To lead is to serve - - - To serve is to lead

Leadership can be defined very simply as: acting in such a way that others follow you, or in a more complex way as: a process of Social Influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.

Leadership Development is critical for continued success of not only our clubs, but also our Districts, Multiple Districts, and even Lions Club International.  Through the Global Leadership Team structure, leadership committees are charged with two responsibilities: the provision of training for incoming officers at all levels of the association and  identifying and developing future leaders

USA/Canada Leadership Forum

Lions University is empowering Community Service Leaders. As a Lion Club Leader, you understand that building strong communities through volunteer service is our objective. The Lions University program is about making sure that you have the skills and resources to meet this objective

Bachelor's Program - This program allows lions to develop the necessary skills to lead a vital Lion Club. The requirements to fulfill the Bachelor's   program are:

Attend a USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum      

Complete 10 required courses (and online quizzes) and complete 5 elective courses (and quizzes)

Master's Program - This program focuses on giving support to clubs through district leaders.

Requirements for Master's Program are: Complete the Bachelor's Program, Attend second USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum, Attend a Leadership Institute (Regional, LCI Emerging, or advanced, or District Governor Elect School, Complete 10 required courses (and quizzes) at least 5 elective courses ( and quizzes)

Doctorate Program - This program focuses on skills needed to be a training facilitator for Adult Volunteers

Requirements to fulfill Doctorate program are: Complete the Masters program, Attend 3rd USA/Canada Forum, Attend a Faculty Development Insitute, Complete 10 online Courses (and quizzes), Complete 5 elective courses (and quizzes) and submit a video training sample and receive feedback.

visit for more information on the USA/Canada Forum 

2017 USA Canada Forum  is Sept  2017 in Portland Oregon



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