals (BR)and the Guyana Amazon Warriors (GAW). It was indeed an exciting and nerve pinching affair with victory of the Guyana Amazon Warriors only being secured on the last ball of the game. The Port of Spain East Lions Club remains committed to bringing Joy and Good Cheer to the Youth across the communities of Morvant, Laventille and Upper Belmont.#POSEastLionsClub #WeServe #lionsMD60 #lionsclub

As part of the various observances of World Literacy Day, the Lions Club of East Demerara demonstrated the act of service by donating a quantity of Reading materials to the Beterverwagting Nursery school. This donation was timely and it serves as a motivator for encouraging reading and literacy at an early age. In addition to the literacy materials, the club also donated a number of cleaning supplies to the school

On 8 september 2023, Leo Club of South Georgetown celebrated International Literacy Day at St. Thomas Moore Primary School, with the theme of "Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces!" 🌟 We're dedicated to creating environments where every child can thrive through reading and learning. 📖 We distributed storybooks and textbooks, taking a step closer to our goal of transforming these spaces into hubs of inspiration and knowledge. 🚀 Let's continue to nurture a love for reading in our community! #InternationalLiteracyDay #TransformingLiteracyLearningSpaces 📖📚#LiteracyDay #EducationMatters 📖🌍🧠💡#District60a #WeServe

At the Lions Club of Georgetown - Durban Park, we take immense pride in our annual book drive for local schools. This year, we had the privilege of visiting some incredible institutions like St. Christopher Nursery, South Ruimveldt Primary, and Thomas Moore Primary.The smiles on the faces of teachers and students alike were truly heartwarming. Their gratitude for this initiative reminds us of the power of education and how it can make a lasting impact on young minds.Thank you to everyone who supported our efforts and helped us make a difference in our community. Together, we can continue to inspire a love for reading and learning!#LiteracyDay #LionsClubGeorgetown #EducationMatters

Last Saturday, our dedicated team came together for a heartwarming back-to-school project in #district60a. We went above and beyond to support the local community by providing essential items for a successful school year. 📚🎒We donated not only school bags but also comfortable and practical footwear to ensure the children are ready to take on their educational journey. 🎒👟✏️In addition to the necessary stationery supplies, we wanted to make sure the kids felt confident and excited about returning to school. So, we arranged hairstylists to give them a boost to their self-esteem and enthusiasm for learning. 💇‍♀️💇‍♂️💪And, of course, we couldn't forget about uniforms, a symbol of pride and belonging. We ensured that every child had the right uniform, eliminating any barriers to their education. 👔👗👫Our mission is to serve our community, where we make a tangible difference in the lives of these young students. #weserve 🌟We covered several schools in the area, including Parika Primary and Secondary, Stella Maris Primary, North Georgetown Secondary, Smith Memorial Primary, and Diamond Number 1 Nursery. 🏫📚👩‍🎓Thank you for your support! #BackToSchool #CommunitySupport 🙏❤️#weserve👟

On Saturday 3rd September 2023, Lions Club Paramaribo Central did a fruit trees project at eldery home Albertine. 10 citrus trees have been planted.

The Leo club of Belair yesterday Sunday the 3rd of September ring in the new school year with a out of town trip to the Swan- Madewini community on the Linden highway , were 270 back to school packages was distributed to the children's in that area.

The President and members of the East Canje Lions club was pleased to offer meals to the children of the Outdoor Library at Uitvlugt "We Serve"

Members of Lions Club of Diego Martin West served with pride and passion as they distribute ‘Back to School’ supplies and food items to families.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who made the Lions Club of Georgetown - D’Urban Park's annual kids' August camp an exceptional success.The camp recently concluded, and we deeply appreciate each individual who contributed to the energy, vibrancy, and joy of this event.To the dedicated volunteers, your selfless commitment to positively impacting the lives of 60 children is truly inspiring. Your efforts have created a memorable and enriching experience for the young participants, fostering personal growth and lasting memories.We also express our sincere thanks to our esteemed donors and sponsors whose support made this camp possible.The diverse activities provided, including craft making, drawing, and life skills sessions, have not only facilitated personal growth but also nurtured lasting friendships. We eagerly anticipate future opportunities to come together and continue making a positive difference.

We, the members of the Global Hunger Committee, want to take a moment to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your generous contributions. Your support provided nourishing meals and drinks to 220 individuals on Regent Street, Woolford Ave, and Robb Street in front of Fogarty's building.We extend our gratitude to the Lions, who dedicated their time to participate in this event, making it both effortless and successful. To those Lions who were unable to attend, your prayers and guidance are deeply valued.A special thank you goes out to our collaborators, Friends Who Care - Guyana. Your weekly dedication, compassion, and willingness to serve have truly marked this project as the first of many more to come. You have become an integral part of our global endeavor to create a positive impact, one meal at a time.Once again, we sincerely thank all of you for your kindness, generosity, and unwavering commitment to our cause. Your contributions have been instrumental in our achievements.With gratitude, Demerara Lioness Lions Club

On 27 September 2023, Leo club of Ruimveldt held their annual back to school drive. Forty children across three neighborhoods received school supplies ranging from either backpacks to packages comprised of stationery and notebooks. We appreciate everyone who participated in and helped make this event a success.

On thursday 23 august 2023, Lc Paramaribo South provided food packages and trays of bottled waters to 3 families in need.#WeServe #regiononesuriname #changinglivesthroughcommittedservice #kindnessmatters #FightTheHunger

Sharing smiles and good nutrition at Red Cross Convalescent Home during the Lions Club of Georgetown's 63rd anniversary week. Every meal brings us closer to a healthier community. 🥞🌼 #LionsClubGeorgetown #CommunityCare #HealthyCelebrations

Bringing Care and Compassion to Ivy Hall Memorial Home 🌟The Lions Club of Georgetown marked its 63rd anniversary by spreading love through the distribution of hygiene kits. Join us in celebrating a legacy of service and kindness! 💙#LionsClubGeorgetown #63YearsOfCaring #CommunityImpact

On august 23, 2023, Lions Club of Georgetown donated back-to-school packages to the children of Sophia Primary School. A big shoutout to the newest Lions who organized this impactful project as their first step towards creating positive change in our community. Here's to many more years of making a difference together! 🦁📚🎉

Lions Club Parwani's generous donation of several boxes of diapers to Stichting Esther on August 22, 2023 is greatly appreciated. Mr. Misidjan, the Director of Esther Foundation, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Lions Club Parwani. He confirms that the need is very high and the foundation relies on donations. The foundation provides shelter for 80 individuals ranging from 23 to 92 years old, with a dedicated staff of 123 members. #charity #communitysupport #gratitude

Start the day right with a nutritious breakfast at the Joshua House children's center! 🌞🍳As part of the 63rd anniversary celebrations of the Lions Club of Georgetown, we enjoyed sharing healthy meals and bright smiles with these amazing young minds. Here's to fostering wellness and community together! 🦁🎉 #LionsClubofGeorgetownAnniversary #CommunityWellness #NutritionMatters🥪

The Lions and Leo Clubs of South Georgetown in collaboration with the Leo Club of Bel Air and Alphacare, hosted a Health Fair on Saturday August 19, 2023 at the Square of the Revolution tarmac.District Governor Lion Natascha Hamilton, brought remarks and declared the health fair opened.The services included: Eye screening and distribution of eye glass, Blood pressure testing, Blood sugar testing, HIV Counselling and testing, Blood donation, Vaccination and distribution of COVID 19 testing kits, Occupational therapy and critical activities of daily living The activity saw scores of residents from in and around Georgetown coming out to benefit from the services offered. Occupational therapy and critical activities of daily livingIn attendance at the activity were also the Advisor to the Minister of Health Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, Region Chairperson Lion Lerato Hodge and Zone Chairperson 2A Lion Tahirah Orderson.The Clubs extend appreciation to all those who came out and supported the activity.

On thursday 17 august 2023, Lions Club Paramaribo West carried out a breakfast project. The students and teachers from the Suriname Blind center foundation received a healthy breakfast package.#Weserve #changinglivesthroughcommittedservice #regiononesuriname #KindnessMatters #lionsclubparamaribowest

Empowering our community through compassion and collaboration! 🦁🤝The Lions Club of Georgetown, in partnership with Food for the Poor Guyana Inc, joined hands to deliver much-needed provisions to our friends at a church group. Together, we're making a positive impact that resonates far and wide. #CommunityCaring #LionsClubGeorgetown #FoodForThePoorGuyana

Congratulations to the outstanding students of Para District! Lions Club Para, in celebration of International Youth Day on August 12, 2023, honored the top achievers from various fields in VOJ and LBO schools. President Vincent Gordon of Lions Club Para, Vice President Randall Pinas of Leo Club Kankantrie, and District Secretary Lugard-Jozuazoon, representing the DC of Para, delivered inspirational speeches.

On august 11, the Lions Club of Georgetown’s Health Committee joined forces with Optiek Ninon Guyana for an impactful eye screening outreach at Ann's Grove Primary School on the East Coast of Demerara. Together, we screened 60 individuals, many of whom were bright-eyed children. Our commitment to better vision and well-being continues to shine! 🦁👁️ #LionsClubHealth #CommunityCare #VisionForAll👓🌟

The Mayaro Lions Club has always been focused on improving the lives of persons in the community. As part of our Eye Care Program a young child was assisted with getting his eye test done and provided with spectacles to aid with his vision.Thanks to Ln Yasmin for continuing to work with all stakeholders for the success of this venture. #lionstt #district60a #WeServe

The Lions Club of Bel-Air donated a two burner gas stove with a full cylinder of gas,to Ms Olivia DaSilva to help her and her family because we care.Thanks to our donors Mr. Blane Bundrey from aunty Anne's Center for Women.Lions clubs of Belair. #WeServe

Trinidad and Tobago is the host nation for the Commonwealth Youth Games currently underway from August 04 to August 11. Lions Clubs in Trinidad and Tobago were asked to support this venture by sponsoring children who were invited to attend this historic sporting event. On Monday August 07, Lions Club of Lions Club of Diego Martin West rose to the occasion and took the opportunity to sponsor and accompany 35 students in the Community, to experience this first-time event on our shores. They were joined by our fellow lions from Arima Lions Club, Port of Spain Success Laventille Lions Club and the Leos from Seafront Lions Club.

On August 1, 2023 the lions of Georgetown Stabroek Lions club conducted a service project in distributing of clothing at the Hauraruni Girls Home. #district60a #WeServe

On July 28, 2023 the lions of Georgetown Stabroek Lions Club along with lion friend Mariah conducted a service project within the Sophia community in giving two senior families hampers and care packages. #district60a #WeServe

The children home “Elim van de Heer” sent out a request on their fb page for children’s books. On July 29th, 2023 Lions Club Paramaribo Felice acted upon their request and we donated children’s books to them. The coordinator was very surprised and thankful for the gesture. We received a Thank You letter.


The Lions Club of Central Demerara in collaboration with Georgetown Lions Club donated a WALKER to an elderly person Mrs Patricia Persaud (82) yrs old of no 2 Canal Polder W.B.D.


As part of the Hunger Committee’s project for the fiscal year 2023/2024, the Demerara Lioness Lions Club donated a quantity of food items to several families. The presentation was done by the Zone Chair, Ln President, Ln Treasurer and Ln Niya.Ln Niya also celebrated her birthday on the said day.


Lion Lyndon James, Chairperson of the Marketing, Communications and Information Technology of the POS East Lions Club presents a cheque to Dr. Uyi Oviawe, Optometrist at Truview Optical for the purchase of new spectacles for Jadon Brewster. Jadon is a student of the Queen’s Royal College who resides in the Morvant area.


On Friday, July 7, 2023, the founder of Lionism in Suriname and in multiple district 60 carried out her first service project for the benefit of the community. In this context, very large fruit and vegetable packages were offered to 6 hospitals in Suriname to prepare for the patients admitted there for nursing. The economic crisis in which Suriname finds itself has an adverse effect on all sectors, including the health care. Due to the increased costs of operations, hospitals are not always able to keep their operations running. There is often a shortage of money and resources. This situation therefore has an impact on the quality of the services provided to the community. In this context, we as a lions club have decided to support hospitals by making large fruit and vegetable packages available. The foodstuffs will be prepared according to a healthy lifestyle method for the patients. Patients with various chronic conditions are also admitted to the hospitals, including diabetic mellitus and oncological conditions. So our donation of today also benefits these people. In addition to fruit and vegetables, the hospitals also received rice. The government of the Republic of Suriname encourages the bundling of Public Private partnership due to the precarious economic situation in the country. We carried out this project this morning with loyal lions friends. The local media has widely publicized this project in the community.


On Friday, July 14, 2023, Lions Club Paramaribo Central delivered a renovation project for Huize Albertine. The Lions previously received a request from Huize Albertine to support the renovation of their water supply system. It turned out that the institution did not have access to good and safe drinking water from the tap everywhere in the buildings. Senior citizens reside in this institution. Until today, the citizens who live on the second floor of the building did not have access to tap water. Lions Club Paramaribo Central has paid for the total costs for the renovation of the water supply system for Huize Albertine. From now on, senior citizens have access to running, good and safe drinking water from the tap, says Lion Glenn Tewari PMJF - President of Lions Club Paramaribo Central.


The Lions Club of Georgetown was engaged in a book distribution exercise to the the National Library of Guyana


Ensuring safety, one step at a time. Lions Club Parwani, in collaboration with Iromar, donated 4 pairs of safety shoes to the dedicated staff of the Technical Department at Mr. Hubert Foundation. #SafetyFirst #CommunitySupport"


Lions Club Commewijne donated a new semi-automatic washing machine with a capacity of 17 kg to the Leliëndaal Children's Home. 👏👏👏


On July 29th, the Leo Club of Georgetown Stabroek and its parent club, the Lions Club of Georgetown Stabroek, came together for a momentous joint installation ceremony for the members of their repespective Boards.These individuals will be entrusted with the crucial responsibility of executing Lions Clubs International's mandates while continuing to serve their local communities.


In observance of hunger awareness month, members of the Lions Club of Georgetown distributed food hampers during the period January 20 - 30, 2022.Nine hampers were distributed to seven families in several communities. The hampers consisted of food and cleaning items.The Lions Foundation of District 60A reusable bags were used for this exercise.The Club extends its appreciation to the Lions who assisted with the distribution.#givefromtheheart #WeServe #district60a

On 27th januar2022, Lions club Paramarbo North donated some equipment to the paediatric section of the St. Vincentius Hospital for the observation rooms after chemo therapy of children with cancer. The children are able to be in a friendly environment during the observation phase.#givefromtheheart #district60a

On Sunday January 23rd, 2022 the Leo Club of Bel Air collaborated with the Lions Club Of Bel-Air on an initiative undertaken to celebrate the Club's Annual 'Project a Day' in the month of January.This project was sponsored by Ln Joe, a member of the Lions Club of Bel-Air.Twenty three (23) Children of the Hararuni Girls' Orphanage were provided with lunches as well as cleaning supplies weree donated to the institution.Additionally, members of the Leo Club of Bel Air donated games, stuffed toys, clothing and school supplies to twelve children at the institution. Special donations were also made by a few members of the Leo Club.#givefromtheheart #kindnessmatters #district60a

On December 7, 2021, Lions Club Rotterdam West donated 20 white canes for the blind through the intervention of fellow Humphrey Bouwe.The shipping costs and customs clearance were sponsored by fellow Koemar Kardji of Lions Club Rotterdam West.Fellow Koemar Kardji handed the white canes for the blind over to fellow Virginia Faverus-Valpoort of Paramaribo Ready Lions Club.Paramaribo Ready Lions Club is very thankful for this donation and shall carry out a “Sight First” project with this donation.Many thanks to Lions Club Rotterdam West for this donation #givefromtheheart #district60a🙏

On January 4, 2022 Paramaribo Ready Lions Club donated some toys, games and goodies to the chairman and vice chairman of the neighborhood association of Kasabaholo called: “Tropical Runners”.The donation came from Mr. Belfor of the Netherlands and is intended for the children of the neighborhood of Kasabaholo.Ln. Cynthia Foort of Paramaribo Ready Lions Club was the chairperson of this project and handed the donation over to the chairman and vice chairman of “Tropical Runners”.A special thanks to Mr. Belfor for this donation #givefromtheheart #district60a🙏

LC Commewijne provided all Rgd clinics in Commewijne with mouth caps on January 21, a total of 4200. Furthermore, 7 boxes of incontinence material to Elderly house Simbah and to Elderly house Evi medical consumables.#givefromtheheart #district60a

On sunday 30 januari 2022, Leo Club Campus Plus completed its hunger project today. In this project they provided food for 100 homeless people.The aim of the club is to serve society. This is an example of the many projects that this club carries out. After all, Hunger is 1 of the focus areas of Leos and Lions.#givefromtheheart #district60a #FeedTheHunger

The Lions Club of Georgetown with a donation of cots, mattresses and base from the Gizmos & Gadgets store, made a presentation of the items to the St Ann's Girls Orphanage.Accepting the donation from the store was Vice President Lion Debra Lewis. She stated that the Club is grateful to Gizmos and Gadgets for their contribution and support to the Lions vision.Ms Claudiet Jones Administrator of St Ann's Girls Orphanage, indicated that she is very appreciative of the Club's assistance towards the well being of the children.The Lions Club of Georgetown remains committed to its motto "We Serve" #district60a #givefromtheheart

Breakfast provided to 28 persons. Lions Club Of Bel-Air continues with its project a day activity, ensuring that our brothers and sisters had a meal on the 10th January 2022.#givefromtheheart #FeedTheHunger #district60a

On Wednesday 22nd December 2021, Club Prospective Samantha Sudeen accompanied by her sponsor Lion Andy of Princes Town Central Lions Club Gave Service From The Heart in presenting a food hamper to a family in the Princes Town Community. This was also done in bringing good cheer and tidings for the Christmas season. This act of kindness shows that her heart is in the right place, adding to the future success of the Club.#givefromtheheart #district60a

Through the intervention of Ms. Maya Budhulall, Lions Club Paramaribo West has handed over a food package to a family in need on the 3rd of January 2022.Ms.Maya who recently is on vacation in Suriname also does volunteer work, financial and hair donations in the USA, such as to the Interfaith Clothing Center (Maryland), Manna Food Center, Rockville Men’s Homeless Shelter, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, including donating blood platelets to the National Health Institute. A big thanks to Ms.Maya and we all hope to see more of her generosity in the future.#district60a #givefromtheheart #kindnessinservice

The Lions Club Of Bel-Air giving a caring welcome to the first baby boy and girl of 2022 at Georgetown Public Hospital Inc with hampers prepared specially for them.#givefromtheheart #district60a #kindnessmatters

Lions Club Of Bel-Air Project a day activity started yesterday with meals donated to the ladies at St Vincent de Paul’s home. They were treated to breakfast by our caring Lions. Great start to Lionism in 2022!#district60a #givefromtheheart

During the Holiday season Paramaribo FOCUS Lions Club has brought Christmas joy to 5 families in need by providing them with a Food & housecleaning supplies package.#givefromtheheart #WeServe #district60a

On Tuesday 28 december 2021, Lion Saskia Powel-Wip, Prospective members Imeghan Peer and Evelyn Tjon Eng Soe-Ponidjo from Paramaribo FOCUS Lions Club handed over two insulin pens (NovoPen 4) and three glucose meters to persons who urgently needs it. Due to the many applications, the committee and Diabetre Suriname decided to donate two insulin pens and three glucose meters to child R. Wekker, mr. E. Castillion, Mrs. B. Koemar and Mrs. S.Wongsosoeparto.#givefromtheheart #WeServe #district60a

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, the Demerara Lioness Lions Club spread cheer to four families and provided them with food hampers.The Club remains committed to its motto "We Serve"#givefromtheheart #district60a #xmas2021

The UG Turkeyen Campus Lions Club donated food and personal care items, toiletries, clothing and shoes to the Shaheed's Girls' Orphanage located in Oleander Gardens, ECD.#givefromtheheart #WeServe #district60a

On Wednesday 22 december 2021, the Lions Club of Georgetown executed it's signature project with the residents at the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre. The residents received Christmas goodies and gifts compliments of the Club. The Lions Club of Georgetown remains committed to serving the residents of the Ptomely Reid Rehabilitation Centre.#givefromtheheart #district60a #WeServe

On December 11, 2021 Paramaribo Ready Lions Club carried out another successful project in connection with Children’s Day.The Club carried out the project by bringing the children of 3 children’s homes to the “Paramaribo Zoo & surprising them with lots of activities, treats & presents.The 3 Children’s homes are “Prasoro”, “Tamara” & “Lotjes” home.#givefromtheheart #district60a #WeServe

Last week Lions Club Of Ruimveldt conducted two of its signature service activities - Senior Citizens Luncheon and Back to School project.#givefromtheheart #district60a #WeServe

On Saturday 18 december 2021, Lions club Paramaribo North distributed Christmas packages to 60 disadvantage families. We serve from the heart without bounderies.#givefromtheheart #district60a #WeServe

On Monday December 13 2021,The Lions Club of Georgetown handed over toys to the Headmistress of the Santa Aratak Primary school for the children. A total of fifty children received gifts.#givefromtheheart #WeServe #district60a

In collaboration with Optometrist/Orthoptist Varida Haarloo, Zienderogen Foundation, Focusslijperij N.V., Kuster Optique, Ophthalmologist Lion Denise Doelwijt, Lions club Paramaribo West, Lions club Paramaribo South,Stichting People Helping People, the children of Gv Callenderschool & Os Geyersvlijt2 received their spectacles on thursday 16 december 2021.Before this day, 49 children from these two primary schools went to Vision Care by Varida N.V. for the Eye screening. After the screening 27 of them have to wear glasses.#givefromtheheart #globalcausevision #sightforkids #SightFirst #district60a

On Sunday 12 december 2021, the Central Demerara Lions Club reached out to seventy-eight (78) special needs children to express their care especially at this time of the year. The children were treated to lots of goodies and gifts. Childhood brings back so much memories and the Lions were happy to share in the joy with the children.#kindnessmatters #givefromtheheart #district60a

On Sunday 12 december 2021, The Lions Club of East Demerara held their Annual Senior Citizens Party at the Tipperary Hall in Buxton. The patrons were treated to carol singing by the Lions and also received hampers and gifts.A total of fifty (51) persons benefitted from the event.#kindnessmatters #givefromtheheart #district60a

SanBar's Christmas Cub Cheer was a success! This weekend the San Juan-Barataria Lionsclub got to spread some Christmas cheer to some deserving students.#givefromtheheart #district60a

El Dorado East Lions Club brought Christmas Cheer to Hollis Home for the Elderly.#givefromtheheart #district60a

Service Chairperson Lion Tamika Taylor from San Juan-Barataria Lions Club hands over Diabetic testing machines provide by Bryden Pi Beauty to persons from the Centre for Socially Displaced Persons.#diabetesawareness #givefromtheheart #district60a

On Thursday November 25, 2021, Essequibo Coast Lions Club donated two ceiling fans to the Health Centre in Queenstown, Essequibo. This donation was based on a request by the doctor to make the area more comfortable for the diabetic patients. The patients also benefited from a short discussion on healthy eating practices and watched a video on the care for persons living with diabetes.#kindnessmatters #diabetesawareness #givefromtheheart #district60a #WeServe

On Saturday November 27th, 2021, thirty families benefited from a food hamper distribution executed by the Essequibo Coast Lions Club. The recipients were very appreciative of the Club's efforts since the COVID 19 pandemic has placed a burden on the disposal income of many families.#kindnessmatters #givefromtheheart #district60a

On Saturday November 27th, 2021, thirty families benefited from a food hamper distribution executed by the Essequibo Coast Lions Club. The recipients were very appreciative of the Club's efforts since the COVID 19 pandemic has placed a burden on the disposal income of many families.#kindnessmatters #givefromtheheart #district60a

In observance of International Leo Day celebrated on Sunday December 5, 2021, the Leo Club Of Bel-Air donated clothing, books and hampers to several individuals.#kindnessmatters #InternationalLeoDay #leoclubinternational #givefromtheheart #district60a

The Ram and Mc Rae (now Ram) Auditing Firm formed an alliance with the Georgetown Durban Park Lions Club 25 years ago.This partnership awards the top student of the National Grade Six Assessment from the primary schools within the Club's service area.The top NGSA students and also from other primary schools were given backpacks of stationery. Congratulations to the students#kindnessmatters #givefromtheheart #district60a

On the 23th of November 2021,Paramaribo Ready Lions Club made a financial donation to the father of little Jaleyah Jubitana. In June 2020, 5 year old Jaleyah was diagnosed with Leukemia (blood cancer) and had to go to Colombia for surgery. Little Jaleyah needs to stay one more year in Colombia for further treatment. The treatment, her and her mother’s stay at Columbia costs them a lot so Paramaribo Ready Lions Club decided to help them by making a financial donation to them that will cover the costs for 3 months.Let us all pray for the well being of little Jaleyah.With this project Lions Club Paramaribo Ready made a contribution to the fight against Childhood cancer & Leukemia#childhoodcancer #leukemia #kindnessmatters #givefromtheheart #district60a🙏

District commissioner Suraksha Hirasingh of the administrative district Wanica North-West, in collaboration with the Lions Club Wanica, spoiled the children of the Hadassah shelterhome with drinks, hot meals and school books on December 5, 2021. This home provides shelter for homeless children and single mothers.Through this the district commissioner wishes the children of the reception center but also all other children a happy children's day.#HappyChildrensDay2021 #givefromtheheart #district60a

On Friday 3 December 2021, the Lions Club of East Demerara executed a tree planting activity with students of the Beterverwagting Primary and La Bonne Intention Nursery Schools on the East Coast of Demerara.#treeplanting #WorldEnvironment #PlantTreesSaveEarth #district60a #givefromtheheart

On Thursday December 02, 2021, the Lions Club of East Demerara donated pampers, bed pads, toilet paper, soap powder and liquid hand soap to the Cheshire Home in Mahaica on the East Coast of Demerara.#kindnessmatters #givefromtheheart #district60a

On wednesday 24 november 2021, Lions Club Paramaribo West donated 20 boxes of Stoma bags with accessories to the Diakonessen Hospital. These items have been handed over by club president Lion Humphrey Bergraaf.#GiveFromTheHeart #kindnessmatters #stomabag #stomacare #district60a

In honour of Diabetic Awareness Month, Lions Club Paramaribo Felice executed a project at elderly home Huize Emma. The elderlies got information about the prevention and curation of diabetes from a Diabetic Nurse of EFS College COVAB. They also received a gifts. At the end they could enjoy some healthy snacks and fruit!#diabetesawarenessmonth #GiveFromTheHeart #district60a

On Tuesday, November 23, 2021, members of the Lions Club of East Demerara donated 200 testing strips and 800 lancets to the Buxton Health Center. Fliers on healthy eating practices and proper care were also given to the patients. A talk on diabetes was also done by Dr. Moore.#diabetesawarenessmonth #GiveFromTheHeart #district60a

On November 15th, 2021 Paramaribo Ready Lions club has pampered the elderly of the retirement home “Prinses Beatrix” with packages filled with essential products and fruit. This project was carried out in connection with “World Diabetes Day” on November 14th 2021.And to raise awareness about diabetes, the president and the committee members also handed out some flyers about “Diabetes”.#GiveFromTheHeart #diabetesawarenessmonth #district60a

On Saturday November 20, 2021, the Lions Club of Georgetown donated clothing to the children and residents of the St. John's Bosco Orphanage, Shaheed's Girls Home and the Thomas Moore Men's Home.#GiveFromTheHeart #kindnessmatters #district60a


The Lions Club, New Amsterdam Berbice in collaboration with the Region 6 road safety council repainted two pedestrian crossings on the republic road(backdam) . This is to ensure the safety of children crossing to go to school.#GiveFromTheHeart #kindnessmatters #district60a

On Saturday 20 november 2021, The Zonechairs 1A & 1B Lion Renuka Simbhoedatpanday and Lions Arif Laismohamedkhan succesfully hosted the 2nd District Governor Advisory’s meeting. After that there was a workshop “ Let’s plant a garden together for a better future” presented by Region One Chair Lion Loraine Soekanti Arsomedjo.District Governor Lion Jerry Hoffman and Leo-Lion International Board Liason Shefanie Vin were also present at this meeting and workshop.#district60a #GiveFromTheHeart

In observance of Worlds Diabetes Day, the Lions Club, New Amsterdam Berbice extended their service to the Diabetic clinic at the New Amsterdam Hospital today. They did a talk on diabetes, highlighting the types of diabetes, the importance of nutrition, exercise and taking medication if needed. Small packages were also distributed to diabetic patients at the clinic. #GiveFromTheHeart #diabetesawarenessmonth #district60a

The Lions Club Of Bel-Air and Leo Club of Bel Air paid a visit to the Albouystown Health Center, and shared some ideas on healthy eating to persons living with diabetes. Four persons received diabetes kits. Leo President Joseph Daniels was happy to make the presentation on behalf of the Clubs.#GiveFromTheHeart #diabetesawarenessmonth #district60a

On Saturday, November 13, 2021, Lion Dr. Tulsi in collaboration with the Georgetown Durban Park Lions Club awarded Bursaries to 15 top 🏆performers 💪 of Education District 4. A very inspiring and eloquent charge was delivered by Lion Barbara Atherly. Mr. Yeshua Hutson of Success Elementary provided the response on behalf of the students. Congratulations ❤️to the students, teachers and parents. This event took place at the Guyana Girl Guides Pavilion. #GiveFromTheHeart #district60a

In observance of Diabetes Awareness month, the Lions Club of Georgetown distributed diabetes testing kits to five persons living with diabetes. The Club continues to give support to persons affected by this disease through ongoing projects.Diabetes Awareness Month 2021 is observed under the theme: "Access to Diabetes Care: If Not Now, When? Zonechair 2A Lion Lerato Hodge and Lion Andrew Weeks handed over the testing kits. #GiveFromTheHeart #DiabetesAwarenessMonth #district60a

The Lions Club Of Bel-Air executed a Back to school drive done on Friday the 12th of November at Kartoba Nursery/Primary School. School supplies were presented to the head teacher on behalf of the children.#district60a #GiveFromTheHeart

The Leo Club Of Bel-Air did A Diabetes walk to raise funds to assist persons living with diabetes on World Diabetes Day November 14 2021 by rocking blue under the theme “Access to Diabetes Care “ Leos continue to support people living with Diabetes and bring awareness to others. #GiveFromTheHeart #diabetesawarenessmonth #district60a

The month of November is Diabetic Month.The world's largest diabetes awareness campaign, is commemorated annually on November 14.As part of this, Lions Club Paramaribo East donated package of necessities to the retirement home “Huize Ashiana” on 13 november 2021. Zonechair 1A Lion Renuka Simbhoedatpanday was also present at this event. Dietician Mariska Tai a Pin provided assistance with the composition of the package.#GiveFromTheHeart #diabetesawarenessmonth #district60a

On September 14 2021 Leo Club Kankantrie did its 1st fundspending project. The club made a $100 donation to Past-Leo President Anouscka Heikerk, whose son is now in Colombia for heart surgery.#GiveFromTheHeart #kindnessmatters #district60a


Essequibo Coast Lions Club collaborated with the Demerara Lioness Lions Club to provide hampers to the children of Whyaka Village, Lake Mainstay, Essequibo Coast. Hampers consisted of clothing, toiletries, toys, candy goodies, etc.#givefromtheheart #kindnessmatters #district60a

In the context of World Diabetes Day, which is held annually on November 14, Lions Club Paramaribo West has chosen this year for Diabetes awareness at Secondary school C.R Froweinschool.The aim of 'World Diabetes Day' is to draw attention to and understanding for diabetes awareness.This year's theme is: “Access to Diabetes Care: if not now, when?”#DiabetesAwarenessMonth #diabetesawareness #worlddiabetesday #givefromtheheart #district60a

Thanks to Lions Club Paramaribo East and their sponsors , the children from Childrens Home "Arya Dewaker" can finally enjoy again in the playground. Due to the weather, the members as well as the District Governor Lion Jerry Hoffman spent 2 days painting the equipment. The official handover of the renovated playground was on monday 8 november 2021.#givefromtheheart #district60a #kindnessinservice

The San Juan-Barataria Lions Club hosted on saturday 6 november 2021, a “ Write from the start ” project where 40 primary school children were gifted with necessary stationery supplies. They also provided a meal and snacks for the parents and students.#givefromtheheart #district60a #Writefromthestart

On 6 november 2021, Lions club Paramaribo North executed a Sight First Project in the Brokopondo district in collaboration with Optiek Ninon with funds from the Rosebel Community Fund. Special thanks to the District Commissioner Mr. Mendelzoon for the availability of the Multifunctional Centre. #givefromtheheart #district60a #globalcausevision

Lc Paramaribo South donated three tablets to Scholen Gemeenschap Tamanredjo for online education purposes, intended for the students and some teachers who cannot afford a tablet or computer or do not have access to the internet at home. In that case they can come to the school and follow or give the online lessons using these tablets. Proper use and handling of these tablets will be coordinated by the school principal.#givefromtheheart #district60a #onlinelearning


On November 5, 2021, the groundbreaking ceremony took place for the construction of a vocational school in the Youth Correction Center (JCC) for juvenile detainees in Santo Boma. The people present where the Lions District Governor, representatives of the Ministry of Justice and Police, the District Commissioner for Wanica North-West Suraksha Sital-Hirasingh and the representatives of the 5 collaborating Lions clubs Paramaribo East, Paramaribo North, Paramaribo West, Kwatta and Para. The different sponsors of the project were also present. After short speeches by Miss G. Acton from the Ministry of Justice and Police, Lions JCC Project Chair R. Augustin, Lions District Governor J. Hoffman and the Director operational affairs for the Ministry of Justice and Police O. Helstone the groundbreaking ceremony was performed by the three latter officials. This was followed by the unveiling of the project sign which was done by the Lions District Governor, the Director operational affairs for the Ministry of Justice and Police and the District Commissioner. The building processes are scheduled for a total of 100 working days.Lions Clubs International Foundation#givefromtheheart #district60a

Lions Club of Georgetown Stabroek distributed food hampers to 42 families of Friendship, Buxton, Lusignan and Annandale communities. This project has served 234 persons #givefromtheheart #district60a #kindnessinservice💪

The Lions Club of Georgetown Stabroek repainted a bus shed and cleaned its surrounding area. A total of 500 persons were served from this project.#kindnessinservice #givefromtheheart #district60a


In observance of Diabetes Awareness month, the Lions Club of Georgetown Stabroek donated a blood glucose meter and other supplies to a child affected by diabetes.#diabetesawarenessmonth #givefromtheheart #district60a


On October 29th 2021, Optometrist/Orthoptist Varida Haarloo, Zienderogen Foundation, Ophthalmologist Lion Denise Doelwijt, Kuster Optique and Focus Slijperij started the 2nd Eye screening project for children of the Primary school. After screening, the children which are in need of glasses will receive them free of charge. Within this project, Lions Club Paramaribo West supports this cause by providing breakfast hampers to the children.#givefromtheheart #district60a #globalcausevision

On Friday October 29th, the Education committee of the Lions Club Of Bel-Air collaborated with CNOOC Petroleum Inc to deliver back to school supplies. This project benefitted 30 students in need of Swan village on the Linden Soeskdyke Highway.#givefromtheheart #TogetherWeServe #district60a

On Saturday October 30, 2021, the Lions Club of Georgetown inducted six new members. Induction Officer Lion Leyland Thompson read to the new Lions their Obligation of Membership and to the sponsors their obligation. We would like to honour our new Lions because they fill a very important role. They will help to expand our ability to serve our communities and carry on our humanitarian efforts. The new Lions will have the opportunity to experience our pride of service and the gift of lasting and meaningful friendship. #membershipgrowth #givefromtheheart #district60a

On the last Friday of the World Sight Month (29-10-21), the Lc Paramaribo South donated to a project that provides pediatric eye care to primary schools in need. This project was initiated by optometry Vision Care by Varida N.V. and fits perfectly in the club’s core global cause Vision. The Paramaribo South Lions Club provided 30 pieces of children's glass frames, 30 pieces of glasses cases, 30 pairs of anti-reflective glasses and SRD 5500. #SightForKids #givefromtheheart #district60a

On Friday 29th and Saturday 30th October 2021 Lions of Zone 4B volunteered at the Ministry of Health - Trinidad and Tobago “ National Care Health Fair”. The focus of the Fair was on building Awareness of Non Communicable diseases. COVID-19 vaccination, Flu shots and a host of other services were also available.#healthcareawareness #givefromtheheart #district60a

The Georgetown Durban Park Lions Club and the Lions Club Of Bel-Air participated in the "Drive for a Cure," presented by Giving Hope Foundation on October 30, 2021 in observance of Breast Cancer Awareness month.#BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #givefromtheheart #district60a

On Saturday October 30th 2021, Region One hosted the Annual Peace Poster Award Ceremony 2021-2022. This event took place in Lalla Rookh. The 5 clubs that participated in this contest are: Lc Paramaribo South, Lions Club Paramaribo North, Lions Club Paramaribo Felice, Lions Club Kwatta and Lions Club Nieuw-Nickerie. The winners Faylin Kasim (1st place), Shanaya Martodrono (2nd place) and Roshni Ganga (3rd place) received a lot of presents that were sponsored by different organizations in Suriname.#peacepostercontest #givefromtheheart #district60a #WeServe #lionsinternational

The Seafront Lions Club members in action 💪 at the National Health Fair by the Ministry of Health -Trinidad and Tobago at the Paddock, Queens Park Savannah.#givefromtheheart #district60a #WeServe

The Lions Club of Georgetown Durban Park Lions Club applauds the Head teacher of Sophia Primary School, Ms. Audrey Sue and staff for the performance of the school at the National Grade Six Assessment 2021. During their Prize Giving Ceremony, the President of the Lions Club of Georgetown D’Urban Park, Denise Woolford presented a trophy donated by the club to the top student of English. #givefromtheheart #district60a #WeServe

Lc Paramaribo South donated two tablets to St. Clemenschool for online education purposes, intended for the students and some teachers who cannot afford a tablet or computer or do not have access to the internet at home. In that case they can come to the school and follow or give the online lessons using these tablets. #givefromtheheart #WeServe #district60a #onlineeducation #kindnessmatters

In bringing World Sight Day activities to an end, Arima Santa Rosa Lions Club continues to improve the quality of life for people who are visually impaired. This beautiful lady was tested and outfitted with a new pair of spectacles. Thanks to the two Club members and staff of Dalton - Brown Optometrists they ensured that the client received the necessary care and attention to love her eyes.

On the occasion of Vision Awareness month, the Lions Club of Georgetown provided a pair of spectacles for a child on Monday October 25, 2021 .The spectacles will help to improve his vision and provide a level of protection for the child's eyes.
#givefromtheheart #KindnessMatters #district60a

Last saturday october 23rd 2021, Lions from Diamond Grove Lions Club partnered with members of the Shekhinah Glory Multicultural Ministries to fete 100 children from Parfaite Harmonie and other nearby communities.In addition,100 bookbags containing school supplies such and books and pencils were distributed to the children age between 3year and 18year.#givefromtheheart #TogetherWeServeBetter #district60a

On May 4th 2021, The Lions Clubs of Zone 2A under the guidance of Zone Chairperson Lion Candace Forde, sponsored seven (7) garbage receptacles for the National Park. The Lions Clubs sponsoring the receptacles were the Lions Club of Georgetown, Georgetown Stabroek, Bel-Air, East Demerara, South Georgetown, Demerara Lioness and the University of Guyana Turkeyn Campus Lions Club.





In fulfillment of one of the Lions Clubs International Service Pillars the Lions of Sub-District 60A have embarked on an E-Waste Project that entails the collection and disposal of used Cellular Phones.

See the flyers below for further details...



Diabetes Risk Test Campaign

Lions of District 60A have joined with Lions around the World in the Diabetes Risk Test Campaign. Due to the present COVID-19 Pandemic it is still possible to Serve our Community.  Where there is a need, there is a Lion.