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Due to the hard work of the staff of KidSight MO, so many children across Missouri and District 26-M1 are offered free eye screenings that enable the right pair of eyeglasses and/or needed treatment enabling these kids the ability to participate in the classroom, gaining the better education needed for a productive future.  

This would not be possible without the donations from Lions Clubs along with the gathering of eyeglasses District 26-M1 Lions Clubs are known for in conjuction with Saving Sight.  Click the link below to see the difference you can make!


FREE VISION ASSESSMENTS FOR INFANTS                                                                                                                 

Did you know that some Missouri Optometrists will provide a free vision assessment for children ages 6-12 months? It is called the InfantSEE Program. At KidSight, we often recommend that our infant referrals schedule their follow-up appointment with an InfantSEE provider.
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