Fellow KidSight Vision Screening Team Members (and those interested in getting involved as a KidSight screener)

To participate and be ready to support this program as a vision screener the following 3 major items must be accomplished by you.

1.  Go to KidSight USA and read the materials, take a test, and become a certified KidSight vision screener.  More information:

Before you you go to the certification link contact Lion Cindy Farber or PDG Manny Sanchez for Login and Password information. Contact information below.

2. Most school districts require a TB test.  You can get this accomplished at some CVS pharmacies.  There are other locations you can get this done as well. 

3. Most schools are requiring you to provide your COVID vaccination card, showing full vaccination status or a negative COVID test no more than 3 days prior to screening.  Please note this requirement has been changing based on what is happening with COVID in the community   

Please note that most screenings take place during the morning and early afternoons at preschools.  The goal of the Kid Sight program is to screen children 6 years and younger, to catch eye issues in the early years.  By catching these issues early, it prevents possible learning disabilities and permanent eye damage.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please do not hesitate to contact:

PDG Manny Sanchez at or at 562-708-9061

Lion Cindy Farber at or at 213-369-7742

Thank you for your commitment to Lions and this outstanding program.

Welcome aboard!!

Together we serve!

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