District Officers

District Governor Dave Zeller
1st Vice District Governor Rod Leathers
2nd Vice District Governor William Gaines
Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer Barb Durflinger
Immediate Past District Governor Gordon Harris
Global Leadership Team Leader Dave Zeller
Global Membership Team District Coordinator Robert Tasior
Global Service Team District Coordinator Marie Leathers


Region 1 Zone 1 Clubs
ZC Charles Brew
Mackinaw City Lions Club
Atlanta, Cheboygan, Cheboygan Lioness, Hillman, Indian River, Mackinaw City
Region 1 Zone 2 Clubs
ZC Steven Murch
Alpena Lions Club
Alpena Evening, Alpena Host, Fairview-Comins, Glennie, Hubbard Lake, Mio
Region 2 Zone 1 Clubs
2VDG/ZC William Gaines
Oscoda Lions Club
Hale, Harrisville, Lincoln, Oscoda, Prescott-Skidway Lake, Rose City, AuGres Lioness, Oscoda Lioness, Whittemore Lioness
Region 2 Zone 2 Clubs
PDG/ZC Bob Gingerich
Grayling Lions Club
Beaverton, Grayling, Houghton Lake, Lewiston, Lewiston Lioness Lions, Roscommon-Higgins Lake
Region 3 Zone 1 Clubs
ZC William Smith
Central Lake Lions Club
Bellaire, Bellaire Lioness, Central Lake, Central Lake Lioness, Elk Rapids, Ellsworth, Ellsworth Lioness
Region 3 Zone 2 Clubs
ZC Dennis Gocha
East Jordan Lions Club
Boyne Valley, Charlevoix, East Jordan, East Jordan Lioness, Gaylord, Petoskey


Disctrict Committee Chairpersons

Title Name/email Club Name
District Convention Chairperson Ray Shelley
Rose City
District Diabetes Chairperson Robert Gingerich
District Environment Chairperson Beverly Bodem
District Honorary Committee Chairperson Gordon Harris
Central Lake
District Information Technology Chairperson Marie Leathers
Central Lake
District Peace Poster Contest Chairperson William Stenback
Central Lake
District Pediatric Cancer Chairperson Rod Leathers
Central Lake
District Public Relations & Lions Information Chairperson David Zimmer
District Vision Chairperson Nathan Slezak
Boyne Valley
District Youth Camp and Exchange Chairperson Robert Gingerich
District Hunger Chairperson William Smith
Central Lake
District Leo Chairperson

Anthony Smith




Lioness Club Contact Info:

2019-20 District Officers

District President

PDP Madeline Hiller


Vice President

Helen Schmuckel

Bellaire Lioness Club

P.O. Box 1022

Bellaire, MI 49615




PDP Pam Stewart

Au Gres Lioness

2659 Linwood Rd., Au Gres 48703

(989) 646-2020



IPDP Jennifer Maser

AuGres Lioness Club

3200 E. Hammel Beach Rd.,

AuGres, MI 48703      989-370-1492


Immediate Past Dist. President

Jennifer Maser

AuGres Lioness Club

3200 E. Hammel Beach Rd.,

AuGres, MI 48703      989-370-1492


Region I Director

Francie Dorman

Bellaire Lioness

312 Durham, Bellaire, 49615

(231) 350-2197

Clubs: Bellaire, Central Lake, Cheboygan,

East Jordan, Ellsworth


Region II Director

PDP Carol Diffin

Au Gres Lioness

5304 15th Street, Au Gres 48703

(989) 876-8770      no email 

Clubs: Au Gres,  Oscoda, Whittemore


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