Lions Celebrating 100 years of service


or contact MD24 Centennial Celebration Coordinator



Halting Diabetes

Halting Diabetes

Prevent new cases of diabetes and improve the quality of life for those already diagnosed

Hold a health fair that includes diabetes education and assessments





Engaging our Youth

Engaging our Youth
Support youth in your community, or inspire the next generation of volunteers by inviting Leos and other local youth to serve on a project with you. 

Start a LEO Club at your local school, invite the youth of your community to participate in a project with your Club.  There are so many ways that we can engage youth every day.  The parents of the youth that you work with may even want to become a Lion after seeing what you are doing with the youth of your community.

Sharing the Vision

Sharing the Vision
Prevent future cases of unnecessary blindness through vision screenings and educational events. Give the gift of sight through projects that benefit those who are blind or living with low vision.

Participate in public and private school fall vision screening, hold a local health fair with SPOT screening, provide eye exams and eye glasses to low income and uninsured people in your community.  Visit local pre-schools and day cares to do vision screening. 

Relieving the Hunger

Relieving the Hunger
Improve access to healthy food for vulnerable populations in your community.


Work at your local food bank or soup kitchen.  Donate to your local school backpack program by providing funds or snacks for underprivileged children.  Participate by donating items for Soup for Seniors.  Provide food baskets to the needy.  It is so easy to reach out to those in need and you will be remembered and appreciated.

Protecting Our Environment

Protecting our Environment
Protect and improve the environment to make your community a healthier place to live for everyone.


Recycle eye glasses, go to your local eyeglass recycling center if you have one in your District spend a few hours each month processing recycled eyeglasses.    Spend a day cleaning one of your local parks or highways.  Provide recycling bins for your local community with the Lions Logo to show that Lions care about our environment.  Participate in your local recycling projects.




If you need help please contact your State Secretary Treasurer Lion Tammie Brightwell or go to MYLCI and watch one of the tutorial videos.  Don't ever be embarrassed to ask for help.




100,000,000 SERVED!




Lions around the world are living our Moto

We Serve


Continue to serve your communities and to report your activities to LCI on MYLCI.

We have reached our goal that does not mean that it is time to stop.  Please continute to submit your activity reports.



To learn more please look at the



Connect with Community

Raise the visibility of your club and honor our legacy of service by planning a Centennial Legacy Project in your community. Legacy Projects commemorate our Centennial by making a lasting gift that will benefit your community for years to come. Start building your Lion legacy!



Promote Your Legacy Project

Your Legacy Project is an opportunity to showcase your project, your service and your club to the community. Here are some tips that can help you maximize this great public relations opportunity:

  • Dedication Ceremony – Host a dedication or ribbon-cutting ceremony and invite your community and local media to attend.
  • Social Media – Share project photos on social media or ask your community to share photos at the site of your Legacy Project. Use the hashtag #Lions100 so we can share your project on the LCI Facebook page.
  • Local Media – Send out a press release or ask a local reporter to help tell your story.

Legacy Project Information

Legacy Project Brochure



Please see MD24 requirements below for your Club to receive credit for Centennial Legacy Projects

Legacy I projects are those that cost up to $1,000 and can be a new Lions sign, bike rack, park bench, picnic table, or something similar. 

A Legacy II project is something more substantial costing up to $20,000 such as playground equipment, picnic shelter, park entrance signage, or something similar. 

A Legacy III project is a grand affair costing over $20,000 like property donation for a full public park, park rest rooms and/or library construction, and other major construction projects. 



Invite for Impact

Each Lion impacts the lives of 50 people a year. Just imagine how many more lives we can change by chartering new clubs and inviting family, friends and neighbors to join us as Lions. Strengthen your club and community today!


The Centennial Celebration Membership Awards gives you the opportunity to be a part of our Centennial Celebration marking 100 years of Lions serving our communities. Lions can earn special awards in two ways: sponsoring new members and helping organize clubs.

Just invite a new member or help organize a new club and be rewarded!

.Invite A New Member


Centennial Sponsor

Be recognized as a...

Centennial Sponsor

Sponsor a new member and be immediately recognized as a Centennial Sponsor to receive a Limited Edition pin and certificate.

Help Charter A New Club


Centennial Organizer

Be recognized as a...

Centennial Club Organizer

Help organize a new club and be immediately recognized as a Centennial Club Organizer to receive a Limited Edition pin and certificate.


Earn More Rewards

Lions automatically qualify to earn additional awards once they sponsor a new member or help organize a new club.

The longer new members and new clubs stay active and in good standing, the more rewards a Lion can earn!

Centennial Progression Chart
Centennial Silver
Silver  Centennial Lion

Earn the Silver Centennial Lion award once the new member or new club remains in good standing for 1 year and a day.

Silver Centennial Lions will be recognized in the following ways:
  • A Limited Edition Silver Centennial pin
  • Name featured on the LCI Centennial website
Centennial Gold
Gold  Centennial Lion

Earn the Gold Centennial Lion award once the new member or new club remains in good standing for 2 years and a day.

Gold Centennial Lions will be recognized in the following ways:

  • A Limited Edition Gold Centennial pin
  • Name featured on the LCI Centennial website
  • Recognition at area forums and district conventions
Centennial Diamond
Diamond  Centennial Lion

Earn the Diamond Centennial Lion award once the new member or new club remains in good standing for 3 years and a day.

Diamond Centennial Lions will be recognized in the following ways for their special achievement:

  • A Limited Edition Diamond Centennial pin and
  • Featured with fellow achievers in LION Magazine
  • Photo featured on the LCI Centennial website
  • Recognition at area forums and district conventions
  • Recognition at LCI’s International Convention





Lions Clubs International has partnered with the US Mint to create a Lions Clubs International 100 Years of Service commemorative coin.  You may purchase your coin January 2017.  The US Mint will give $10.00 for each coin purchased to Lions Clubs International Foundation. 

Come back for more information. 

For nearly 100 years, Lions have served their communities with dedication and contributed to the development and well-being of millions of people around the world. To celebrate our 100th anniversary, we are asking Lions to help reach our Centennial Service Challenge goal of serving more than 100 million people by June 2018.

Your club can make a difference in your community and contribute towards the goal by participating in the four Centennial Service Challenge Campaigns. You decide when to serve and which projects are right for your club and community.

Lion Tammie J. Brightwell

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