New Germany

DG Lion Rhonda displaying the stained glass piece presented to her by New Germany & Area Lions on the occasion of her official visit.

DG Lion Rhonda presents the Centennial Banner Patch to New Germany & Area King Lion Donnie Fancy in recognition of the club's having completed all Centennial Projects.

DG Lion Rhonda presents her pin to New Germany & Area Baby Lion Mike Crouse.


DG Lion Rhonda with Hantsport's three remaining charter members: Lions Angus, Ken and Jim.

DG Lion Rhonda with Hantsport King Lion Florence and Secretary Lion Ken.

DG Lion Rhonda presents her pin to Hantsport Treasurer Lion Maureen.



DG Lion Rhonda visits the Armdale-Fairview-Rockingham Lions Club.

DG Lion Rhonda talking to club members.

DG Lion Rhonda presents her pin to Lion Rob Ryan.



Newest Lion in Baddeck - Lion Louise Witzell

Lion Louise Witzell lighting candle to show her membership in the Baddeck Lions Club.

New Lion Louise Witzell and Sponsor Lion Gerald Witzell

Lions Gerald and Louise Witzell with DG Lion Rhonda


Deep Brook/Waldec

DG Lion Rhonda presents her banner to King Lion Cliff.

DG Lion Rhonda and King Lion Cliff cut cake.

Baby Lion takes DG Lion Rhonda's dinner.


St. Peter's Area

DG Lion Rhonda presents her banner to Acting King Lion Richard Landry.

DG Lion Rhonda with Lions Lawrence and Lori Digout

Gift for DG Lion Rhonda



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