KidSight is an initial screening program for eye problems in preschool children conducted by Lions Clubs of Berks and Chester Counties.


Designed to work as easily with toddlers as with teenagers. The Spot camera takes over 100 photos of the back on the child’s retina and generates a reli- able analysis and comprehensive printed report for follow-up by a Eye Professional


Lazy Eye - Nearsightedness - Farsightedness Blurred Vision - Unequal Refractive Power Eye Turns -  Unequal Pupil Size

We are currently are providing screening at Preschools, Day Care Centers, Lions Club Functions and support for the Vision Resource Center Of Berks Country screening program.

For more information or for scheduling a screening please contact the following Lions

Peter Orr    West Chester Lions 610-696-5657

Melissa Hinkle Shillington Lions 610-906-7254

June Kline Hamburg Lions 610-562-4440

Terry Stouffer Coventry Lions   610-495-7275

Patrice Crammer Spring Twp   610-678-1984

Philip Shober Exeter Twp Lions 610-781-3442

Board of Directors:

Lion Philip Shober, PDG - Chairman/CEO

Lion Patrice Cramer - President/COO

Lion Terry Stouffer - Vice President

Lion PDG Ken Snyder- Treasurer

Lion Marilyn Wagner - Secretary

Lion Mellissa Hinkle

Lion John Stasulli 

Lion Candice Shober

Lion Rosemary Stasulli

Lori Schermerhorn

Lion David Priebe

‚ÄčNew Screening Trailer


This service is provided by donations from the Lions Clubs of 14-P

KidSight is a 501 (c)(3) Foundation

Your individual donation is tax deducible

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