District Governor     David M. Hunsberger        dmhunsbe@frontier.com

1st Vice District Governor     Marilyn Wagner     marilynwagner23@gmail.com

2nd Vice District Governor                       Vacant

Secretary                                                      Gwen Burgis                        rattyknits@gmail.com

Treasurer                                                      PDG Richard Taylor           pennoak@gmail.com

Immediate PDG                                          Steve Wagner                     dist14psswagner@aol.com

GMT Coordinator                                       Joseph Cutolo Jr.                jcutolo@gmail.com

GLT Coordinator                                         PDG Carl Gundrum Jr.       gunner@ptd.net

GST Coordinator                                        Madison Kaley                    madisonkaley@outlook.com

Parliamentarian                                          PDG Phil Shober                 peshober@ptd.net

Protocol                                                        PDG Carl Gundrum Jr.       gunner@ptd.net

District Administrator                               Marilyn Wagner                 marilynwagner23@gmail.com

New Club Development                           PDG Steven Wagner          dist14psswagner@aol.com

Zone 1A Chair                                              Vacant

Zone 1B Chair                                              Patrice Crammer                patricecrammer@aol.com

Zone 2A Chair                                              Vacant

Zone 2B Chair                                              Timothy Mills                       twomillsbears@aol.com

Zone 3A Chair                                              Leonard Crowther             lencrow@ptd.net

Zone 3B Chair                                              Carol Heilner                       flowermommy@aol.com

Zone 4A Chair                                              Barbara Smith                     bcsdls@verizon.net

Zone 4B Chair                                              John Day                               johnpday99@outlook.com

Committee Chairs

Chaplain                                                        Rev. Doris Haley    

Constitution / Bylaws                                PDG Phillip Shober            peshober@ptd.net

Conventions                                                Marilyn Wagner                 marilynwagner23@gmail.com

Environmental                                            Lynn Nguyen                       ltnguyen.94@gmail.com

Honorary                                                      PDG Steve Wagner            dist14psswagner@aol.com

Lioness Representative                             Lioness Linda McCue         mccula@aol.com

Lion Eyes                                                       PDG Richard Stump           rstump535@comcast.net

Lion Inform’n/ Technology                      PDG Richard Stump           rstump535@comcast.net

Lions Alert                                                    Vacant

Long Range Planning- Chester County




Long Range Planning – Berks County




Nominating Chair                                       PDG Carl Gundrum Jr.       gunner@ptd.net

Childhood  Cancer                                     Vacant

Pin Chairman                                               Vacant

P/R Social Media                                        Madison Kaley                    madisonkaley@outlook.com

P/R Print Media                                          Gary Hilbert                         glh40@comcast.net

Reading Action Program                          Anne M. Ostrowski            anne15@frontiernet.net

Stamps, Hats, Tabs                                    Barry Yerger                        yergerbarry@yahoo.com

White Cane –Chester County                 Barbara Smith                     bcsdls@verizon.net

White Cane-Berks County                       Susan Prutzman                 tazsuecocoa@aol.com

USA / Canada Forum                                Cindy Gundrum                  ckgundrum1@gmail.com

Sergeant at Arms                                       PDG Carl Gundrum Jr.       gunner@ptd.net

District Charities Projects

Beacon Lodge                                              PDG Dave Sampson           sdave970@aol.com

Berks County Deaf                                     PDG Kenneth Snyder        kenwapiti@comcast.net

Diabetes                                                        PDG Dave Smith                 bcsdls@verizon.net

Leader Dogs                                                 Marilyn Wagner                 marilynwagner23@gmail.com

Eye Glass Collection                                   Linda Sampson                   slinda970@aol.com


Bing Miller Foundation                             PDG Gus Meyer III             gmeyeriii@ymail.com

District LCIF Coordinator                         PDG Kenneth Snyder        kenwapiti@comcast.net

Lions of PA Foundation                            PDG Richard Taylor           pennoak@gmail.com

PA Lions Eye Research                              PDG Dave/Linda Samson sdave970@aol.com

PA Lions Hearing Research                      PDG Kenneth Snyder        kenwapiti@comcast.net

                                                                        Marilyn Wagner                 marilynwagner23@gmail.com


Lions Eye Bank Del Valley                        Nelson Moeler                    Moe_from_pa@hotmail.com

Vision Resource Center                            Dennis Hafer                       dennis.hafer731@comcast.net

Chester County Assoc. Blind


Leo Representative                                          Vacant

Peace Poster Contest                                Linda Sampson                   slinda970@aol.com

Services for Children                                 Rev. Doris Haley




Updated June 18, 2018

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