District Awards and Honors

Ralph Lynam Award

The Ralph A. Lynam Award is presented to a club president who has done outstanding work in the club, district, and state. A letter of nomination listing the president's accomplishments for the year should be sent to the District Governor or the Immediate Past District Governor by December 31 of the calendar year in which the president's term ends.

Membership Award

Membership Awards will be presented to the top four clubs in the district with the highest membership growth.


State Awards

S.A. Dodge Award

The S.A. Dodge Award is presented to two Lions each year at the MD11 State Convention. The award is for distinguished service at the district, state, and international levels of the Lions organization. This honor has been bestowed upon the following District 11-C2 Lions:

J.E. Richardson                   Ralph Lynam

Budd Goodwin                     Eugene Fisher

Russell Steffens                   Ray DeWitt

Ben Simon                           K.C. Conarton

Frank Cutler                         A. Charles Weir

Bill Hanel                              Richard Foust

Gene Staelens                     David Bennett

Neil McLean                         Stuart Goodrich

Charles Barnes                     Brian Shepard

Thomas Doyle                      Karen Routson

Ray Robins                          Lloyd Kilbreath


Lions of Michigan Foundation Awards

John S. Noel Fellow

The John S. Noel Fellow is the Lions of Michigan Foundation’s most distinguished form of recognition, and the award is available to recognize an outstanding individual for his or her service to Lions and those in need. The award is available for contributions of $1,000 or more to the Lions of Michigan Foundation.
John S. Noel was a charter member of the Grand Rapids Lions Club in 1919, and he was Michigan’s 1st President of Lions Clubs International in 1923-24. The award is duly named in honor of John S. Noel's accomplishments in advancing the cause of Lionism in Michigan and throughout the world and for his tireless efforts to help people in need.


Hellen Keller Fellowship

The Hellen Keller Fellowship award is available to recognize those that have contributed to issues that relate to sight, hearing and disabilities.  The award is available for contributions of $750 or more to the Lions of Michigan Foundation.  Hellen Keller challenged the Lions in 1925 to "Become Knight of the Blind" that shaped Lions to support Sight and Hearing issues since then.

Ken E. Lautzenheiser Fellow

The Ken E. Lautzenheiser Fellow is available for contributions of $500 or more to the Lions of Michigan Foundation. The award is often used to recognize extraordinary efforts by a Lion or Lioness Club member -
many Clubs and Districts use the award to recognize the Lion and/or Lioness of the year. Ken E. Lautzenheiser was instrumental in organizing the Lions of Michigan Foundation in the early 1980's. He believed there was a definite need in Michigan for an organization that could address the medical needs of individuals that had no insurance and nowhere else to turn. Ken knew that if Lions Clubs combined resources, Lions could have a greater impact on their communities and do more to help people in need.

Lions of Michigan Hall of Fame

The Lions of Michigan Hall of Fame is a project of the Lions of Michigan Foundation. The purpose is to recognize and honor those individuals who have had a significant impact on Lionism in Michigan and to preserve a memory and record of their service. Each year up to four individuals are selected for enshrinement, normally one living member and up to three deceased individuals.
The nomination form for the Hall of Fame can be found HERE.


LCIF Honors

Melvin Jones Fellowship

The Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF) is LCIF's highest honor, and is a recognition of humanitarian work and is presented in honor of donations made to LCIF in the amount of $1,000. Often these donations are made by a group or district on behalf of an honoree. Created in 1973, the fellowship is named for the founder of Lions Clubs International, Melvin Jones. The fellowship represents humanitarian qualities such as generosity, compassion, and concern for the less fortunate.

Melvin Jones Fellows receive a lapel pin and a personalized wall plaque in honor of their commitment to helping others.


Lions International Awards

International President's Certificate of Appreciation

The International President's Certificate of Appreciation is usually awarded personally by an International Director, after the recipient has been nominated by the District Governor. The award is in recognition of distinguished achievements in fulfilling the service mission of Lions Clubs.  Is the 4th highest LCI award.

International Leadreship Medal

Awarded for outstanding leadership by a Lion on Lions issues or service issues. Nominated by a District Governor.  There are a limited number awarded each year and in each State and is the 3rd highest award from LCI.

International Presidential Award (Service Award)

Awarded for outstanding service by a Lion to the causes or activities Lions are active in.  Nominated by a District Governor.  There are a very limited number awarded each year and is the 2nd highest award from LCI.

Ambassador of Goodwill Award

The Ambassador Award is generally awarded to high level Lions for their many years of service.  There are only a maxium of 35 awarded each year and is the highest award from LCI.

Other International Awards:

100% District Governor
Club President Excellance Award
Extention Award
Guiding Lion Award
Member Key Award
Club Excellence Award

Clubs that excel in community service, membership growth, communication and organizational management may qualify for the prestigious Excellence Awards. Clubs receive a distinguished banner patch to proudly display on their banner and the club president receives a Club Excellence Pin to proudly recognize his or her outstanding leadership. The general criteria for the award include good standing with International, Melvin Jones contributions, membership growth, excellent communication, leadership development, and club development. Please use the qualifications outlined in the club or district application as your road map to excellence.


Lioness Awards and Honors

Karola Klette Outstanding Lioness President Award

The Karola Klette Award is given to an outstanding Lioness President who, along with her/his club, meets the following criteria. The club President must have attended one district officer training event (or sent a proxy), must have attended at least one District Cabinet Meeting and one Regional Meeting (or a club visit). The club President must have attended at least 75% of his/her club's regular meetings, and must have invited at least two prospective members to join the club. The club must have no unpaid balances toward the District exceeding $50, must have conducted at least one major service activity (including participation from the president). The club must have conducted at least one major fundraising project with at least 50% membership attending, including the president. All P&A forms must have been filed and elections with officer information submitted according to district deadlines. The club must have had at least one district speaker for a program. The club president must also certify that all new members were assigned to a working activity or service committee.The award is presented at the District Convention.
Application for the Karola Klette Award can be found HERE.

Virginia Eisinger Lioness of the Year Award

The Virginia Eisinger Award is presented to an honoree who is in good standing, who has attended the November Lioness Conference, has attended a Cabinet Meeting, has visited at least one other club, and has chaired a committee.  Nominations should come from a Lioness's club, and should consider only Lionesses who are not sitting officers at the club or district level. Past District Presidents are not eligible.

Bonnie Billings Award

Started in 1979 by PDP Virginia Eisinger in memory of Bonnie Billings of Laingsburg, this award is given to the club that is determined by the award committee to have done an outstanding job of community service February 1 through January 31. Points are awarded for service, on-going service, donation of items, and donation of money. At least two members must participate to qualify.

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