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2019 Missouri Diabetes Report mentioned in 2020 District Convention Report

  WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT Lions Business Opportunities for the Missouri Blind (LBOMB)?  Meet Chad Dillon by clicking on this great article-




Due to the hard work from the Zone Chairs throughout District 26-M1 in conjuction with the Clubs they represent, a lot of information is included in the Cabinet Meeting Minutes.  These minutes are linked below for everyone to open and see!  Thanks to the many Lions throughout District 26-M1 for the Service you provide!

2019-20 District 26M1 Fourth Cabinet Meeting, hosted by Willow Springs Lions Club

2019-20 District 26M1 Third Cabinet Meeting (District Convention), hosted by Sikeston Lions Club

2019-20 District 26M1 First Cabinet Meeting, hosted by Caruthersville Lions

2018-19 District 26M1 Fourth Cabinet Meeting, hosted by  NorthWest Texas County Lions

2018-19 District 26M1 Convention, February 23, hosted by the West Plains Lions Club

2018-19 District 26M1 Second Cabinet Meeting, hosted by Houston Lions Club 

2018-19 District M1 First Cabinet Meeting, August 4 hosted by Malden Lions Club

2017-18 District M1 Fourth Cabinet Meeting, May 19 at Camp Brim Shire (St. James Lions Club)

2017-18 District M1 Convention, February 24 at Park Hills

2017-18 Second Cabinet Meeting, November 4 at Sikeston

2017-18 First Cabinet Meeting, August 5 at NorthWest Texas County

2016-17 Fourth Cabinet Meeting, May 20 at Houston                                                       

2016-17 Third Cabinet Meeting, District Convention, February 25 at Perryville                

2016-17 Second Cabinet Meeting, November 5 at Patton

2016-17 First Cabinet Meeting, August 6 at Malden

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