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District LAMP Chairs

​MD24 General Chair PDG Joey McCaffrey 

​e-mail - jmccaf8853@aol.com

District 24-A Lion Ann Ryan - aer64@cox.net

​District 24-B PDG Joey McCaffrey - jmcaff8853@aol.com

​District 24-C Lion Susan Golladay -  suemacg@verizon.net

​District 24-D PID Hauser Weiler - hauser2020@cox.net

​District 24-E Lion Linda All - linda.all@leclairyan.com

​District 24-F Lion Jennifer Joliffe - lionjena@hotmail.com








JULY 22-24, 2016

Thank you to all that came out to work at the 2016 RAM.  We once again had a very successful weekend.  The last update received as of 4:01 PM Sunday, July 24

2111 patients registered

$1,213,309.00 servides provided


Look for future updates with more detail.


Check back for 2017 RAM information


On bahalf of the Norton Lions Club thank you to everyone that came out to the Tacco and Nacho fund raiser Friday evening.  Keep in mind the cost was only $5.00 with $2.00 drinks

Thanks to you Norton raised $400.00 for the Farmers Market seniors and kids project. 




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