Multiple District 4

MD-4 Website

MD-4 Office

129 Los Aguajes Av., Santa Barbara, CA 93101  Tel. (805) 963-6681 or (800) 546-6634  Email:

MD-4 Dues - $23/yr/mbr  Invoiced:  August & February


MD-4 Officers 2013 - 2014

Council Chairman - PDG Derek Ledda (4-C5)

Secretary - DG Margaret Dunlevy (4-A3)

Treasurer - DG Dr. Dennis Grotian (4-C3)

Office Manager - Cass Cara


MD-4 Convention Schedule

2014 - FEB 14-16 (Doubletree - Ontario, CA)

2015 - FEB 20 - 22, (Marriott Convention Center - Visalia, CA)

2016 - FEB 5 - 7 (Doubletree - Modesto, CA)


15 Sub Districts in MD-4 and their respective Websites:

4-C1,  4-C2,  4-C3,  4-C4,  4-C5 4-C6

4-A1,  4-A2  &  4-A3

4-L1,  4-L2,  4-L34-L4,  4-L5  &  4-L6


MD-4 Endorsed Projects:  (web links)

*NOTE: Lions Eye Foundation of Southern California, Inc. (LEFSC) and Southern California Lions Eye Institute (SCLEI) have merged to form Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation of Southern California


Lions Clubs International

LCI Website

LCI Headquarters

300 West 22nd St., Oak Brook, IL 60523  Tel. (630) 571-5466

LCI Dues - $43/yr/mbr   Invoiced:  July & January,  $30/NewMember (one-time fee)

     Starting June 2014 - an increase of $2.00 for that Lion Year.

International Officers 2012 - 2013

President - Barry J. Palmer

Immediate Past President - Wayne A. Madden

1st Vice President - Joseph Preston

2nd Vice President - Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada

First Year Directors

Second Year Director


LCI Convention Schedule

  • July 4-8, 2014 – Toronto, Canada: The most populous city in Canada, Toronto is a cosmopolitan city with an international vibe. Some of the city's unique features include: the impressive Eaton Centre, a multileveled glass-roofed galleria that welcomes one million visitors each week; the landmark CN Tower; the Toronto Zoo; Canada Wonderland, a theme park that includes a variety of rides, a 20-acre water park and Canada's tallest and fastest roller coaster; Ontario Place, an entertainment complex built on three man-made islands; the enjoyable Toronto islands and more.
  • June 26-30, 2015 – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA: A tropical paradise with a modern feel, Honolulu is a city of unparrelleled beauty. Honolulu is both the capital of the state of Hawaii and an exquisite island destination for people from all around the world.
  • June 24-28, 2016 – Fukuoka, Japan: Located in the southwest region of Japan, the charming City of Fukuoka is a well-balanced harmony between the old and the new.  Since ancient times, Fukuoka has grown into one of Asia's leading shopping and gourmet centers.  Traditional festivals, an abundance of fresh caught seafood, a modern downtown area, and the lively atmosphere of the yatai street stalls blend together with the natural beauty of Hakata Bay and Fukuoka's surrounding mountain greenery.  Serene nature, urban vitality, and heartfelt hospitality are just some of the reasons that make Fukuoka City the place where you want to stay longer.
  • June 30-July 4, 2017 – Chicago, Illinois, USA: In 1917, Chicago businessman Melvin Jones inspired others to improve their communities and the world. Come celebrate our association's centennial at the 2017 International Convention in the city where it all began, Chicago. Be a part of this historical event!



LCI's/LCIF's Collaborative Partners:

The Carter Center

Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America

National Eye Institute

Special Olympics International

World Health Organization



LCI's/LCIF's Corporate, NGO & Government Partners:


Bank of America

Bausch + Lomb Early Vision Institute

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Clinton Foundation

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Essilor Vision Foundation

The Global Health and Education Foundation

Johnson & Johnson, Asia Pacific Vision Care

Merck & Co., Inc.

NoVo Foundation

Organization of American States's Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission


United States Agency for International Development

U. S. State Department



Lions Clubs International Foundation

LCIF Website

Make a tax-deductible contribution to LCIF, donate - click here

Changing lives Worldwide
As the official charitable organization of Lions Clubs International, LCIF supports Lions' great work through numerous grants for projects focused on serving youth, providing disaster relief, combating diseases and preserving sight.
Last year (2011), LCIF had a great impact on lives around the world through numerous grants.  Some examples include:
+  2,064,829 people with saved or restored sight through 45 Sight First grants totaling $12.39 million.
+  1,141,837 people have a brighter tomorrow through 136 Standard grants totaling $6.17 million.
+  250,000 youth learning valuable life skills through 38 Lions Quest grants totaling $1.67 million.
+  More than 75,777 people have clean water and access to health care through 28 International Assistance grants totaling $377,026
+  70,850 people were provided with blankets, clothing, water, food and medicine through 20 Emergency grants totaling $1.69 million.
+  Lions worldwide volunteered an estimated 35 million hours, helping more than 250 million people
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