Thank you to all Clubs that sponsored a Peace Poster Contest.  For over thirty years Lions Clubs International has held the annual Peace Poster Contest, giving talented young artists from around the world the opportunity to submit posters based on the annual theme. 

Thank you to our District Governors for arranging judging of posters submitted.  Each District submitted one poster.  

Council Chair Greg Cole coordinated judging for the MD24 Peace Poster to be advanced to Lions Clubs International.   

Thank you to the seven professional artists from Longwood College that gave of their time to judge the submissions.

CONGRATULATIONS to the MD24 winner.

Taiylah Brown from King George Middle School

sponsored by Dahlgreu Lions Club from 24L

Taiylah's poster has been sent to Lions Clubs International to be included with posters from around the world.  The winners will be announced February 1, 2023.

District 24-C

Ebonee Inman sponsored by Hillsville Lions Club


Distict 24-I

Alyssa Luntzer from New Kent County Middle School

Sponsored by New Kent County Lions Club





District 24-C Flood Relief Project was selected to submit to Lions International for the 2022 - 2023 Kindness Matters Contest.

kindness [ˈkīn(d)nəs]
NOUN  -  the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.  
"he thanked them for their kindness and support"
synonyms: kindliness · kind-heartedness · warm-heartedness · tender-heartedness · goodwill · affectionateness · affection · warmth · gentleness · tenderness · concern · 
    • a kind act.
      "it is a kindness I shall never forget"
      kind act · good deed · act of kindness · good turn · favor · act of assistance · service · help · aid

The definition of kindness prosonifies the ideology of what Lions represent.  Our members show kindness in our motto WE SERVE.

Lions Clubs International called upon Lions around the world to submit projects for the Kindness Matters Award. 

Prior Kindess Matters Winners

2020 - 2021  Fairfax Host Lions Club District 24-L Mobile Food Pantry.

2021 - 2022 Charlotte County Lions Club District 24-I Ice Storm Disaster relief.





Diabetes Assessment

Take a few minutes to do the online assessment to see if you are at risk for Type II Diabetes.  COpy and paste the link below to your search bar.





Lions of Virignia

Child Vision Screening

Virginia Lions provide vision screenings for over 33,000 students annually, ages 3 to 16.

Please see below for very important information regarding Lions vision screening in Virginia public Schools





KidSight USA certification test logon information for MD24 Lions

When ready, visit the website at 


Review the quick instructions.

Log into the Members Section at the left:

Username:  virginia

Password:   KidUSA

Then proceed to the Test. 

The first section asks for your email address, name, District, State and Membership ID# - See your                   club Secretary for your Member ID. 

The second section consists of 50 multiple choice questions.

The third section is an Open Book test






Eyeglass Recycling

Lions collect and recycle used eyeglasses at two Eyeglass Recycling Centers in Virginia.  Cleaning and sorting eyeglasses to be sent around the world providing vision to those in need.

Read Across America

March 1 Lions around Virginia participated in Dr. Suess birthday celebration Read Across America by visiting Elementary Schools and Head Start Programs reading to children and donating new books.

Lions Club brooms may be purhased at the following locations

501 Elm Ave. SW Roanoke, VA
Cundiff Drug  - 119 E Cleveland Ave Vinton, VA
Steve's Automotive - 101 Highland Road, Vinton, VA
Dr. Jessup's Optometrist - 2205 Orange Ave. NE, Roanoke ,VA
Wood's Auto Edge - 814 Hardy Road, Vinton ,VA
Jerry's Restaurant - 1340 E Washington Ave., Vinton VA
Northwest ACE Hardware - 2113 E Washington Ave., Vinton ,VA
24 Diner - 15720 Stewartsville Road, Vinton, VA
Mill Iron Grill - 10190 Stewartsville Road, Vinton, VA 
Lions Eyeglass Recycling - 501 Elm Ave. SW, Roanoke, VA

Lions Clubs International Peace Poster Contest

Congratulations to all artists who submitted posters to the Lions Clubs International Peace Poster Contest.  We would love to be able to share all of the posters with you.  

The MD24 winning poster that has been submitted to Lions Clubs International to compete against posters from around the world can be found on the home page. 

Each Sub-District submitted two posters for the MD24 competition.   




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